XVII: The Fuckboys Keep Comin’

HAPPY GIRLS DAY TO ALL MY GIRL READERS OUT THERE! (Even the boys if they don’t want to feel excluded lol [okay so it’s like WAAAAY past Girl’s Day already because I haven’t had time in one day to sit down and finish this post so SORRY my bad lol])


I am again apologizing PROFUSELY for being on a dry-spell yet again. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last wrote, and you already must know there have been SO many damn updates. I forget where I even left off of, so I’m just gonna spill out whatever comes to mind when it comes to my male-tales and hopefully that will suffice.


First Update(s): The Random Men that I was talking to but no longer talking to haha

  • There was that guy, the ex-convict guy that I was talking to, but it’s been a while since we’ve last talked. He didn’t like that I wasn’t giving him any at his pace, so he deuced. Whatever.
  • The Artist and I are no longer talking either. He blew up at me for something that I thought was so miniscule. I asked him to go to this Valentine’s Day Concert with me but he despised that day and wouldn’t even consider going with me. I kept asking him, but he kept getting irritated I guess and then it blew up into a bigger fight than I had wanted to get in to. But I was also tired of him playing his games with me, calling me in the wee hours of the night claiming that was the only time he had to see me, and then telling me he’s busy every single damn time I tried to make an effort to see him. I unfriended on Instagram and it’s been done since that.
  • There was another guy that I had met while I was out at a concert here. I went by myself only to see one band (I had to get up early the next day and had never seen them so I made it a point to go even if I was exhausted.) Well I ran into my old coworkers and their boyfriends there and I hung out with them. Well one of the boyfriends had two friends and I was introduced to everyone I didn’t know. The next day I get a new follower, some likes and a DM on my Instagram and turns out it’s one of the boyfriends friends from the night before. We start messaging back and forth and then exchanged numbers and then ended up meeting each other (in a place that wasn’t so dark or loud lol) a few days later.Eventually it seems like he’s kind of digging me and turns out I’m right because he calls me one day after work on the phone to ask me to be his Valentine (Valentine’s Day was a few days away). I agree and after work on Valentine’s Day, we go to a froyo spot, an Italian restaurant (that he made reservations for) and then a movie. He got me a rose, and he even went in for the kill and kissed me after I gave him his gifts. But what threw me off was how he was talking to me about how he wanted to work on himself and just be friends with me… But Everything else he was doing contradicted that, and that rubbed him the wrong way too. He eventually drifted away, we’ve hung out a few times after that, but nothing more.
  • There was another guy that had somehow found me on Instagram and started liking my pictures, so I followed him which initiated him to DM me as well. He wasn’t my normal type, but he was still pretty cute. After messaging for a little bit, we find out we know a LOT of the same people and that he used to dance in the same dance troupe that I had just stopped dancing for. (FYI: It’s against the troupes rules to date anyone within our group, but we figured we were never in it at the same time, and had just figured this out right now… lol)  Anyways he gives me his number and we end up meeting for dinner the next night. He picked me up and we went to this really nice restaurant, but after that we weren’t ready to call it a night. So I take him to this hill that had a really nice lookout and the moon was really full too. We start talking, getting to know each other more, and he too leaned in for the kill and we started making out lol.He said he wanted to take me somewhere else as well, so we leave the lookout and go to this small secluded opening where there’s a little beach at. No one’s there and we just start talking again, but decided to sit on the sand. Well I forget how things happened, but we started making out again and it escalated to the point where he was on top of me, lifted my dress up and started fingering me. That then lead him to stick his youknowwhat up me, but he immediately retracted it and then asked, “Should we even be doing this?”Well since that night I haven’t seen him nor talked to him, but it’s whatever. On to the next.
  • At the same time I met that guy, this other guy on Instagram started to talk to me through my DM as well. He doesn’t live on the Rock but he’s actually in Las Vegas and he owns his own body guarding company.I scrolled to learn more about him and actually found out he has five kids and what seemed like a wife, but he told me that that was just his girlfriend. They were once married but she cheated on him so they divorced but got back together a few years later I guess and yeah. He told me he was over her bs though and he felt it ending soon, and he wanted to get to know me. We talked for a few days (he had really weird hours because of his job) and we even FaceTimed. Anyways I texted him one day and I get a response back except it wasn’t from him, but from his girlfriend. I played it cool, pretending like I was a potential client of his, but she said because I couldn’t give my name, that as his WIFE she wouldn’t allow him to do business with me. I semi-freaked out but was like okay whatever haha. That was until I DM-ed him through Instagram and instead of him answering, his wife answers again, bitching me out this time and going psycho. Well I haven’t heard from him since then but what it seems like is that he told his girl what she wanted to hear and they’re all good now (I’m assuming this because he’s posted cutesy pictures of he and her on his Instagram, and I don’t have time for a two-faced type of guy anyways.
  • One of my ex’s and I hung out. We went to a carnival together and to the movies in two different points of time…. Nothing much there.
  • I also met up with a  guy who I’ve been talking to somewhat for a while but never really met. I met up with him at a concert, he bought me a drink and we started talking….. We went to dinner after that but nothing really came of it either. Waste of my damn time.
  • Oh god, I forgot about this other guy who I met through IG as well, we texted back and forth and would call each other on our lunch breaks, and I met up with him a while back too. Well turns out he didn’t want to see me again because he got some girl pregnant and she gave birth and he put up a picture of the baby on Instagram and that’s how I found out. Again, NO time for fuckboys.
  • There was also another guy who I have been talking to for almost a year now and haven’t seen him because he lives somewhere else. But he flew in to the Rock and I was excited to finally meet him. We made plans to go to dinner and to go out after. Well turns out his brother planned so many things and he didn’t have balls to say that he made plans with me already, so we ended up not doing anything and I was pissed. I had set other plans aside for this damn guy (knew it was a mistake from the get-go)  but they fell through. However, the night I was supposed to see him I went out with my girls and ended up meeting him at his hotel and going driving around, though I was in no state of mind to carry a conversation, let alone stay awake for the conversation haha. So after a year of talking, it was yet again another waste of my time


I’m pretty sure that’s it for now (though I feel like I’m forgetting someone lol) but on to the last updated of the “fuckboys”:

King Kong… After the New Year and finding out about how he had a kid and was married at one point in time, we moved on past the drama, and I would see him a few times a week, either having dinner with him or staying over or both lol. I really can’t deny the attraction between he and I on ALL levels, so I guess that’s why I overlooked his divorce and child. However, things changed….I remember seeing him the day after Valentine’s Day and us doing the usual do. I went home on Cloud 9 until the next day after work, he texted me, dropping this bomb on me saying that the reason why he and I can’t work wasn’t because of his divorce or his daughter, but because of the actual six kids he has and that he was going through his fourth divorce as we spoke. He also said his divorce wasn’t even final until the end of the month and to put the icing on the cake, another woman claimed to have been currently pregnant with his seventh child.

There were no words I had, only questions. I kept asking but he refused to answer them via text so I demanded to see him and talk to him in person. That was the LEAST I deserved. But no, he ignored my attempts so I too chose to turn the other cheek and try to move on, like I had tried when he dropped that last bomb on me about having a daughter and how he was once married.

I thought I couldn’t go through any more that I already have, but apparently not ladies and gentlemen. I literally had to step away and reevaluate the situation that I have sunken my toes in, though I knew it was too little too late. I already developed feelings for this guy, and I saw myself trying to overlook everything he had said… But the pain was unbearable.

Fast-forward to the next week, he finally has the balls to meet with me, but pretends like everything between us was okay and like nothing had happened (I’ve noticed he always does that and tries to run away from things instead of facing them head on.) So I immediately went RIGHT into it. Just drilling him on what happened, how I was hurt, why he felt the need to lie, all that jazz. We had talked for hours about everything I had brought up, but he still had a few reservations about coming out with everything, I guess he can’t trust easily still, and I get it. But after that our hormones couldn’t help it and we had AMAZING sex and since then, I’ve still been seeing him, having dinner, going to the movies, going out… There was a  night recently he even accompanied me to this art exhibition I was invited to by one of my former teachers and we had a great night. Dinner followed and then we sat outside of a 24-hour drug store talking until he decided to take me out to the same club we went to on our first date, despite him being exhausted. I stayed the night with him again… It’s been good until he recently told me he’s trying to move back home (he’s from Arizona and that’s much farther away from me than the usual commute) so I’ve been trying to see him and spend as much time with him as possible until he leaves. There really is no set date of him leaving, but I just know I’m one day closer until it happens…

To top things off, he now lives almost an hour (if not further) away from me, as opposed to the 20-30 minute drive where he used to be and I’m not sure if I can even come over and stay or see him like I used to (he’s staying with family now to save money before he moves). So it sucks even more….

There’s also another update about a new guy in the picture, but I’ll save it for next time. This post is WAY overdue and I’m past my usual 2000 word limit for myself lol.

Until next time, beautiful people!

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock



XV. King Kong

Okay guys, I’m about to spill some major updates/stories because there’s been a lot of action going on for the past few days… So here we go:


The Bearded Artist and I have gone through a whirlwind of happenings the past two weeks. I kind of freaked out on him because he’s been so damn busy with work and family things that I haven’t been able to see him at all. And on his one day off he had last Monday, he ended up going to his friends house to help her out instead of coming to see me, when I felt like I was patiently waiting to see him. Well that turned into one BIG fall out we had and he ended up saying he wasn’t sure if he wanted to continue things with me… I was of course so upset but I understood his reasoning. Well after giving him his space, I realized that the only way to get with him was to keep myself busy… So what did I do to keep myself busy you ask? That’s right, I joined Plenty of Fish… Hahaha.

(I know, it’s kind of messed up that in order for me to give The Artist his space I have to be talking to other guys. But I guess it’s the whole “if he won’t give me attention, I’ll get it from someone (or someones) who will” thing lol. It’s been working pretty well so far, as you’ll soon find out.)

I believe it was last Tuesday night I joined and once I did, my fingers didn’t stop texting to the guys that came across my profile. I’ve never actually had a POF account before so it was interesting to see how it works, it kind of reminds me of OKCupid, but anyways. After going on that site, I’ve found a few good suitors for myself, not physically, but intellectually. However, I ended up finding this one guy’s profile and just thought he was TOO damn hot to pass so I looked at it, and right when I did, he ended up messaging me


Note to all you ladies on dating sites: I don’t EVER message a guy first, and neither should you. Let them come to you because if they really wanna talk to you, they will.


Now, on dating sites guys, there are a set of rules you should ALWAYS abide by that are fixed to your needs and likes. For example, if a guy is younger than me, I don’t talk to them on a relationship level. If there’s no picture of the guy, I don’t talk until he puts one up. I also tell them not to ask for my number because if I wanted you to have my number, I would’ve given it to you already, right? Rules like that lol.


For this guy however, all rules went out the door, not only because of how attractive he is, but because of the info he gave on his profile too. I gave him my number within two messages we sent back and forth and we started texting that night. We ended up planning to meet up and go out together on Friday night to a club to dance because he said he like dancing (which got me really excited because I love to dance and it’s nice to have a guy to dance with lol).

There have been many other guys attempting to talk to me too, but I can’t use my phone at work and by the time I get off of work I’m so exhausted and/or busy that I don’t have time to go on the POF app, which is funny because I haven’t been this busy in a few, but I think it’s because Christmas is soon approaching and there were just so many things going on this past weekend for me.


Moving onward…. Friday comes and he had asked me to dinner, but my grandma was visiting (she doesn’t live on the Rock) and she wanted to take my mom and I to dinner, and he too had family visiting so he went to dinner with them. I had gotten home at around 8:30 pm, thinking he would be on his way soon…. But there I was ready by 10pm and he hadn’t answered my texts or calls…. So I ended up almost falling asleep until he texted me back saying there was some family drama, but he was on his way to pick me up. I wore this taupe pleather jacket, a flowing cream top, and jeans, with my lashes and make up on POINT and my hair in beach waves. He had this tight gray-blue thermal on and jeans and he looked SO cute, especially with his muscles bulging out of his shirt….


Anyways lol sorry, he picked me up in his new red Jeep and we drove to downtown to this bar that I knew was chill but had some good drinks and music that would be suitable for the both of us. He’s 29 and I’m 24 and our tastes in music are similar, but because he’s a bit older than me, he’s more into the 90s RnB and Rap type of stuff, which this bar/club played. We went to the back bar got some drinks and went out to dance but I definitely wasn’t drunk enough or loose enough to start dancing with him because I was slightly nervous being around someone I had just met. But he kept smiling at me, holding me making sure I felt comfortable and safe, and we attempted to talk in the club though the music was really bumpin’. We had tanked those drinks, and got a few more back at the bar, though after the third round of drinks, I was finally feeling okay to dance so we went out and danced to the music, him pulling me closer to him and me holding on to his shoulder and hip. There was this one song that came on that’s reminiscent to the Electric Slide that I was trying to show him the dance to, but he just wanted to watch me dance instead of him following me lol. While we were dancing there were a few songs that compelled him to pull me closer to him and once he did that, he ended up kissing me. It was really hot haha I can’t even begin to describe it, but it felt like no one else was there, just him and I.


We kept drinking and dancing, but that place closed at 2 am, so we left and ended up going to this other bar that served some food. Well when we got there they had stopped serving food by 10 pm but there was a guy selling hot dogs so we ate those and once we were done he took me back home, but instead of me leaving, we ended up talking until 4:30 in the morning. He ended up spilling and confiding in me about his past, about the things he’s seen and his rough upbringing and he didn’t know why he was saying what he said to me, but he knew he could be real with me I guess. He had asked if I wanted to come over to his place and I agreed, so we drove to his place and we fell asleep together at like 5 am.




I woke up at 8:30 the next morning but I had a lot of things to do that day so I was trying to be conscious of the time, but it was so hard to do that because I was so exhausted. But he was laying next to me and we ended up watching The Interview on Netflix and we talked about going to get breakfast because he had to go to work at 10:30 and I had a rehearsal to go to at noon. I had told him that he reminded me of an ape, and I then called him Monkey Man, just because the way that he’s built. But he then proceeded to tell me that he calls his parts down THERE King Kong. Hahahaha. I immediately started to laugh because I hadn’t seen his thingie yet, but once that was said we ended up making out, which is when he then climbed on top of me, took my pants off and… well you know what happens next haha. During that however, he ended up giving me this huge hickey on my neck (which was HUGE), but I didn’t care because I could definitely see why he called it King Kong… Haha. After that, we went to breakfast, with me wearing his shirt, my lashes still in tact, and the huge ass hickey on the front of my neck (I know, I’m a hot mess haha). We had a nice time though and then he took me home.


While he had work, I had a rehearsal from 12-4 and then I had to hurry and get some last minute groceries to bring to my friends house because we were going to have a gingerbread making party, which I had planned to make spiked hot apple cider and smores dip. I had a great time with my friends, catching up, eating, drinking and making gingerbread houses, but another friend of mine had asked me to go out with her and her other friend that night for the other friend’s birthday. I really wanted to, but I was exhausted from only having 3 1/2  hours of sleep, plus I had to wake up at 6 the next morning to go to church, so I bailed on her and I knew she was bummed, but I had told King Kong (I guess that’s what we’ll call him haha) that I would come over and bring him some of the smores dip because he said it sounded yummy.


I ended up getting to his place close to midnight and he fell asleep but woke up to bring me inside. Though I had planned to leave after I dropped the dip off to him, we ended up cuddling and I just said screw it, and decided to wake up early to get back home by 6:15 and set my alarm and stay over.




I woke up at 5:20 am and naturally so did he, but we continued to cuddle for a few more minutes before I had to leave. Well one thing led to another and King Kong started to touch me all over, and I felt his king kong awaken haha. He pulled me on top of him and intercourse began to ensue… He put me on the bottom after I was done on top and it felt so amazing…. But I had to hurry and leave because I had to make sure I was home on time. And thank sweet Jesus I made it back in time, even after all of that happened earlier in the morning lol.


I haven’t seen him since then but it’s because it’s the work week right now, though we are planning on going to a movie and maybe spending Christmas Eve or Christmas together, so we’ll see where that goes lol.


I have another update as well, but I think I’ll save it for the next post since this one is getting lengthy lol.


Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, my stories… I know this is a busy time of year, but I’m so grateful for you.


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO, LadyLust from the Rock





XIV. My Italian Man

It’s 8 more days until Christmas guys!


And… I guess I need to apologize for being MIA longer than I usually am, but it’s that most wonderful time of the year, which includes shopping for what feels like a million people, dealing with longer traffic times and really just being busy in general.


I don’t think I really have any major updates… Just some small ones I think:

  • The Bearded Artist and I are doing alright…. He’s been busy working doubles at his job and I’ve just been patiently waiting when we’re going to see each other next. I know we’ve planned to meet up to exchange Christmas gifts and there’s a possibility that I may spend New Years Eve with him and his family, which is kind of a big step because he doesn’t ever introduce girls to his family. I mean it’s a big deal for anyone really, and he even asked if I came would it mean we’re together or not. Idk, things seem promising but at the same time not, if that makes sense.
  • There’s another guy that keeps popping in and out, but I’m really not that interested in him. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about him before, but we met on OKCupid and he seemed alright, but when we started talking he seemed like he was going in too deep too soon. He would talk about what if we were together and me being his girlfriend and I was like bruh, I BARELY KNOW YOU CAN YOU CHILL?! -___- Anyways… I was really pissed at him a week or two ago because he was trying to get another picture of me and said, “Can you send me a picture? I kind of forgot what you look like,” thinking that would get him what he wanted. Instead, I bitched him out via text, thinking WHO THE F DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! If anything, I’ve had guys MUCH HOTTER than him tell me they can’t forget my face as opposed to saying they forgot what I looked like. But let’s calm down here and not re-hash how pissed I really was because I was PISSED.Anyways, I’ve cooled down and he texted me again and he told me he was going to come to town (he lives in a different area than myself) with his friends and wanted me to come with him. I said maybe/I’ll think about it… I’m still rubbed the entirely wrong way with this guy, but we’ll see if fortune plays in his favor.


I can’t think of another update off the top of my head, but I’ll update later if I can remember…


Let’s continue with the last of study abroad male-tales…




After I had seen the Danish Sculptor for the last time and I was done with the African Bouncer because he seemed borderline sketchy, I just tried to live and have fun with the remainder of my stay until the semester was over.


I remember it being April almost time for my birthday, but there was so much to do for school that it was somewhat the last thing on my mind. I had my school routine down by that time of the year and there were many times if I was too lazy to walk, I’d just catch the bus to the center of town, and then catch another bus up to school.


Well I remember there being one day of the week that I didn’t start school until the afternoon and waiting for the bus to go to campus. Well I had got on to the bus and found one seat that was next to the window and I sat there. I was listening to my iPod on the way to school like I normally do, but I felt as if someone was heavily staring at me from behind. I slowly turn to look out for myself, which I then see one man smiling at me. Once we made eye contact, he approached me and stood up in front of my seat, holding the pole trying to talk to me. The only problem was he was only speaking in Italian and once I attempted to talk to him in English, I found that he could only speak in Italian.


I was a few stops away from my spot, but no matter what I said in Italian to him, he wouldn’t move and let me pass to get off of the bus. I kept telling him in Italian I had school, and he kept telling me that he wanted my number. I kept telling him no, but Italian men are relentless. So in order for him to stop cornering me, I gave him my number, he was appeased, and then I escaped so I wasn’t late for class.


After school is done, I get a text from that guy, I guess we’ll call him the Italian Man, and he asked to call me. So when I got back to my apartment, he was trying to talk to me in Italian and I could comprehend what he was saying, but I couldn’t respond in depth back to him (Guys I’m not totally incompetent when it comes to Italian, I actually got one of my minors in Italian so I definitely understood what he was saying, it was just hard to communicate back to him thoroughly lol).


I remember making plans with him on this one night of the year called White Night, or La Notte Bianca. It’s the one night of the year in Florence (actually they have these all over Italy and possibly all over Europe if I’m not mistaken) where the entire town stays open until the sun rises (normally things in Florence close at 8 pm lol), the streets are filled with people, all of the bars and clubs are open and packed, and everyone is on a holiday the following day. Anyways, we had talked and our plans were that he would meet me at this one bar in the town square right next to where my apartment was and then go from there I guess. I told my roommates I’d meet up with them at our usual bar after.


I remember him being dressed up in this polo shirt when he met me at the bar and I wore a white dress (thinking that was the tradition for White Night, but it wasn’t lol). He bought us drinks and we just started to talk, he talked slowly for me to understand and I attempted to talk to him so things weren’t just stagnant. He claimed he was 28, but he looked a bit older than that to me but whatever, it’s something I’ll never know lol. We had proceeded to another bar across the square, got another drink, and then I asked him if we could go to my usual  bar so I could meet my friends.


I remember getting to the bar and my roommates giving me those looks they always gave me whenever any of the guys I was seeing before were by me lol. But I remember my Italian Man buying me a rose, and then once I asked he bought my roommates roses too lol.


After that point in the night I don’t remember much that happened probably because I got so damn drunk, but once I was drunk, my Italian Man took me back to his place, and since I was drunk, I was more comfortable to speak in Italian to him. I asked him who he lived with, where the bathroom was, stuff like that. Well once we had gone back to his place, I remember laying on his bed, and he got on top of me and starting making out with me. One thing lead to another and I’m pretty sure we had sex and it was good, but I was so damn drunk that I was really unsure of what was going on…




I wake up the next day in his bed, thanking God I didn’t have school because I would’ve been late, and also wanting to kill myself because I had realized we had sex, but I didn’t pee right after we did!

Note to self: ALWAYS pee after any intercourse, just to be safe… You’ll know why in a bit.


Well I had left him to go back to my apartment and get some homework done, plus later that week there was a recital that I had to sing in and there was a musical based on an Italian story that I was asked to be a part of too. But later that night, we had planned to have dinner together in an osteria near his apartment.


As the day progressed, I felt myself getting nauseous but I didn’t let it get to me because I had so much to do. But when it came time to meet up with my Italian Man for dinner, I was so nauseous that I didn’t even want to eat dinner. I ended up staying over with him again, but the next day I could tell that what I had was UTI. I was so worried because the doctors in Italy is a bit different than how it is in the States. Well the next day I wanted to go to the doctor but I believe it was another holiday and school was closed so I had to contact one of the schools counselors and ask them what to do. They told me to go to this sort of urgent care there where the doctor would examine me and then give me a prescription to get the medicine I needed. So I went there, but something happened I don’t think I could get my medicine… I think the pharmacy was closed because of the holiday. So I had to wait the next day anyways.


The next day however, I totally forgot it was this BIG rehearsal for one of the things I was asked to do in the Music Department, but I felt like walking death literally. I ended up leaving school early, got my medicine and got back on the bus and I was so dehydrated that I took the wrong bus and went to the complete opposite side of town! And I guess no one told my teachers that I wasn’t going to class because I was dying, so someone called me asking where I was and I said I was going home.


After a day or two, I finally felt better, and my Italian Man kept checking on me. But a week or two later, it was time for me to go back to the States, so Italian Man had planned dinner for the both of us and then took me to this kind of hipster bar and we had a nice time. He kept telling me the only thing he could say in English, “You are very beautiful,” and also kept telling me in Italian he wanted to marry me and follow me back to the States. As flattered as I was, I was like ehhhh maybe not lol.


We had exchanged numbers and emails, but I didn’t hear from him once I got back to the states. He wasn’t very tech savvy, but it was nice to have an experience like that while I was abroad.


Okay this post is LONG over due so I’m gonna end it here! Until next time…


Keep it classy, never trashy!
And Merry Christmas if I don’t get to post again before then!

XOXO, LadyLust from the Rock

XII – ii. The Danish Sculptor continued

Continuing from where I left off in the previous post….


It was a Wednesday night and I had class late those nights, my class got out at around 7:15 pm. After I got something to eat, I met up with the Sculptor at his apartment and just vented to him how I was feeling. He was being as understanding as any guy could and we ended up talking about random things and it took my mind off my worries and thoughts of my boyfriend and I fighting.


The Sculptor and I ended up talking the night away again, realizing that it was almost midnight again and he told me to stay so I wouldn’t have to walk so far. Because of what happened the last time, I agreed to stay but I had class earlier the next morning.


This time however, the Sculptor joined me in his bed, but I would face the other way (doesn’t this sound familiar? haha). Anyways, he had suggested to watch this movie I had never heard of, but it had Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate in it so I didn’t mind watching it. While we were watching the movie, I’m not sure how it happened, but we ended up talking again but this time we were so close to each other that he leaned in and kissed me. I immediately felt guilty, but at the same time I was so frustrated and I knew I wasn’t going to see my boyfriend anymore and it’s like I almost gave up (Not to mention I really was attracted to the Sculptor because he was such a nice guy). After we started making out, he slowly got on top of me and I could feel how hard he was getting. I told him I’m really not sure if we should be doing this, but he couldn’t stop. I can’t remember for sure because this was so long ago, but I think I stopped him and we ended up just cuddling and sleeping together.




The next morning, I woke up hurriedly to get to my apartment to grab my things for school and I ran into one of my roommates and she asked how things went again and I said that they were fine. Well when I got to campus, I got a text from my boyfriend and he had asked why I hadn’t talked to him since yesterday, and I mean it was pretty obvious that I was so upset that I wouldn’t be seeing him anymore, which is when we started to fight again. I kept imploring him to change his mind, but he kept giving me the same answers. But then, he brought up the Sculptor and asked me if I was with him. I paused for a bit, but because of that pause he immediately assumed I was cheating on him, which technically I guess you could say I did, but I really didn’t at the same time because I stopped it from going further, and the Sculptor understood that. I kept fighting with my boyfriend, trying to reassure him that there was nothing going on between him and I, but he wouldn’t believe me. I had to go to class and my boyfriend had to go to work, but we had said that we would talk with each other later.


Well later had come that night and we ended up fighting again about the same issues and I was so exhausted from fighting. My roommates were there with me in our room when it was all going down, but he ended up saying that we’re done and he broke up with me. That moment was a turning point in my study abroad experience because I had suffered such a great depression once that had happened. I guess I didn’t want to believe that this would happen to us especially since we were apart from each other in the earliest stages of our relationship, but I felt like it was almost inevitable to happen. I hung up my phone and then immediately started to cry with my blanket over my head and my roommates, though not emotional type of girls, tried to relieve me and console me. I was so grateful to have them but I just felt so empty. After it was finalized, I ended up texting the Sculptor back and I told him what had happened…. He asked if it was his fault and I said it partially was, and he felt terrible too. He told me to come over the next day and he’d make me dinner and we could talk again.


I remember going in to his apartment and I was so upset, nothing seemed to be able to cheer me up or to get my mind off of him. And it was even harder for me because I was so far away from my family, my home, from anything familiar to me and that was what I needed the most at that time. I was barely hungry, barely in any mood to talk and the Sculptor understood that. I asked if I could just go to sleep in his bed and he followed me up there. As I was trying to sleep I turned into him and he held me, I think because he knew how terrible I was feeling, but also because business was left unfinished from the last time. Now that I was single, I knew he would try to sleep with me and he took the opportune moment to do so since I was in his bed. I won’t lie, it really did take my mind off of things, not to mention his package was a really good size lol and I could tell he hadn’t had sex in the longest time, which I felt really bad about. But it felt amazing and we ended up cuddling that night again too.


We both woke up the next day and I was really hungry but I felt really gross because I hadn’t showered. I asked if I could shower, but he too was going to shower… So we ended up showering together lol but the showers in Europe are REALLY small so we were basically up against each other the whole time, but it was fine because we ended up making out in the shower the whole time, which resulted in doing IT in the shower too.


Finally, we had left to go to a small Osteria outside of his apartment, had some pasta then went to the main leather market because I had yet to see it and I wanted to check it out. Plus my roommates had said they would be going to that market and I told them the Sculptor and I would meet up with them there.


I’ll never forget the look on my roommates faces when they saw me with him because they knew something was going down between us but I wouldn’t let it show. They were happy and intrigued to meet him formally after the first time we had run into him, but after we had gone our separate ways and I told them I’d meet them at the apartment because our plan was to go out to the bar that night. Funny thing was the Sculptor and his friends we had also met were planning on going there too.


We continued down the main pavement and I saw this booth that was selling leather gloves which I really needed because my hands were freezing most of the time. The vendor was trying to sell them to me for full price, but the Sculptor kept haggling for a lower price because he saw a few flaws with them and he said they weren’t worth the price the vendor wanted. I told him it was fine, but he insisted to get it down to a cheaper price, which he did eventually lol. And he ended up buying them for me, which I felt weird about, but he insisted. After that we continued to see the rest of the market, but we had decided to part and meet up with each other at the bar that night.


When night had approached, I remember one of my roommates grabbing this HUGE ass bottle of wine at the store for like four euro and it was pretty good, still my most favorite wine to drink to this day. We had pre-gamed with that at our apartment before going to the bar but I remember already feeling a buzz from all the wine I had. When we had gotten there, I also remember having two different mixed drinks and a pear cider, but I also didn’t eat too much before the wine. Then, we had seen that the bar offered Absinthe, something none of us had ever tried. And because we were out of the states and I was recently single, my roommates dared someone to drink it and try it so I volunteered (probably because I was already drunk as can be since I was 21 yet and didn’t drink too much back in the states to begin with).


The Sculptor still wasn’t at the bar and I was already drunk, but taking that shot of Absinthe threw me overboard. All I can remember is my throat completely burning and I drank my cider to cool my throat down. Right after I had that shot, the Sculptor walked in with his friends (I wanna say it was only 11pm) but he could tell I wasn’t doing too good because he said I was nodding off of the bar stool. After he saw that and the state I was in, he took matters in to his own hands and basically carried me outside, grabbed a taxi and went to his apartment to take care of me.




I woke up the next day not remember anything that happened, but realized I was in the Sculptors bed completely naked (seriously, like NOTHING on) and looked to the side of his bed and just saw puke ALL over his floor and also on some of my clothes :/ He came back upstairs and saw the puke and I kept apologizing, but was also guilty of having no idea what had happened the night before. He told me what happened (how I was nodding off and took me to his apartment and carried me up because he basically lived on the top of his building) and started cleaning up my puke. I told him to stop and that I’d clean it up but he insisted. I took a shower while he made me something to eat and I just couldn’t stop thanking him for that. The mood was completely shifted though after he had told me something that would change things: his girlfriend would be arriving the next day and would be living here with him permanently, which meant we couldn’t see each other here again.


I was pretty bummed while I was sitting on his kitchen counter watching him wash dishes. But he came over to me, stood in between my legs and leaned in to me as we made out right there. I felt like it was almost like a reassuring “we’ll still see each other”/last hurrah type of making out session, but it was amazing. He had put on Bon Iver’s new album in the background as he slowly took my underwear off and started to f*ck me and it was amazing, again lol. But it bothered me to know that on one of the nights I had stayed, he told me he loved his girlfriend but wasn’t in love with her anymore, probably because she had let herself go a LOT, like physically I guess. He also said he hadn’t had sex with her in YEARS and I kept wondering why wouldn’t he just end things with her already if he’s no longer attracted to her?


After that happened, I remember basically doing a walk of shame through Florence, wearing my coat and shirt, his track pants that my ass was too big for but no bra and underwear, with these BCBG boots with a heel haha because I had thrown up on those items of clothing I was lacking.


I remember us only talking while he was at school or out because he was afraid of his girlfriend seeing any communication between us. There were a few times we’d see each other at the bar we’d both frequent, but then slowly after time he wouldn’t go to that bar because he knew I’d be there.


There was one time right before Spring Break that he ended up coming to my apartment and stayed with me for the night, lied to his girlfriend where he was, and then we hurriedly left my apartment so I could catch my train to Rome for my break plans. There was even a time he invited me to drink with he and his art friends in a certain town square, but nothing could happen because they all knew his girlfriend, but it was nice to be with him.


The last account I have with him though was around the beginning of April. I was trying to see him whenever I could but he told me he was doing a lot of sculpting for school at his workspace studio in a different part from where I lived. I ended up walking that night to his studio and he showed me his artwork he had completed and work that he was still trying to finish. The picture featured in the first part of this post is from that night I got to see his work, it amazed me that someone was that talented to make anything like that.


After that point in time I didn’t really talk to him or really ever see him again, though we were friends on Facebook until he unfriended me because of his girlfriend. But this account in two parts isn’t the end of my “male-tales” while I studied abroad.


And alas this is where I’m going to end for now.


Again everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday and a time where I truly reflect on all of the things I am blessed with and am grateful for, like this blog which is an outlet of all of my stories.


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock




XII. The Danish Sculptor

Happy Turkey Week everyone!


Okay well it’s not that much of a happy week yet lol. Its pouring rain outside, I’m stuck at work and all I can really think of is the weekend and the holidays approaching. But anyways…


First thing of business: this past weekends happenings!

  • So not much really happened when it came to men. Kept talking to a few of the old guys I’ve mentioned and a few new guys as well, just texting. One guy that I met on Tinder actually wanted to meet up (he’s from New Zealand!) but he got back to me too late so I left him alone.

    However, I did end up meeting up with the Bearded Artist (refer to posts I- ii and IX) instead of that other guy and it was a pleasant surprise to see him and be with him. Because he was busy volunteering all day, we didn’t meet each other until 10:30 at night. We had decided to meet up at a park we had met at before and just sit and talk for a little while before he had to pick up his cousin at work. He had really only an hour to spend with me, but one hour turned in to four hours haha. We were just talking and catching up with each other, talking about our weekends because we were texting back and forth the whole week but we never got to see each other. But I could slowly sense him coming closer and closer to me, plus he gently grabbed my hand to put on his beard while he put his hand on my legs, feeling my leg and going up and down. He then grabbed my hand to put in his and he held my hand, but then he pulled me towards him while we were laughing and joking back and forth with each other. I tried not to make eye contact with him, but then he held my chin and turned my gaze towards him and then he kissed me. That was the start of it all lol, we ended up making out for three hours straight, but he wanted to be closer to me (because we were in his car lol) so he suggested to go to the back of the car. Once we got back there we kept making out which is when he reach up my shorts and started to finger me. Well once that happened, one thing lead to the next and there you find me shorts-less and him eating me out like no tomorrow down THERE for like an hour. It was amazing. His cousin kept calling him but he kept ignoring him to be with me. Oops! (Not lol). After we completely fogged up the entire car, he finally realized he had to go (it was 2 AM) and walked me to my car, which is when he continued to make out with me, and even fingered me again. But besides all of THAT stuff, we had decided that we’d see each other again and that we’d do some things together for the holidays, like ice skating and seeing the city lights.
    I’m still quite surprised that all of that happened still because I’ve known him since February 2015 and he’s always treated me as a friend. Little did I know until that night he told me he’s always been attracted to me, but he hasn’t done anything to try until now. He had even told me when he introduced me to his friends back in February, a lot of them wanted to get with me or asked him about me and took interest to me. But even back then he didn’t do anything, but I guess everything takes place at a certain time for a reason…. So we’ll see where that goes.


Okay. Let’s continue with the story that I left off at in the last post.




Like I had said, I woke up the next morning and got a text from the guy who had rudely said he wanted to sleep with me after I had only known him for two hours. He was really drunk the night before and I was really turned off and repulsed by how he acted. But I was surprised when he texted me because he sounded (via text) pretty normal and very apologetic for how he had acted. I wasn’t completely convinced, but I could tell he was genuine. He kept asking to take me out for coffee or something to talk in a normal setting to prove to me that he was a gentleman, and not a douche like how he had acted. However, I was still with my boyfriend and my roommates were very resistant towards the idea of me going near that guy again.


I’m not gonna lie, he was pretty attractive when I had met him, and I found it interesting that he told me he was studying to become a trained sculptor, which is something you don’t hear too much in our day and age. But I loved my boyfriend so much that I kept my distance with this guy, who we’ll call the Danish Sculptor, but still texted him as a friend when he texted me because he was so interesting to me.


Well I believe a week had passed by since that ordeal and I believe I saw him back at that same bar which is where we talked normally, but I was still hesitant with him. Prior to this second meeting, I had told my boyfriend what happened because I felt like he had the need to know, and he was furious that that had happened. I reassured him that nothing would happen and that I loved him and that I would keep my distance from this guy.


Word of advice: Never tell a guy the whole truth or ALL of the details, but just the ‘need to know’ stuff. You’ll see why in a few.


After having this in mind, the Danish Sculptor had asked again to go out for coffee or tea, but I refused again. He seemed let down and determined to prove me wrong, but accepted my declination.


Now the weekend was over and I believe it was a Tuesday and for school, all of the students were required to go to this theater in Florence to watch a documentary-like movie for school which was related to the culture and happenings in Italy somehow. There were multiple movies you could choose from but my roommates and I chose to go this one movie about Africans attempting to illegally immigrate to Italy for a better life. I believe the movie started at 7 pm on Tuesday night and of course, the Danish Sculptor and I were texting and I told him what I was doing for school and he had told me to come and meet him for coffee after the movie because he lived a block away from the theater. I told him it made no sense to get coffee with me because we’d be up all night because of the caffeine. He then suggested dinner, but I told him I had eaten already. And THEN, he suggested to get tea (which I love tea) but he told me he had tea in his apartment. I told my roommates what he was texting, and they were worried for me to go by myself, but after texting him since we had met, I had changed my perspective of him and wasn’t worried that he’d be a serial killer or something. But again, I was still taken, I had my boyfriend back home, but I didn’t see the harm in having some tea with this guy either because he had a girlfriend and I felt like he wouldn’t do anything either. After contemplating what to do throughout the movie, I had decided after it had let out that I would meet up with the Sculptor.


I remember coming out of the theater and my roommates walking with me to meet him, and he was literally right down the road from the theater waiting for me on the corner of the street. My roommates reminded me to text them if I needed them and I reassured them I’d be fine.


He really did live right around the corner from where I was and we went up these narrow stairs to his apartment. I really liked it, it was a nice size and it was cool because there were these small set of stairs that went up to his bedroom area.


We sat on his couch and he had already had some water boiling before we had gotten in. I remember looking at his tea accessories I guess you could call them, and he had this small tea net thing that enclosed the tea leaves for you and it was small enough to put in your tea cup. Anyways, we sat down on the couch together and drank our tea and decided to play a card game, I believe it was Go-Fish! But he taught it to me in Danish because he was from Denmark and I was down to learn something new. After we were done playing that, we had talked to each other about ourselves, where we were from, why we did what we did (for him it was sculpting, for me it was music) and he even taught me some Danish words and I taught him some words in my own native language which he appreciated.


Time had flown and it was already approaching midnight and my roommates were worried about me but I told them I was fine and that I’d be staying over there because it was so late and he said he didn’t want me walking by myself there late, though he offered to walk with me. I told him it was cold and I didn’t want to inconvenience him. But because I didn’t have school until 1 pm the next day, I agreed to stay. I think I had his bed and he slept on the couch. I really had a nice night with him, getting to know him and realizing how cool and good of a guy he was.



Well I woke up the next day and the Sculptor had to go to his art classes and I went back to my apartment to get ready for school. I had kind of totally forgotten my boyfriend and didn’t realize he had texted me until I got back to my apartment because of the WiFi. He was worried that he didn’t hear from me the night before and I apologized saying that I was out and then came back and knocked out (which was sort of a lie but I knew he’d question why I went out with the Sculptor after I had told him what had happened the first night I had met the guy). So I had decided to tell him something truthful, but not the complete truth.

My boyfriend and I had continued to fight because he was suspicious of me just because of that ONE night but I reassured him nothing was going to happen, plus he was supposed to come up to Florence for Valentines Day and I was so excited. But he had shortly after told me that he had gotten into a small accident, which was going to cost him so much money because the way his family dealt with accidents was paying  for the damages to be fixed out of pocked instead of doing it through insurance because of the premiums I think. So because my boyfriend had tapped his neighbors car, it cost him $1000 which meant he had no money to come up for Valentines Day. I was so depressed the rest of the day and so let down, I didn’t know what to do, especially because my boyfriends’ mind was made up and all odds were pointing to him not coming. So I ended up texting the Sculptor and venting to him about what happened. I asked him how he even did long distance with his girlfriend and he tried to console me in any way he could. I asked if I could come over again to talk and he politely agreed.


And I think this is where I’m gonna stop, didn’t realize how long this was getting lol.


And if I don’t get a chance to say it before the day comes, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

XI. Study Abroad Beginnings

Okay…. So where did I leave off at?

Oh yeah, midway through my Junior year! Before we get going though, let me update you on a few things first:

  • So from my last post, I ended up going on a date with that one guy. We didn’t have any plans (which really screws me in the head because I always need to make plans) but he ended up taking me to this lagoon and we went night swimming! It was pretty cold, but my body got adjusted to the temperature… After like 30 minutes lol. We both got hungry after that but he literally drove aimlessly for another 30 minutes, when I was about to just scream and say choose ANYWHERE, but we finally arrived to this Mexican restaurant we both liked, had a nice conversation and meal, and then he dropped me off at home. I haven’t heard from him in a week though, but it’s fine because I’ve been busy with my own things going on in my life.
  • Remember Mr. Jiu Jitsu from post IX? Well I finally went on a date with him this past Sunday! He got back home after being away for five months and the day after he got home he had a tournament he had to compete in. I was actually supposed to go, but decided against it lol but he won the whole tournament which was good for him. I felt bad I actually kept him waiting almost two hours but I finally got there and wanted to eat at this new restaurant but the wait was too long, so we ended up going to another place, which is when he talked and talked the day away. I didn’t realize how much of a talker he was, though we had talked some on the phone. But he just came off as SUPER annoying on the phone. It was a pleasant surprise to actually meet him in person because I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would lol. Anyways we went back to the original restaurant we were going to eat at and went to it’s bakery instead and then we went somewhere else for him to get some dessert and talked some more. But I had to leave because I was with my mom and she was waiting for me and wanted to go so I had to cut our date short. I told him I had to go, attempted to walk really fast away from him, but he asked me, “Where’s my hug? 😦 ” So, I turned around, attempted to give him a hug which is when he went for the kill and kissed me sweetly a few times. I told him thank you for the nice night and I gave him a kiss back. It was really nice… but I still have reservations about him, like him being younger than me and him not having a real, steady job (all he does is compete in Jiu Jitsu tournaments). But it seems like we’re going on another date so I’ll keep assessing him more until I know how I feel about him better.
  • Also referring back to post IX, the Bearded Artist and I have not seen each other since that last time, but we’ve been texting a lot, and he keeps basically sexting me. It’s really weird because I just thought about how he didn’t even want to dance with me when I saw him out the last time with the Samoan Bronco, but now he’s sexting me and telling me he’s been attracted to me and wants to be with me…. Idk. I’ve kind of always had a thing for him, but because he never acted upon it, I didn’t even think about him like that since then. We’ll see if anything more happens from now until the next post….

Okay, now where did I leave off at….?




So I was finally home for the holidays, but it was hard being away from my boyfriend since we had just started dating. But we figured if we could make it work while we were away from each other, then we’d be better off than most couples. But what made it even more difficult was he was going on his birthright mission or something (I forget what the hell it was called lol) but it’s basically where Jewish young adults go to Jerusalem and it’s fully paid by their church and they go to the places where their ancestors were for a few weeks I think. It was hard for us because he couldn’t use his phone that often and we wouldn’t be able to communicate that often, plus he was over 12 hours ahead of me which made it even more difficult to communicate when he was gone.
We had made a plan though, that once he came home from Jerusalem, I would fly in around the same time and day and I would stay with him and his family for a few days until it was time for me to fly to Italy to study abroad.


Well it finally came time for me to go and meet up with my boyfriend and as much as I didn’t want to leave my family and home, I had missed my boyfriend so much and I was so excited to see him after being away for a month and a half (which was longer than the time we had actually physically been together with each other). I remember going through a different terminal to meet him and his family and he was so changed by the things and experiences he had in Jerusalem, it was good for him really. We went to a diner to eat breakfast (and I had never been to a diner before I think) and we ended up resting the rest of the day. It was a really nice week, my boyfriend and his family were helping me to prepare leaving the country, grabbing the last minute things I needed that I couldn’t necessarily get in Italy.


I remember my boyfriend helping me check in and walking me to my gate before my flight, like he did when I went back home. But this time, it felt like a much bigger step that was hard to take because I didn’t know when I was going to see him again. Well, wait. We had actually planned for him to come up around Valentines Day (currently it’s around the end of January 2012) and he would stay for a little less than a week, but after that I was really unsure of how we would make this work between us. Anyways, he was waiting with me at the gate and thought he could at least walk me down the ramp to the plane, but because it was a different airline, they wouldn’t let him come in with me 😦 I gave him the biggest hug possible and we literally made out in the waiting area lol, but we both held on to our plan that we’d see each other in a few weeks.




I remember the flight and just traveling in general was so long. My flight was to Zurich in Switzerland with a twelve-hour layover before flying to Florence. I was so exhausted, but somehow found that the airport had day rooms to rent, kind of like a pit stop area for someone who was stuck in the airport (like me lol). It was nice because I think it was about $25 to rent a room but it also came with access to a shower and an alarm clock to wake me up so I wasn’t late for my flight. I remember freaking out because I had no working phone and I had no WiFi, but I ended up renting WiFi in the airport so I could talk to my boyfriend to let him know I got there safely.


I finally caught my connecting flight to Florence and got there when the sun had already set. I had to grab my suitcase, catch a taxi and go to the Villa on my new campus to check in, and then I’d have to catch another taxi to get to my actual apartment, which was the furthest off-campus housing from campus.


I remember meeting my roommates and kind of clicking with one of my roommates more than the other. There were like ten rooms on my floor of the apartment alone, plus another floor of students who lived above us. There were a bunch of us that wanted to go out and check the club scene, so my roommate and I did go with a few of our apartment suitemates but not really feeling it. So the next weekend, my roommate, this other girl who lived across the hall from us (who eventually became our roommate because she couldn’t stand her roommates lol), and myself end up checking out this bar right around the corner from where we lived. If you were to look at it from the outside, it looks like a dingy, punk rock bar that was infested with local men, definitely not a bar that a tourist would go to. So it intrigued my roommates even more because they were the type of girls that were chill, didn’t like clubbing and pretty down to earth.


I also remember talking to my boyfriend before we left telling him I was going out and he was making sure I was okay. I told him I’d text him when I got back to my apartment, thinking nothing would happen and that I was just going out with my new friends I had made.


Well, we had finally made our way in to the bar and found a table and just looked around and conversed with each other. One of my roommates had noticed this one guy and started talking to him, finding out that he’s actually from California and that he’s been studying art in Florence for a few years. He was with a few of his friends who he introduced to us. Well my roommates were off getting to know those guys, I kept staring at my phone (not like I could actually do anything on it though) but one of the friends we had met had started talking to me, but he seemed pretty drunk. Well I thought things were going okay and we had exchanged numbers to hang out again at the bar. But then he started saying to me he wanted to sleep with me. I was very startled because I had just met this guy and I knew if my boyfriend was there he would’ve beat the crap out of him. So I nicely decided to step out, but that guy ended up following me, continuing to pursue me and our friends followed. From what I recall, he kept trying to apologize, while I was telling my roommates who told his friends what he said to me and they were pretty shocked because they all knew he had a girlfriend, but didn’t get why he was trying to go after me. After I had left, I didn’t think I’d see him again… But the next day I ended up getting a text from him on my temporary phone.


And this is from where I’ll continue the next time,  lol.


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

X. Junior Year

So, I don’t know if I already told you, but I DESPISE Mondays (Well now it’s Thursday, but it feels like a Monday because of the holiday. You know what I mean lol). The weekend did not feel long enough… Anyways…

Quick updates before I continue my “male-tale” history:

  • I went on a date on Friday night! Went to this yummy Japanese restaurant and talked about all kinds of things. I’m not really sure what to code-name him, I guess we can call him the DILF because he’s a dad of three and he’s pretty cute haha. It was a sweet date, we went to Starbucks after and it was really chill. He’s over ten years older than me, so I think that’s why it was pretty low-key being with him.
  • I’m going on a date tonight with another guy. Pretty sure the plan was to go night swimming and then get some food after. I’ll keep you posted on that one later lol.

Oh! I also forgot that I had forgotten someone out of my story from my post Sophomore Year:

  • The summer before Sophomore Year had began, I had actually reconnected with a guy that was somewhat of a love interest to me in high school. We had met my Sophomore year in high school through mutual friends and we would sit on the same lunch table as those mutual friends every day because we all had the same lunch period the first semester. He and I would always bicker at each other during lunch because he would always give me a hard time, but I would banter back with him too. He was a friend, but a friend that I would get easily annoyed with lol.Well, second semester came and our lunch periods changed, but I’ll never forget running into him on the bus one day and he shyly asked me to accompany him to his Junior prom (he was a year older than me). I said yes in an instant, but I had just started dating The Orch Dork (refer to High School Beginnings post) and I told him that I would have to ask my boyfriend first. I was sure it wouldn’t be a problem though. I saw the look in his eyes once I told him I was dating someone, and it didn’t dawn on me until then that he had feelings for me, but he had never made them known to me in any way shape or form. Anyways, we go to his prom (it was my first prom) and we had such a great time, our pictures looked great and it was nice to be around friends. I know he wanted to kiss me at the end of the night but he couldn’t and he didn’t.Fast forward three years, we had reconnected somehow, I wanna say through FaceBook and we had exchanged numbers and ended up texting. I had just gotten home for the summer and he asked to take me out to lunch so we could catch up. He took me to Macaroni Grill and it was kind of dimly lit and somewhat romantic…But I’ll never forget when I saw him that day because he looked the same like he did in high school, but it’s like he grew out of his baby fat and just turned in to this husky, rustic, REALLY sexy looking man. I didn’t realize how cute he was until that day! So naturally I was stoked to see him. After lunch, we had planned to meet up again and go to a movie.That night I went to see a movie with him and we had leaned into each other making things much more intimate than we had ever been… I wasn’t ready to leave yet, so I had suggested we go and hang out somewhere and he knew of a park near by.

    We drove there and walked around the park and ended up in a dimly lit area by a fence in the park. I forget exactly what I said and what he said, but we had flirted with each other to the point where he had backed me into the fence, kept staring me in my eyes seductively and got so close to me that I could feel how hard he was, I’m assuming because of me lol.
    After that had happened I wanted more, but he wouldn’t give it up that easily and I wouldn’t back down either, but I guess that rubbed him the wrong way and we never spoke again since that time.

  • I also forgot to mention about another guy I met before the Game Changer and I had started fooling around. I’m not sure if you remember the story, but there was a point in time when I had stayed with him and he had dropped me off the next morning in a taxi and gave me money to catch my flight to start my Spring Break. Well when I was catching that cab, the Taxi Driver (that’s his name lol) started talking to me, asking about The Game Changer and what he was to me. At that time, I had said that he was a friend like a big brother, and the Taxi Driver had the balls to say, “That’s what I thought, because you’re too beautiful to be anything more to him” or something along the lines of that. Well after we had arrived to the airport, he gave me his number so that he could take me out when I got back from my vacation. I took the number, texted him and there was one time where he drove to my school to see me and took me out. We made out and that was basically it. He was an Arabic guy and he was pretty cute lol.

Okay, done! Now let’s continue where I left off after my Sophomore Year….

After that interesting year of being in school, I had finally gotten home and I had continued to see The Horny Mormon again I believe, but things were cut short because he was SO damn thirsty and ended up being in a relationship with some girl I think. But this is also the time I had met the Tongan Surfer and things began to ensue with him too (refer to post I – ii to refresh on the backstory of him).

Again, the summer had flown by and it was time to go back to school and I had scored Faculty/Staff housing for the first semester! I wasn’t too worried about the housing for second semester because I had planned to study abroad, but plans weren’t set yet because the application hadn’t opened up at that time. When it did come out, I applied immediately because I had all of the materials ready so it was super fast for me to apply.

Now being an idiot that I was and not learning from my past, I had allowed the Erectile Dysfunction to see me again, though things weren’t official. He would see me while I was practicing or even come to my apartment and…well, yeah lol. But I knew that I wouldn’t ever stop allowing him to see me unless I went away. I forget what happened, but I remember things ended mid-semester and it sucked but it needed to happen because I deserved more than what he could give me.

After we had stopped seeing each other, a few weeks later I found out that I had gotten accepted in to my study abroad program that I had applied for! I was SO excited and I remember even going hard and celebrating that night at this really big club in the city, not only for my getting into my program but it was also a few of my friends 21st birthdays and they were celebrating by renting a party bus. I had so much fun and got SO damn drunk.

I digress lol. Anyways after that instance, a month later one of my best friends told me about OkCupid, an online dating site/app that she had downloaded and had a date set up. All of that was still new to me and I was really hesitant in making one not only because a dating site wasn’t my style, but I was going to be out of the country for months at a time and it didn’t make sense to make one! But my friend insisted I make one for fun so I did. Well, I had ended up talking to this one guy who we’ll call the African Meathead. He was a black guy (which I’ve never really dated besides the Bronx Roommate if that counts) and I normally don’t date black men NOT because I’m racist (I actually am part African-America even though you really couldn’t tell if you saw me because I’m white as can be) but most of them I’ve found don’t know how to treat women with respect and carry themselves in a manner that I’d rather not be associated…. In other words some of them can be ratchet and a little too much for me. But this guy was very different….. He was actually born in Michigan but partially raised in the Ivory Coast in Africa and he actually went to college with a friend of mines from home! Super small world… He had majored in Biology I think, but was currently working for Teach for America or some program like that. On his spare time he would work out and run a LOT, which is why I called him a Meathead because he was SUPER buff lol. He even had dreads but he kept them clean and he dressed really properly, which is what attracted me to him I think, besides his intelligence.

On our first date he had taken me to dinner I believe, Olive Garden and I actually had some wine at dinner without getting carded (I wasn’t 21 yet). We had a nice time and then after he had taken me to the train station and we went our separate ways. On our second date, I believe he went walking and shopping with me and he even waited with me until my bus came and he gave me a big kiss. The third time we had decided that I would come to his place and stay with him…. I kind of knew what was gonna go down, but I had NO idea what I’d be in store for.

I remember laying in bed with him and he got on top of me while we were making out… Well he decided to take his pants off though he warned me it would be BIG but I was like, “Sure.. uh huh, okay”. So it came off and he WAS NOT kidding. It was SO damn huge guys…. I can’t even believe to this day that I took that like a champ….. Because all I can remember is laying there and literally crying because it was that damn big. That whole “Once you go black you don’t go back saying” is BULL because after that one time, I ran the f*ck back the other direction. Anyways…

Sorry that was all TMI (too much information) hahaha.

Moving forward….

So after that guy, I talked to a few guys but nothing came of it. Not until December when I started talking to this guy who was about an hour and a half away from me. I really liked his swag I guess you could call it, even though he wasn’t much of a looker. He was also Jewish, worked for an airline company and LOVED cars and planes. We had decided that we would meet half way between him and I in the City for our first date, and it was a big deal for him because he NEVER came to the City because he hated the traffic and the tons of people. We ended up meeting and he took me to see the big Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center (Okay, giving myself away a little but in this post you need to know the details because it was honestly one of the best first dates I had ever been on) that was fully lit up with people ice skating in front of it, it was really romantic actually…. After that we had gone to the tallest building in the City, the Empire State Building (giving myself away again) because I told him I had never been and he said it was one of the places I HAD to go. It was another really romantic gesture and I feel like he knew he got me with that one lol. After that, we went around the corner to get dinner, I think at this Korean/Japanese restaurant. After that he had taken me to the Grand Central train station and kissed me goodnight. From that point on we had talked and FaceTimed every day and the next time I saw him, he came to my school and my apartment, took me out to dinner and stayed with me, even though he lived really far away from me. I wanna say we ended up sleeping together with each other that night and the next morning he asked me to be his girlfriend.

There were a few instances where we had seen each other after that, I think I even caught the train all the way there to see him because he wasn’t feeling well, though he had planned to drive and get me to stay with him and meet his family. It was really funny because his mom was the stereotypical mom/woman of that area (she could be compared to Theresa from the show Long Island Medium) but she was so much fun to be around and she LOVED to shop. His sister was similar to his mom and his dad was pretty sarcastic and looked very stern, but once they knew that I was from the Rock and not a local of their area, they were all really nice and curious about my lifestyle. My boyfriend had even said that he could tell his dad liked me because he actually talked around me, something that never really happened with any of his past girlfriends, so it made me feel really good about myself. His dad had even offered to drive me to the train station on the way into work the next morning after I had stayed the night with my boyfriend and his family.

My boyfriend was really good to me. He always looked after me, always took care of me by feeding me lol and he even drove miles away to see me and help me pack and move all of my stuff up in storage once the semester had ended because the next semester I would be studying abroad in Italy!

Well after I had pondered on all of that, I got a phone call at 7 in the morning from my Best Friend (refer to my first post ever), which was weird because I hadn’t heard from him in months plus it was abnormally early in the morning for him to call me. Well, he too had asked me why I was up so early and I don’t know why I said it, but I told him I was catching the train back to school from my boyfriends house. Right after he heard the B word, he said he had to go and hung up on me. Turns out he didn’t talk to me for all those months supposedly because he was trying to surprise me when I got home because he had flown home for Christmas just to see me. I had broken his heart and I, of course, felt shitty. But I couldn’t do anything because I literally JUST got into this relationship with this guy and we had plans that once I came back after break, I’d stay with him and his family until it was time for me to fly to Italy.

I was really bummed because I had been waiting four years to meet my Best Friend and there have always been feelings between him and I…. But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be then. And it seemed like he hated my guts.

Well it was time for me to go home and because my boyfriend worked with an airline, he was able to come in and sit with me and wait with me until my plane arrived for boarding. I remember taking this picture with him and posting it online and he had said one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever said…

“I just don’t want to leave you…”
-You aren’t. You’re just going on the other side of the country”
“I mean I don’t want to be apart from you…”
-We’re not apart, we’re together. Distance is the only thing thats separating us.”

And hearing that made me feel like our relationship had no bounds and that no matter where we were, we could always make it work, even if I was going to go to a different country to study abroad. I mean, he worked for the airlines so even flying wouldn’t be an issue, right?

Well…. We’ll see.

Until the next time…

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

IX. Updates on Updates

Hey guys!

So I know I’ve been MIA for almost a week now, but I’ve been occupied with caring for my mom. She had surgery done on Monday and I’ve been busy taking care of her for most of the time and doing all of the chores around the house too. But I’m back now so no need to worry.

I have quite a few updates to bring you in this post so let’s get started…

  • The night before Halloween, I ended up going to this guys house who we’ll call the St. Louis Firefighter. He was previously a firefighter but now works for the government doing Water Safety. Anyways, he invited me over but I didn’t come over until 12:30 in the morning. We were laying down on some pillows in his living room and we watched Serendipity (which I’ve never watched but he suggested it) and then I ended up falling asleep. He woke me up, which triggered something in him to start holding me and there was somewhat a lot of tension between him and I. Well, we ended up going to his room and cuddling and some foreplay began to ensue, until he stopped himself and told me, “This isn’t me… I don’t normally do this and I don’t want to disrespect you. I want to take you out on an actual date first… I’m so sorry.”When he said that it made me see him in a different light and I respected that, so I left and we had said we would see each other again. Well, we did see each other again, but we had actually ran into each other on Halloween at a hotel (he was staying there and my friend was staying there too). We waved at each other and that was really it. I know, that was so anticlimactic.
  • Now on the night of Halloween, I had so much fun and it was really low-boy drama. Started the night off with my friends from high school, pre-gamed at one of our friends boyfriends apartments, then we walked with my friends and his friends in our costumes. After that I ended up meeting with one of my best friends (who’s my old co-worker) and her friends and went to a club and ended up staying in our friends hotel room over night. A few days later, my most recent ex-boyfriend (I haven’t written about him yet but believe me, he WILL get his own post) texted me and asked if I had fun on Halloween. I asked him how he knew where I was on Halloween (he used the actual place where I was at but I’m leaving it out to continue my anonymity) and he responded back saying, “Because you passed me twice that night.” I was really shocked because I figured I would’ve seen him if he was there (and I wasn’t even that drunk at that point in time) but I guess it just shows how much work I’ve done to forget about him. He said I walked past his friends (who I knew really well) and he even tried to wave me down but I didn’t see him. I think it was meant to be that I didn’t see him because I don’t know what I would’ve done if I did. But I imagine I would’ve either turned the other direction, jump on him, or attempt to stab him with my sword (I dressed up as a Gladiator Woman thing and my sword and shield were SO dope.)
  • I was supposed to go on two dates, one on Monday night with one guy and one on Tuesday night with another guy, but they both had to cancel (Monday guy had to take care of his kids, but I’m seeing him tonight so I’ll keep you posted on that one! And Tuesday guy got sick but I’m going to see him next Monday so I’ll keep you posted on that one too.) So I ended up texting this one guy I was talking to months ago named the Bearded Artist (remember the Samoan Bronco from post I – ii? Refer to that to remember the story on that one, but I actually met the Samoan Bronco because of the Bearded Artist). I texted him because normally he always randomly texts me to check up on me and catch up with me to see how I’m doing, so I thought I’d return the favor this time. Well, we ended up texting so much that we had planned to see each other Tuesday night, before I had to pick up my brother from work. I met him at a park that he was working out at, parked behind him, jumped in his car and we just talked for a little over an hour, but he kept grabbing my hands to touch his beard and then took and played with my hands to slowly ease into holding my hands…. I could feel the sexual tension between him and I, but I don’t ever make the first move. So I had to leave by the time he was getting confident, but he wanted me to come over to his place after I picked my brother up. Well I tried to text him but he must’ve fallen asleep (he got another part time job so he’s much more exhausted than usual), but I took his hat before I left his car, so it’s kind of a guarantee that I’ll see him in the near future 😉 haha.
  • Last night I went on another date with the History Teacher (please refer to post VI in regards to the background info on him) at a seafood restaurant I’ve never been to but I’ve heard great things about. Anyways, he’s been trying to plan when to see me since our last date, but I’ve been so busy (as you can tell through my posts haha). He picked me up last night, but I was so full because I had already eaten dinner an hour before he got me. We had a nice time kinda… He talked the night away, and I just kind of sat there and nodded my head, trying to be a nice date. But we got in his truck and I got a really bad headache so I wanted to go home. While I closed my eyes, he went for the kill and kissed me. Now, I’ve kissed him before, but it really wasn’t that great to be honest… kind of slimy >.< But he’s a nice guy so I didn’t want to be a bitch y’know? But I cut the night short last night and he wants to see me again…. but I’m just not too sure about this one.
  • Because I’ve basically been off all week, I’ve been able to talk to my London Man (refer to the first post about this guy) much more than I usually have time to. I’m busy and so is he, but it doesn’t help that he’s about twelve hours ahead of me either. I was actually supposed to fly to London this week to see him for the first time, but he has to get surgery too. So he told me a few days ago that he would actually come to the Rock with his son in January for almost the whole month! He also dropped the L word with me and told me he loved me, which is kind of big for him to say because he isn’t very emotional at all. I don’t know if I’m quite there with him yet, though I do care about him a lot. But I’m hoping everything falls into place because I’ve been talking to him for a year and a half now and it would be great to figure out if things could work between him and I. So we shall see where things go with him once he comes here.
  • I’ve also been talking to this other guy off and on for the whole year really. His friend lives across where I live in these apartments and him and his friends usually stand outside on the road after work and just drink and talk. Well there was one night many months ago where he was kind of buzzed and parked in front of my car and was trying to reverse out of it and tapped my car and I got pissed because I saw it coming. Anyways he came up to apologize to me that night and after that he kept asking me for my number but I ended up giving him my KIK account instead. Anyways, he hit me up randomly a few nights ago, although it really wasn’t that random because he was across at his friends place. So I knew he wanted to see me but I barely check KIK anymore so he never got a chance to see me. Oh well haha.
  • The Rugged Dredger and I have been somewhat talking again, nothing crazy. Just as friends, but he’s talking to some other girl so I kinda don’t even want to create any type of friendship between us already. Idk, we’ll see.
  • Last update: So I’ve been messaging this guy on Instagram who we’ll call Mr. Jiu Jitsu. It was funny because it seemed pretty random how he added me on Instagram and then like a bunch of my photos on there too. But two weeks ago he actually DM-ed me and we started talking that way and come to find out, he’s one of my friends from high school’s cousins. He told me he actually texted my friend weeks ago, asking about me, who I was and wanted to get to know me and take me out. She told him I was taken by my ex-boyfriend (who I really wasn’t actually with, but I was somewhat seeing him) and said he didn’t stand a chance haha. Well he said he didn’t care and decided to message me and try to talk to me because he said he’s really interested in me. I think he’s gonna take me on a date when he gets home because right now he’s actually in a different state competing in Jiu Jitsu tournaments. It’s pretty cool, he’s actually sponsored by companies to fight and gets money and exposure in the sport for it, and I’ve never met someone who does that. He gets back to the Rock next Friday, competes on the Saturday after and then he wants to see me. So we’ll see how that goes too haha.

I think I’m gonna stop this post here guys, and I promise I’ll continue with my past stories from a few posts ago in the next post. Have a great weekend!

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

VIII. Sophomore Year

Before I get into this post, I have to report another update!

  • So last night I ended up going on an impromptu date with this guy who we’ll call the Wrestling Writer (because those are the things he actually does for fun and a living). I met him through Tinder but I found out that we actually have a few mutual friends in common and before we had met in person, we both realized that we both were dancers in the same type of dance (can’t really tell you what type of dance because it’ll give me away, but just know I was very impressed and ecstatic that he and I shared some sort of common interest). Well I was home last night and he was home too (about 30 minutes away from me) and he asked if I felt like just staying in or if I would be down to do something. I said yes, so he picked me up and all we did was drive around the Rock and talk about anything and everything. We went to a few look out points and stopped and walked out of his truck and sat there and just enjoyed the view, continuing to get to know each other. I was really surprised because even though we didn’t really do anything. I thoroughly enjoyed just conversing with him because we had so many intelligent conversations that I probably couldn’t have with very many guys. At the end of the night after we basically drove in a full circle, he dropped me off at home and as I leaned to kiss him on the cheek for a nice night, he stopped me and kissed me on the lips. It was really unexpected, but sweet (I really wasn’t sure how he felt or what he thought of me but I guess it went well lol). Turns out he also works right across the street from me, so who knows, we might get lunch one day, but we’ll see.

Okay, update – check. Let’s continue from the end of my freshman year into my sophomore year…

After all of the events that happened with The Game Changer, I had actually gone home for the summer and ended up seeing The Horny Mormon sporadically throughout that time. I believe we went camping one time and messed around there. Pretty sure I also drove fifty miles away to go to his place just to sleep with him… Oh and there was another time we did it in a movie theater… And I’m also pretty sure we did it in a public park right in the grass. It was pretty crazy… But he was pretty horny so yeah haha. I really wasn’t sure what was happening between us (besides fuck buddies basically) but I didn’t dwell on it too much because I would be going back to school once the summer was over anyways.

Sophomore year is here and I’m faced with a dilemma: my roommate and I could no longer live together because the housing option we chose was no longer available to our school. So what had happened over the summer was our school reassigned us to different rooming situations, but we were no longer going to room together. My roommate got placed in a dingle (a room that’s actually sized to house a single person, but they somehow fit double the capacity in it instead) whereas I got placed in a single room, but it was in the freshman dorm. I wasn’t too concerned about it because I would be rooming by myself and because I had already lived in the freshman dorm the year prior, it wasn’t such a big change for me anyways.

As the year progressed, I was somewhat isolated from my friends because they were all in the upperclassmen dorms, but I had made friends in the freshman dorm and in my hallway, as well in my classes in college. Now in a few of my classes, I noticed that there was this tall, kind of lanky guy, who was really smart and knew basically everything that we were learning in class already. He was really quiet and pretty shy and I think that’s what attracted myself towards him. Well, one day I asked him if he wanted to hang out or do something and I invited him to my room. I think we played cards or something like that, but somehow we ended up kissing which then led to him being on top of me, which he then told me he was a virgin, which I was really surprised about (but not really). Well I told him we should stop right here then because I didn’t want to be THAT girl, but he kept insisting after that he wanted to sleep with me. Long story short I allow it to happen and the next day he asks me to be his girlfriend. (I know this sounds really sudden but we had known each other for about a month before this had happened, so it wasn’t THAT fast).

We end up dating and it goes really well for the first few months, he and I would always have lunch together, go to classes together, it really seemed like a good match at first. It was his birthday right after we had gotten together so I had gotten him a few gifts, which he loved, but he wasn’t much of a party goer so I wouldn’t ever go with him, but with my friends.

We did the typical couple things, like taking a ton of pictures, and I remember him even meeting one of my best friends over Skype from back home. It was really nice. But something started to rub me the wrong way… It was Thanksgiving and he didn’t invite me over with his family for Thanksgiving (because I was far away from home and had no one to celebrate it with), but he told me he was going to another family member’s house and it wasn’t his place to invite someone, which I somewhat understood.

Well Christmas came along, and he ended up giving me a Pandora bracelet with a few charms on it for Christmas. At first I was like, “Great… A charm bracelet,” but when my friends were telling me how expensive it was, I felt so bad because I didn’t want him spending that much money on me. But I was really grateful that he did that for me. After that we ended up going our separate ways for winter break, and we of course skyped and talked whenever we could.

I came back a few days early to see my boyfriend, but that semester served him and I a lot of challenges. Now over the year when I would go to his room to visit him, his roommate would constantly cause a lot of trouble for me and I could NOT stand him (still can’t stand him to this day) because he was just so arrogant and purposely would pick fights with me and get on my nerves. But the funny thing was this jerk of a guy was also from home, and he went to high school to my schools’ rival school. Anyways, whenever he would provoke me, my boyfriend would do nothing to help me, and would also sometimes spend more time with his roommate than he would with me. This all really bothered me because it wasn’t like it was difficult to spend time with me since we went to the same school and lived in the same damn dorm. But the more he hung out with his roommate, the more I could feel us getting distant.

Well we kept fighting progressively and I would try so hard to plan dates for us and make time for us but it takes two to tango, and he wasn’t helping the situation at all either. That semester we had both competed in a competition against each other and at the end of the day after we had both performed, we found out that I won the title and I won a sum of money. He was bummed but happy for me, but when I had asked to do something with him to celebrate he was reluctant and it really bothered me.

A few weeks later, I get a call from the Game Changer (remember him?) that he was in the City and he wanted to see me. With everything going on with my boyfriend, I said of course in a heartbeat and once I got to The Game Changer, I even laid everything down on him about what I was going through.

I had spent the entire weekend with The Game Changer and I even stayed over (I know, I know). The first night we went to dinner with a colleague of his who had lived on the Rock for a number of years so he was like a local from home, which was nice. After that we had gone back to his apartment, watched some movies and went to bed (yup, no sex, I held out because I was taken). The next day, The Game Changer took me on a full blown shopping spree not only because it was my birthday coming up, but to also cheer me up because he knew how shitty I was feeling. We went to H&M (one of my favorite stores) and bought some nice tops and a dress, then to Sephora of course and then we went to this Italian designer bag store and he got me this alligator black and gold bag. We went for a walk in the park in the latter part of the afternoon and that night I had stayed over again. We went to dinner just the two of us to Ruths Chris I believe, and then after he had seduced me. I knew right then that my boyfriend and I were probably going to end things soon, I just didn’t know when.

Then Sunday came and he had a show to sing in (which he gave me three tickets to take my friends and myself to watch him), but before we went to that show, he ended up buying me my first iPhone, an iPhone 4, because my phone had crapped out on me a few weeks before. Bought me the AppleCare and everything (see why I said his name should really be the Sugar Daddy? Haha). After that I met my friends at the performance venue and I wore the dress and heels he had bought for me from H&M. He was amazing of course and the show was good, but he stood out like a sore thumb.

Well he had left to go to his next show (I forget where it was) a few days before my birthday, but I had a great time with him. After I got back to school, one of our biggest campus parties was coming up the day after my birthday but I was planning on not going and hanging out with my two good friends (who I called them my HoHo sisters haha). I remember going to practice on my birthday (the day before that big campus party) because I was a part of a chamber group and we had a concert the following week that my boyfriend and I were both a part of. Well he came to practice and I was so upset because besides what has been going on between us over the whole school year, he also seemed to forget that it was my birthday because he didn’t bring me anything or even say happy birthday. Well, after we were fighting he suggested that we should break up and I was really shocked because it sounded like he was thinking about this for quite some time, but never brought it up to me until this point. So at that moment, on my BIRTHDAY, we had broken up.

The next day was the big campus party which I was too pissed off to go to but I was alright with my girls. After we had a fun day in the City and went to the Cheesecake Factory, we got back to campus and one of the first persons we run into is my now ex-boyfriend. He was so damn drunk, which was weird because he NEVER drank while we were together, but he said he did the wrong thing by breaking up with me and he regretted it but I said it was too late. I left him to fend for himself, in shock of what I had witnessed.

The following week comes and so does the day of the concert, which I had to sing at with my ex-boyfriend playing along side of me. The song I had to sing was really beautiful, my voice teacher had recommended it (go ahead and give it a listen if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MuCCbg0k_0 ) and I had hit every note and sang really well. I couldn’t say the same for my ex boyfriend though. He was playing the trumpet solo along side of me and literally fucked up basically every single note, making it sound like his trumpet was going through erectile dysfunction, causing the name we will now call my ex The Erectile Dysfunction. Everyone felt bad for him but couldn’t help but laugh either (I was right there doing the same thing haha).

Here’s a YouTube video of an example of what he sounded like (but actually this person sounds WAY better than he sounded):


Anyways, I continued the remainder of my sophomore year kicking ass and being better than him basically haha, but I was fine without him. I think it just pissed me off how much time I had wasted on him, but no matter.

I’m trying to think of one thing I learned from dating him… besides not dating a virgin haha just kidding. But really, I think what I learned from him was to not eat where I shit (as some saying goes), which means don’t date someone at work, in your school department, or anywhere where you have to be for the majority of your time. Because God forbid something catastrophic happens to you both, but if it does, then what are you left to do but deal with it?

I’ll let that sink in for a few. Until next time…

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

VII. The Entrepreneur

Hey guys!

So I want to thoroughly apologize for not posting that much last week and keeping everyone hanging for a bit. I was dying with a ton of sickness issues (congestion, sinus pressure, fever, sore throat, sweats, having my time of the month, just dying really haha).

I also apologize because I forgot we never gave the last guy a code name! I really just want to call him The Sugar Daddy (because it’s basically what he was lol) but I guess the title of the last post, The Game Changer, will be his name for now. Plus it doesn’t make me feel/look like a hoe haha.

There’s one short update that I need to fill you in on:

  • The Rugged Dredger and I are done. He’s been leaving me in limbo for the past few weeks but it’s because he was talking to some other girl before he had met me and had failed to mention that until last night, when I had to pull some kind of answer out of him. He still didn’t seem sure, like he wanted to still talk to me, but I don’t roll that way at all. Either you want me, or not (even though I’m talking to other guys (I know, double standard but whatever haha)).

And two slightly longer updates to tell you guys about:

  • So, my most recent ex-boyfriend (we’ll call him The Ultimate Fuckboy (because that’s what his name in my phone is)) has, as of late, been texting me, attempting to make small talk with me. This sounds fine by itself, but not if you knew the history behind us (I think I’m gonna have to write a separate post about this one in the future maybe next after this post). Anyways, all you need to know is he’s trying to be on good terms again when it’s past the point already because I’ve been trying to make things work with him for the past  nine months and he never wanted to budge. But now since it’s on his terms, he’s all in.

I can’t stand boys -____-

  • it really must be the season of the ex’s because the ex before my recent ex has also been attempting to hit me up in the oddest ways. He’ll DM me on Instagram and share something random with me (even though he grilled me for sharing stuff with him and got all pissy), and then he’ll use that as the gateway to talk to me about hooking up with me. Only problem is he’s all the way in New jersey and I’m nowhere near there. But it’s funny, he’s REALLY hot, so I think it’s the only thing making me answer his messages. But he has some crazy hope that I’m going to travel to New Jersey and have all this sex with him. It’s probably not gonna happen though.

And now,  I NEED to update you all on what happened this past weekend (10/23-10/25)…

After being sick from Tuesday through Friday, I was actually feeling somewhat better on Saturday, though I still had a stuffy nose and sore throat and I did feel a little disoriented. Anyways, I ended up going to my friend’s boyfriends apartment because he just moved there and had a big pool AND one of my friends flew in to the Rock and we all wanted to get together. It was a really nice day, just lounged in the pool, ate some pizza and after the clouds rolled in, we ended up getting some dessert. I had to leave after that to take my mom to a concert she’s been so excited to see, but then after I met up with them to have dinner and I had gotten completely ready as if I was going out because we had talked about going out when we were at the pool. We went to this gourmet ramen place and it was really yummy, then we went to a gelato place and then a local brewery.

Now prior to this I had DM-ed this guy via Instagram, we’ll call him the Entrepreneur. He’s the co-owner of a big brand here in the Rock and he had this shirt that he just released and I wanted to get it for my friend who flew back home for a few days as a present because it’s his birthday next month and I’m going to miss it. So I asked the Entrepreneur if they still had the shirt in stock and how much it was. He messaged me back and told me the info I needed but I had no idea what size my friend was. Before I could find out, the Entrepreneur gave me his number in our message, telling me, “Here, take my number so you don’t have to DM me anymore lol.” So I texted him and we ended up texting each other until 4 AM, just talking about random things that popped up, getting to know each other more and more.

Back to Saturday, my friends and I are getting ready to leave the brewery and some of them had said they wanted to go out, but changed their minds at the last minute because they were all tired. But I wasn’t of course haha, and I was already ready to go out! Well throughout the whole day on Saturday I was texting the Entrepreneur all day and because of the line of work he does, the company he runs was actually putting on a concert, all you can eat and drink as well as free cover to a club after the concert. I really wanted to go the more and more I saw it being promoted, but it was $100! And at first it didn’t sound like a good deal because it’s a lot of money up front (relatively speaking of course), but the more I thought about it, it was actually worth it.

Well, it was already the night of and I hadn’t bought a ticket but I had asked The Entrepreneur earlier in the day if there was any way he could just give me a free wristband because I really like the bands playing at the concert and I wanted to go to the club after without having to pay cover. He told me no, of course, and I understood because it’s money coming out of his pocket.

Again, my friends and I were about to leave the brewery, and he texts me asking me what I’m going to do now, and I told him I was going to go home (Mind you, this guy was slightly flirting me with a few times via text the night before, but I didn’t really catch on to any of it until after the fact). he kept asking why I was going to go out, but I told him none of my friends wanted to go out, plus my other group of friends who I dance in a group with never texted me to tell me what they were doing after a fundraiser we were hosting (I was supposed to be at that fundraiser but I didn’t go because I wasn’t feeling well a few days before and told them I probably wouldn’t make it).

Side note: The girls that I dance with are the girls I usually always go out with to anywhere, you name it: club, bar, concert, wherever the night takes us. And these girls are the reasons why I had met the Entrepreneur in the first place a few months back. I think he was actually trying to talk to one of my best friends in my dance group, but she wasn’t into him, but I jokingly told her I’d always have her back if he ever tried anything with her lol.

After hearing that I’m going to go home and I’m with no one but myself, The Entrepreneur texts me and tells me to come by to the concert that I really wanted to go to and chill. But I told him no, that I couldn’t go if he was going to get me in for free because I’d feel bad and I wouldn’t want to do that to him. I don’t know if he was already feeling the alcohol, but he kept saying to just come and to not worry about it. I then told him I’d only come if he said he wanted me to come, which he then said, “Yeah come”, but I said, “That didn’t answer my question directly lol.” So he then said, “Yes I want you to come lol.” So with that said, I ended up leaving home, and going to the concert.

He met me at the front door and he was dressed nicer than usual and it looked nice. I haven’t really seen him in a while (well in comparison from April through August where I went out with those friends of mine every weekend if not once, twice or three times lol). He welcomed me in and one of my favorite bands had just got on the stage so I was so stoked. Ended up walking in with him and met another good friend of his (who actually works for him and was trying to talk to my other good friend that I dance with, but nothing happened between him and her) and gave him a big hug. I basically hung out with them the whole night and had to dance by myself but I was fine with it because I was still in shock that the Entrepreneur got me in for free, plus I had all of these free drinks. It was just a really good night.

Well the concert comes to an end and The Cool Coworker (that’s what we’ll call the guy who works for The Entrepreneur) says he has to go home because he has to work in the morning. I asked if was going to go to the club because they usually do, but this time he said no. So we walk outside and the Entrepreneur was going to take The Cool Coworker home and he offered to give me a ride to my car. I got in and we were driving to drop off the Cool Coworker home, but he asks to turn around and go back to the concert venue because he changes his mind and wants to go to the club with another friend of theirs. I ask the Entrepreneur if he was going to go but he said he wasn’t, he was too tired. I really wanted to go, but I would’ve gone by myself so I decided against it. After we dropped the Coworker off, he dropped me off at my car and I went home and then I went to sleep.

Hahaha juuuuuust kidding. You should know me by now.

So, I get home but I text him because he wants to know if I got home okay (I was under antibiotics and I was drinking and I was tired… so he was concerned) and I said yeah I was fine and then I asked, “Are you going to sleep right away?”

He says, “No. I need to cuddle for a bit lol and shower”

“Cuddle with who? Lol”

And then he says, “You.”

But then he tries to cover up saying, “Jk with my body pillows,” But I told him that he never said anything and that I JUST got home. We keep talking and he said it would probably be hard to find parking near where he lives and his nephews were sleeping over so I probably wouldn’t want to be there, but I respond back that I think it depends on him and how he wants to look in front of his nephews. He said he was fine with it and offered to pick me up from home and even take me to where I needed to go the next day so I say okay. He gets me within ten minutes and we get to his place and we start to cuddle and I start to fall asleep.

But then, I can feel him put his hands on my hips and slowly move inward to my pelvis and then even deeper in. Once that happens he can’t stop touching me all over and I keep asking him what he’s doing. I was kind of surprised actually, because my friend (the one he was trying to get with earlier) made it seem like he had no game whatsoever, but it must’ve been the alcohol because it seemed like he knew what he was doing. He kept whispering in my ear and then pulled me closer to him and even made me turn over towards him and then he kissed me. Well it was getting kind of steamy and you know what happens when that happens….

Poor thing though, he couldn’t really last that long (he told me it’s been two years for him (and then I thought about how it’s only been maybe two weeks for me yikes haha)) but after that we went to bed, woke up the next morning and I definitely saw his nephews and they saw me but I think they tried not to make a big deal out of it lol.

But what now? I’m really not sure to be honest, I don’t expect much from him because I know how busy he is with his business, his family and his work. But he said he wants to see me again, go to a movie with me, but I just don’t know when. I’m not really putting any expectations in to this one.

You know I think this is the first post where I’m writing about someone in the present time. I guess change is good, but I do have to continue where I left off on the last post, so I think I’ll start there the next time.

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock