XIV. My Italian Man

It’s 8 more days until Christmas guys!


And… I guess I need to apologize for being MIA longer than I usually am, but it’s that most wonderful time of the year, which includes shopping for what feels like a million people, dealing with longer traffic times and really just being busy in general.


I don’t think I really have any major updates… Just some small ones I think:

  • The Bearded Artist and I are doing alright…. He’s been busy working doubles at his job and I’ve just been patiently waiting when we’re going to see each other next. I know we’ve planned to meet up to exchange Christmas gifts and there’s a possibility that I may spend New Years Eve with him and his family, which is kind of a big step because he doesn’t ever introduce girls to his family. I mean it’s a big deal for anyone really, and he even asked if I came would it mean we’re together or not. Idk, things seem promising but at the same time not, if that makes sense.
  • There’s another guy that keeps popping in and out, but I’m really not that interested in him. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about him before, but we met on OKCupid and he seemed alright, but when we started talking he seemed like he was going in too deep too soon. He would talk about what if we were together and me being his girlfriend and I was like bruh, I BARELY KNOW YOU CAN YOU CHILL?! -___- Anyways… I was really pissed at him a week or two ago because he was trying to get another picture of me and said, “Can you send me a picture? I kind of forgot what you look like,” thinking that would get him what he wanted. Instead, I bitched him out via text, thinking WHO THE F DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! If anything, I’ve had guys MUCH HOTTER than him tell me they can’t forget my face as opposed to saying they forgot what I looked like. But let’s calm down here and not re-hash how pissed I really was because I was PISSED.Anyways, I’ve cooled down and he texted me again and he told me he was going to come to town (he lives in a different area than myself) with his friends and wanted me to come with him. I said maybe/I’ll think about it… I’m still rubbed the entirely wrong way with this guy, but we’ll see if fortune plays in his favor.


I can’t think of another update off the top of my head, but I’ll update later if I can remember…


Let’s continue with the last of study abroad male-tales…




After I had seen the Danish Sculptor for the last time and I was done with the African Bouncer because he seemed borderline sketchy, I just tried to live and have fun with the remainder of my stay until the semester was over.


I remember it being April almost time for my birthday, but there was so much to do for school that it was somewhat the last thing on my mind. I had my school routine down by that time of the year and there were many times if I was too lazy to walk, I’d just catch the bus to the center of town, and then catch another bus up to school.


Well I remember there being one day of the week that I didn’t start school until the afternoon and waiting for the bus to go to campus. Well I had got on to the bus and found one seat that was next to the window and I sat there. I was listening to my iPod on the way to school like I normally do, but I felt as if someone was heavily staring at me from behind. I slowly turn to look out for myself, which I then see one man smiling at me. Once we made eye contact, he approached me and stood up in front of my seat, holding the pole trying to talk to me. The only problem was he was only speaking in Italian and once I attempted to talk to him in English, I found that he could only speak in Italian.


I was a few stops away from my spot, but no matter what I said in Italian to him, he wouldn’t move and let me pass to get off of the bus. I kept telling him in Italian I had school, and he kept telling me that he wanted my number. I kept telling him no, but Italian men are relentless. So in order for him to stop cornering me, I gave him my number, he was appeased, and then I escaped so I wasn’t late for class.


After school is done, I get a text from that guy, I guess we’ll call him the Italian Man, and he asked to call me. So when I got back to my apartment, he was trying to talk to me in Italian and I could comprehend what he was saying, but I couldn’t respond in depth back to him (Guys I’m not totally incompetent when it comes to Italian, I actually got one of my minors in Italian so I definitely understood what he was saying, it was just hard to communicate back to him thoroughly lol).


I remember making plans with him on this one night of the year called White Night, or La Notte Bianca. It’s the one night of the year in Florence (actually they have these all over Italy and possibly all over Europe if I’m not mistaken) where the entire town stays open until the sun rises (normally things in Florence close at 8 pm lol), the streets are filled with people, all of the bars and clubs are open and packed, and everyone is on a holiday the following day. Anyways, we had talked and our plans were that he would meet me at this one bar in the town square right next to where my apartment was and then go from there I guess. I told my roommates I’d meet up with them at our usual bar after.


I remember him being dressed up in this polo shirt when he met me at the bar and I wore a white dress (thinking that was the tradition for White Night, but it wasn’t lol). He bought us drinks and we just started to talk, he talked slowly for me to understand and I attempted to talk to him so things weren’t just stagnant. He claimed he was 28, but he looked a bit older than that to me but whatever, it’s something I’ll never know lol. We had proceeded to another bar across the square, got another drink, and then I asked him if we could go to my usual  bar so I could meet my friends.


I remember getting to the bar and my roommates giving me those looks they always gave me whenever any of the guys I was seeing before were by me lol. But I remember my Italian Man buying me a rose, and then once I asked he bought my roommates roses too lol.


After that point in the night I don’t remember much that happened probably because I got so damn drunk, but once I was drunk, my Italian Man took me back to his place, and since I was drunk, I was more comfortable to speak in Italian to him. I asked him who he lived with, where the bathroom was, stuff like that. Well once we had gone back to his place, I remember laying on his bed, and he got on top of me and starting making out with me. One thing lead to another and I’m pretty sure we had sex and it was good, but I was so damn drunk that I was really unsure of what was going on…




I wake up the next day in his bed, thanking God I didn’t have school because I would’ve been late, and also wanting to kill myself because I had realized we had sex, but I didn’t pee right after we did!

Note to self: ALWAYS pee after any intercourse, just to be safe… You’ll know why in a bit.


Well I had left him to go back to my apartment and get some homework done, plus later that week there was a recital that I had to sing in and there was a musical based on an Italian story that I was asked to be a part of too. But later that night, we had planned to have dinner together in an osteria near his apartment.


As the day progressed, I felt myself getting nauseous but I didn’t let it get to me because I had so much to do. But when it came time to meet up with my Italian Man for dinner, I was so nauseous that I didn’t even want to eat dinner. I ended up staying over with him again, but the next day I could tell that what I had was UTI. I was so worried because the doctors in Italy is a bit different than how it is in the States. Well the next day I wanted to go to the doctor but I believe it was another holiday and school was closed so I had to contact one of the schools counselors and ask them what to do. They told me to go to this sort of urgent care there where the doctor would examine me and then give me a prescription to get the medicine I needed. So I went there, but something happened I don’t think I could get my medicine… I think the pharmacy was closed because of the holiday. So I had to wait the next day anyways.


The next day however, I totally forgot it was this BIG rehearsal for one of the things I was asked to do in the Music Department, but I felt like walking death literally. I ended up leaving school early, got my medicine and got back on the bus and I was so dehydrated that I took the wrong bus and went to the complete opposite side of town! And I guess no one told my teachers that I wasn’t going to class because I was dying, so someone called me asking where I was and I said I was going home.


After a day or two, I finally felt better, and my Italian Man kept checking on me. But a week or two later, it was time for me to go back to the States, so Italian Man had planned dinner for the both of us and then took me to this kind of hipster bar and we had a nice time. He kept telling me the only thing he could say in English, “You are very beautiful,” and also kept telling me in Italian he wanted to marry me and follow me back to the States. As flattered as I was, I was like ehhhh maybe not lol.


We had exchanged numbers and emails, but I didn’t hear from him once I got back to the states. He wasn’t very tech savvy, but it was nice to have an experience like that while I was abroad.


Okay this post is LONG over due so I’m gonna end it here! Until next time…


Keep it classy, never trashy!
And Merry Christmas if I don’t get to post again before then!

XOXO, LadyLust from the Rock

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