XVI-i. Artist vs. King Kong – Part i

Hey guys!


I’m finally back on here after a pretty dry spell of not posting. I hope everyone’s Christmas and New Years activities were eventful because mine sure were lol. A LOT has happened the past month and I apologize profusely for not updating more like I should. But first let me update you from where we left off in the last post:


After not seeing each other for another week, the Bearded Artist finally picked me up a few days before Christmas to go and see our City Lights. I was waiting to go with him for some time now, so it was nice to finally go, though he gave me a little trouble because I had not eaten dinner at that point in time yet, so we had to see the lights and then go and eat as well. We were pressed for time I guess, but everything turned out great and we even got a few pictures together. We had run into a co worker of his not even walking ten steps into the lights and they wanted a family picture, so in exchange they took a picture of us.


After we had seen the lights, he took me to a restaurant to eat dinner since I was starving and after that, he took me to the park we would always meet at and exchanged presents with each other. I had actually left one of his other presents at home because I had debated if I had even wanted to give it to him after the BS he was putting me through, but after I had opened my presents, I knew I had to go back and give it to him.


He had hidden two of the presents he had gotten me, trying to make me think he had only gotten me one, but I really wasn’t complaining with the first gift I opened. He had wrapped the gift with tissue paper, then with a layer of wrapping paper, with another layer of tissue paper on top of it and had placed it in a small gift bag, with tissue paper surrounding the package! Lol. I was laughing but I had just wanted to know what was in the wrapping! After all of that was opened, what was left was a jewelry box with these beautiful dark pearl earrings. He said his aunt had made them and I was so ecstatic. I had given him his first gift at that point, which was previously wrapped by the company I had bought it from and when he opened it, he loved it. It was a shirt from his favorite Rugby team.


The Artist then reached behind his seat and pulled out another gift bag with two gifts in them. On the top was this warm Oakland Raiders beanie with that puffball on the top of it (my favorite football team) and then there was a white box at the bottom. I opened the box and in it was this silver ball tree ornament that had this design swirled around the ornament. He had drawn that pattern around and signed it on there to mark that that was his artwork. I almost teared because I know how long it must’ve taken him to draw all of the small details with just a Sharpie, it was so stunning. I then gave him his other two presents, a set of four shot glasses with the University of Oregon logo on them (his favorite college team) and then I gave him this bi-fold wallet that had these tribal-like designs on it (something I knew he’d appreciate as an artist).  And like clockwork after that, we had of course started making out with each other in his car, as well as other things 😛


Now from what I recall, we had gotten in to a little of a falling out a week after this. I was fed up with having to wait for him, while he would tell me he didn’t have time for me but he had time to go out with his friends. What also pissed me off was how he also said he would be hanging around some of his ex-girlfriends (I guess they’re friends with his friends still), but he didn’t want to bring me around. And what also really got me was how he always seemed to only have time for me past 10 pm if he ever did have time for me. I was done, so I literally blocked his number so I couldn’t get any of his texts he would send me.



But after a short period of time, I unblocked him and he eventually came around and texted me and apologized, which I then began to state my case why I was so damn upset and justly so. Since the New Year, we’ve seen each other a few times, going to the movies or just cruising around in his car talking (and other things of course). But also since then, my feelings for him have some what subsided, but are also slowly growing again. But, I’m learning to not talk to him too much and keep myself preoccupied with other things *cough*othermen*cough*…. And doing that has kept the relationship in good terms, though he still has issues with giving me time because he’s mostly busy with his family.

Now I wanted to write more because between the guys I’ve been writing about, I’m really mostly seeing either The Artist or King Kong. But I’m gonna leave the updates about King Kong for my next post because there’s also been A LOT going on with him. But until then…


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

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