XVII: The Fuckboys Keep Comin’

HAPPY GIRLS DAY TO ALL MY GIRL READERS OUT THERE! (Even the boys if they don’t want to feel excluded lol [okay so it’s like WAAAAY past Girl’s Day already because I haven’t had time in one day to sit down and finish this post so SORRY my bad lol])


I am again apologizing PROFUSELY for being on a dry-spell yet again. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I last wrote, and you already must know there have been SO many damn updates. I forget where I even left off of, so I’m just gonna spill out whatever comes to mind when it comes to my male-tales and hopefully that will suffice.


First Update(s): The Random Men that I was talking to but no longer talking to haha

  • There was that guy, the ex-convict guy that I was talking to, but it’s been a while since we’ve last talked. He didn’t like that I wasn’t giving him any at his pace, so he deuced. Whatever.
  • The Artist and I are no longer talking either. He blew up at me for something that I thought was so miniscule. I asked him to go to this Valentine’s Day Concert with me but he despised that day and wouldn’t even consider going with me. I kept asking him, but he kept getting irritated I guess and then it blew up into a bigger fight than I had wanted to get in to. But I was also tired of him playing his games with me, calling me in the wee hours of the night claiming that was the only time he had to see me, and then telling me he’s busy every single damn time I tried to make an effort to see him. I unfriended on Instagram and it’s been done since that.
  • There was another guy that I had met while I was out at a concert here. I went by myself only to see one band (I had to get up early the next day and had never seen them so I made it a point to go even if I was exhausted.) Well I ran into my old coworkers and their boyfriends there and I hung out with them. Well one of the boyfriends had two friends and I was introduced to everyone I didn’t know. The next day I get a new follower, some likes and a DM on my Instagram and turns out it’s one of the boyfriends friends from the night before. We start messaging back and forth and then exchanged numbers and then ended up meeting each other (in a place that wasn’t so dark or loud lol) a few days later.Eventually it seems like he’s kind of digging me and turns out I’m right because he calls me one day after work on the phone to ask me to be his Valentine (Valentine’s Day was a few days away). I agree and after work on Valentine’s Day, we go to a froyo spot, an Italian restaurant (that he made reservations for) and then a movie. He got me a rose, and he even went in for the kill and kissed me after I gave him his gifts. But what threw me off was how he was talking to me about how he wanted to work on himself and just be friends with me… But Everything else he was doing contradicted that, and that rubbed him the wrong way too. He eventually drifted away, we’ve hung out a few times after that, but nothing more.
  • There was another guy that had somehow found me on Instagram and started liking my pictures, so I followed him which initiated him to DM me as well. He wasn’t my normal type, but he was still pretty cute. After messaging for a little bit, we find out we know a LOT of the same people and that he used to dance in the same dance troupe that I had just stopped dancing for. (FYI: It’s against the troupes rules to date anyone within our group, but we figured we were never in it at the same time, and had just figured this out right now… lol)  Anyways he gives me his number and we end up meeting for dinner the next night. He picked me up and we went to this really nice restaurant, but after that we weren’t ready to call it a night. So I take him to this hill that had a really nice lookout and the moon was really full too. We start talking, getting to know each other more, and he too leaned in for the kill and we started making out lol.He said he wanted to take me somewhere else as well, so we leave the lookout and go to this small secluded opening where there’s a little beach at. No one’s there and we just start talking again, but decided to sit on the sand. Well I forget how things happened, but we started making out again and it escalated to the point where he was on top of me, lifted my dress up and started fingering me. That then lead him to stick his youknowwhat up me, but he immediately retracted it and then asked, “Should we even be doing this?”Well since that night I haven’t seen him nor talked to him, but it’s whatever. On to the next.
  • At the same time I met that guy, this other guy on Instagram started to talk to me through my DM as well. He doesn’t live on the Rock but he’s actually in Las Vegas and he owns his own body guarding company.I scrolled to learn more about him and actually found out he has five kids and what seemed like a wife, but he told me that that was just his girlfriend. They were once married but she cheated on him so they divorced but got back together a few years later I guess and yeah. He told me he was over her bs though and he felt it ending soon, and he wanted to get to know me. We talked for a few days (he had really weird hours because of his job) and we even FaceTimed. Anyways I texted him one day and I get a response back except it wasn’t from him, but from his girlfriend. I played it cool, pretending like I was a potential client of his, but she said because I couldn’t give my name, that as his WIFE she wouldn’t allow him to do business with me. I semi-freaked out but was like okay whatever haha. That was until I DM-ed him through Instagram and instead of him answering, his wife answers again, bitching me out this time and going psycho. Well I haven’t heard from him since then but what it seems like is that he told his girl what she wanted to hear and they’re all good now (I’m assuming this because he’s posted cutesy pictures of he and her on his Instagram, and I don’t have time for a two-faced type of guy anyways.
  • One of my ex’s and I hung out. We went to a carnival together and to the movies in two different points of time…. Nothing much there.
  • I also met up with a  guy who I’ve been talking to somewhat for a while but never really met. I met up with him at a concert, he bought me a drink and we started talking….. We went to dinner after that but nothing really came of it either. Waste of my damn time.
  • Oh god, I forgot about this other guy who I met through IG as well, we texted back and forth and would call each other on our lunch breaks, and I met up with him a while back too. Well turns out he didn’t want to see me again because he got some girl pregnant and she gave birth and he put up a picture of the baby on Instagram and that’s how I found out. Again, NO time for fuckboys.
  • There was also another guy who I have been talking to for almost a year now and haven’t seen him because he lives somewhere else. But he flew in to the Rock and I was excited to finally meet him. We made plans to go to dinner and to go out after. Well turns out his brother planned so many things and he didn’t have balls to say that he made plans with me already, so we ended up not doing anything and I was pissed. I had set other plans aside for this damn guy (knew it was a mistake from the get-go)  but they fell through. However, the night I was supposed to see him I went out with my girls and ended up meeting him at his hotel and going driving around, though I was in no state of mind to carry a conversation, let alone stay awake for the conversation haha. So after a year of talking, it was yet again another waste of my time


I’m pretty sure that’s it for now (though I feel like I’m forgetting someone lol) but on to the last updated of the “fuckboys”:

King Kong… After the New Year and finding out about how he had a kid and was married at one point in time, we moved on past the drama, and I would see him a few times a week, either having dinner with him or staying over or both lol. I really can’t deny the attraction between he and I on ALL levels, so I guess that’s why I overlooked his divorce and child. However, things changed….I remember seeing him the day after Valentine’s Day and us doing the usual do. I went home on Cloud 9 until the next day after work, he texted me, dropping this bomb on me saying that the reason why he and I can’t work wasn’t because of his divorce or his daughter, but because of the actual six kids he has and that he was going through his fourth divorce as we spoke. He also said his divorce wasn’t even final until the end of the month and to put the icing on the cake, another woman claimed to have been currently pregnant with his seventh child.

There were no words I had, only questions. I kept asking but he refused to answer them via text so I demanded to see him and talk to him in person. That was the LEAST I deserved. But no, he ignored my attempts so I too chose to turn the other cheek and try to move on, like I had tried when he dropped that last bomb on me about having a daughter and how he was once married.

I thought I couldn’t go through any more that I already have, but apparently not ladies and gentlemen. I literally had to step away and reevaluate the situation that I have sunken my toes in, though I knew it was too little too late. I already developed feelings for this guy, and I saw myself trying to overlook everything he had said… But the pain was unbearable.

Fast-forward to the next week, he finally has the balls to meet with me, but pretends like everything between us was okay and like nothing had happened (I’ve noticed he always does that and tries to run away from things instead of facing them head on.) So I immediately went RIGHT into it. Just drilling him on what happened, how I was hurt, why he felt the need to lie, all that jazz. We had talked for hours about everything I had brought up, but he still had a few reservations about coming out with everything, I guess he can’t trust easily still, and I get it. But after that our hormones couldn’t help it and we had AMAZING sex and since then, I’ve still been seeing him, having dinner, going to the movies, going out… There was a  night recently he even accompanied me to this art exhibition I was invited to by one of my former teachers and we had a great night. Dinner followed and then we sat outside of a 24-hour drug store talking until he decided to take me out to the same club we went to on our first date, despite him being exhausted. I stayed the night with him again… It’s been good until he recently told me he’s trying to move back home (he’s from Arizona and that’s much farther away from me than the usual commute) so I’ve been trying to see him and spend as much time with him as possible until he leaves. There really is no set date of him leaving, but I just know I’m one day closer until it happens…

To top things off, he now lives almost an hour (if not further) away from me, as opposed to the 20-30 minute drive where he used to be and I’m not sure if I can even come over and stay or see him like I used to (he’s staying with family now to save money before he moves). So it sucks even more….

There’s also another update about a new guy in the picture, but I’ll save it for next time. This post is WAY overdue and I’m past my usual 2000 word limit for myself lol.

Until next time, beautiful people!

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock