XIII. The African Bouncer

Hey all!


I can’t believe it’s December already! Time flew so fast for me this year and I find myself reflecting on all that’s happened. I’ll probably write a post about this year eventually after I’m done going through my male-tales chronologically, but until that time comes let me continue with where I left off at.


Oh wait, I need to write some updates first:


  • Did anyone else brave the Black Friday shopping day like I did? Well, I didn’t go alone. I’ve been talking to this guy I met through Tinder and he wanted to go on a date with me, so he came up with the idea of going Black Friday shopping, since that’s what I was planning on doing originally by myself. The plan was that he would meet me at the mall at 5 am and he would be the one to wait in the lines for me and so on and so forth (that alone earned brownie points for me in my book lol). Well it sounded like a perfect plan until the morning came, I was there at 5 am and he wasn’t. I kept texting him and then he finally answered at around 6 am. He apparently had too much to drink the night before and overslept. It was okay though because I ended up hitting up the places that weren’t too crowded and I got in and out in minutes. I went to this other store that I had seen when I first got there in the morning and the line was long, which is why I decided against waiting in line for that store first. Well when I had gotten back there for a second time, the line was longer so I decided to stay in line and wait (which is when I thought I wish that guy had met me on time so he could’ve waited in line for me 😦 lol). Well two hours after I had braved that line and gotten through and checked out, he finally showed up. My first impression of him was that he looked the same, but I guess his pictures online distorted how he really looked in person. He wasn’t completely awkward like the History Teacher, but he was missing some teeth and not that physically attractive. Well, I got over it so we could enjoy the day and he more than made up for his tardiness because he ended up waiting in another line at another shopping center for two hours for me, got my breakfast, took me to lunch and to a movie. I was surprised that he didn’t try to kiss me goodbye, but I’m also glad that he didn’t. He’s tried to text me a few times since, and I’ve responded, but because of the things he told me about himself and his physical appearance, I’m unsure if I want to allow myself to be pursued by him, as shallow as that sounds.

To be fair guys, I really am not a shallow person. A guy doesn’t need to be physically perfect to have me, personality rules that for me. But I need to find at least ONE thing attractive about a guy, as big or small it may be.

Okay, on to the next update:

  • As you know I’ve been texting/seeing the Bearded Artist much more than I did when we had first met each other. Well on Saturday night, I was home by myself and we were texting back and forth to see if we could see each other, but I was out of a car, so was he and he was feeling sick. Well he pulled through and ended up coming to pick me up despite the cold he had. We went driving around and ended up at a restaurant for me to eat, but once we parked we ended up making out and all I was hungry for was him. We ended up driving around and he found this small street where he parked in the middle of the road and ended up making out with me again, fingering me and giving me more hickies. We thought we had parked on a secluded street but there were at least twenty cars that drove past us! After we were both somewhat satisfied, we went back to the same restaurant and ate while our different groups of friends kept texting us asking us to come out. Once we were done, we walked back to his car and he leaned against it and we held each other and made out again, even though there were a few people trying to get to their cars and do there jobs in the restaurant lol. We didn’t care though, well not until it started to rain. After that we both got in his car, picked up his cousin and took him to work, then he took me home because I had to be up early and he needed to rest. But when he had reached the front of my house, my mom had just gotten home too, so I told him to drive further up the road to wait it out until she was gone. Well a few minutes turned into over an hour of making out at the top of the road and other things (as you can imagine lol). When we were done, he had dropped me off back home and we talked about the next time we’d see each other, and hopefully going ice skating :)I don’t want to get my hopes up, but we both seem pretty in to each other and really happy with each other too. He talked about trying to introduce me to his mom because he wants me to stay over with him lol, but all of the plans he devised seem unnatural and awkward, so I’m hoping he just mans up and does it soon. But he also told me he’s never had any girl stay over before either, so it kind of seemed like a big deal that he wanted me to come over… But I then asked him what would that make us if I were to stay over, especially if he’s never done that before? There’s a lot of things to consider, but I guess time will just have to tell….


Hmmm…. Do I have time to introduce you to the next “chapter” of the male tales while I studied abroad? I guess we can try….





While I had met the Danish Sculptor, I had actually met this other guy at the same bar I met him. Funny thing was this guy was a black African male (yes like FROM Africa, crazy I know). He immigrated from Cameroon (if any of you are familiar with that place) and he actually spoke some English, Italian and French fluently. I normally don’t go for black guys (even though I am part African-American) but he had these really nice muscles, not too bad of a face either and he always seemed to flirt with me when I would come to the bar.


There was one time I got a little too drunk and this Italian guy started talking to me (in English surprisingly) and he seemed like a cool guy, until he told me he wanted to sleep with me while his wife and kids were at home…. Fricken raunchy. I was so disgusted, and there were his other colleagues around him I guess trying to egg him on. But the Cameroon man stepped in and tried to make him back off, partially because he kind of had it out for me, but also because he was the bar’s one and only bouncer haha. I thanked him after the fact and while I was drunk I was talking to him, asking him his name and I noticed he was wearing a red beret. I took it from him and wore it basically the whole night, while he just wore his tight thermal shirt and leather jacket.


Well a few weeks went by and my roommates and I would frequent the bar he worked at and there was one week in particular that I won’t ever forget. He spotted me as if I was the target on a dartboard and started talking to me, asking me to meet him near the bathroom. Now mind you, the bathrooms are DISGUSTING. This is the manliest bar you’ll ever go to, and the bathrooms don’t fall that far from the tree either… Anyways I met him there and he took me into one of the bathrooms and ferociously made out with me. I wasn’t really complaining because this was after the Sculptor and I weren’t really talking as much so I was down haha. Well one thing lead to another and he slowly pulled my leggings off and messed around with me IN that awful bathroom. It was kind of crazy, I had never done anything like that before in such a setting, AND this guy was supposed to be working  but he was f*cking me instead.


Well the more I went to that bar, the more this happened between the two of us and he kept asking me to wait for him after work to go home with him but there was something inside of me that didn’t completely trust him like I did with the Sculptor so I refrained.


I remember there was one night that he actually was off of work on a weekend and he asked me to meet him at the bar and he was going to take me somewhere so I said yes. We met in front of the bar and eventually we walked to this club called Space. It’s actually a pretty big club brand in Europe and it was pretty cool. But when we had got there, we got in for free and we didn’t have to pay for anything because all of those bouncers were his friends. When we got in he bought me a drink and then we ended up dancing with each other, and he could really dance lol. Pretty sure we made out on the dance floor too. But I told him I had to get home for something so we left and when we did we had to part ways because we lived in different places. He pleaded for me to come home with him but I said no, so he accepted defeat lol.


I think after that night I realized he wasn’t going to stop until I came home with him so I kind of slowly detached myself from him and eventually I think he got the picture.


Hope everyone’s having a Happy Hump Day, I’m gonna cut this shorter than the last posts because there’s so much to do today.


Keep it classy never trashy lovelies,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

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