XII – ii. The Danish Sculptor continued

Continuing from where I left off in the previous post….


It was a Wednesday night and I had class late those nights, my class got out at around 7:15 pm. After I got something to eat, I met up with the Sculptor at his apartment and just vented to him how I was feeling. He was being as understanding as any guy could and we ended up talking about random things and it took my mind off my worries and thoughts of my boyfriend and I fighting.


The Sculptor and I ended up talking the night away again, realizing that it was almost midnight again and he told me to stay so I wouldn’t have to walk so far. Because of what happened the last time, I agreed to stay but I had class earlier the next morning.


This time however, the Sculptor joined me in his bed, but I would face the other way (doesn’t this sound familiar? haha). Anyways, he had suggested to watch this movie I had never heard of, but it had Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate in it so I didn’t mind watching it. While we were watching the movie, I’m not sure how it happened, but we ended up talking again but this time we were so close to each other that he leaned in and kissed me. I immediately felt guilty, but at the same time I was so frustrated and I knew I wasn’t going to see my boyfriend anymore and it’s like I almost gave up (Not to mention I really was attracted to the Sculptor because he was such a nice guy). After we started making out, he slowly got on top of me and I could feel how hard he was getting. I told him I’m really not sure if we should be doing this, but he couldn’t stop. I can’t remember for sure because this was so long ago, but I think I stopped him and we ended up just cuddling and sleeping together.




The next morning, I woke up hurriedly to get to my apartment to grab my things for school and I ran into one of my roommates and she asked how things went again and I said that they were fine. Well when I got to campus, I got a text from my boyfriend and he had asked why I hadn’t talked to him since yesterday, and I mean it was pretty obvious that I was so upset that I wouldn’t be seeing him anymore, which is when we started to fight again. I kept imploring him to change his mind, but he kept giving me the same answers. But then, he brought up the Sculptor and asked me if I was with him. I paused for a bit, but because of that pause he immediately assumed I was cheating on him, which technically I guess you could say I did, but I really didn’t at the same time because I stopped it from going further, and the Sculptor understood that. I kept fighting with my boyfriend, trying to reassure him that there was nothing going on between him and I, but he wouldn’t believe me. I had to go to class and my boyfriend had to go to work, but we had said that we would talk with each other later.


Well later had come that night and we ended up fighting again about the same issues and I was so exhausted from fighting. My roommates were there with me in our room when it was all going down, but he ended up saying that we’re done and he broke up with me. That moment was a turning point in my study abroad experience because I had suffered such a great depression once that had happened. I guess I didn’t want to believe that this would happen to us especially since we were apart from each other in the earliest stages of our relationship, but I felt like it was almost inevitable to happen. I hung up my phone and then immediately started to cry with my blanket over my head and my roommates, though not emotional type of girls, tried to relieve me and console me. I was so grateful to have them but I just felt so empty. After it was finalized, I ended up texting the Sculptor back and I told him what had happened…. He asked if it was his fault and I said it partially was, and he felt terrible too. He told me to come over the next day and he’d make me dinner and we could talk again.


I remember going in to his apartment and I was so upset, nothing seemed to be able to cheer me up or to get my mind off of him. And it was even harder for me because I was so far away from my family, my home, from anything familiar to me and that was what I needed the most at that time. I was barely hungry, barely in any mood to talk and the Sculptor understood that. I asked if I could just go to sleep in his bed and he followed me up there. As I was trying to sleep I turned into him and he held me, I think because he knew how terrible I was feeling, but also because business was left unfinished from the last time. Now that I was single, I knew he would try to sleep with me and he took the opportune moment to do so since I was in his bed. I won’t lie, it really did take my mind off of things, not to mention his package was a really good size lol and I could tell he hadn’t had sex in the longest time, which I felt really bad about. But it felt amazing and we ended up cuddling that night again too.


We both woke up the next day and I was really hungry but I felt really gross because I hadn’t showered. I asked if I could shower, but he too was going to shower… So we ended up showering together lol but the showers in Europe are REALLY small so we were basically up against each other the whole time, but it was fine because we ended up making out in the shower the whole time, which resulted in doing IT in the shower too.


Finally, we had left to go to a small Osteria outside of his apartment, had some pasta then went to the main leather market because I had yet to see it and I wanted to check it out. Plus my roommates had said they would be going to that market and I told them the Sculptor and I would meet up with them there.


I’ll never forget the look on my roommates faces when they saw me with him because they knew something was going down between us but I wouldn’t let it show. They were happy and intrigued to meet him formally after the first time we had run into him, but after we had gone our separate ways and I told them I’d meet them at the apartment because our plan was to go out to the bar that night. Funny thing was the Sculptor and his friends we had also met were planning on going there too.


We continued down the main pavement and I saw this booth that was selling leather gloves which I really needed because my hands were freezing most of the time. The vendor was trying to sell them to me for full price, but the Sculptor kept haggling for a lower price because he saw a few flaws with them and he said they weren’t worth the price the vendor wanted. I told him it was fine, but he insisted to get it down to a cheaper price, which he did eventually lol. And he ended up buying them for me, which I felt weird about, but he insisted. After that we continued to see the rest of the market, but we had decided to part and meet up with each other at the bar that night.


When night had approached, I remember one of my roommates grabbing this HUGE ass bottle of wine at the store for like four euro and it was pretty good, still my most favorite wine to drink to this day. We had pre-gamed with that at our apartment before going to the bar but I remember already feeling a buzz from all the wine I had. When we had gotten there, I also remember having two different mixed drinks and a pear cider, but I also didn’t eat too much before the wine. Then, we had seen that the bar offered Absinthe, something none of us had ever tried. And because we were out of the states and I was recently single, my roommates dared someone to drink it and try it so I volunteered (probably because I was already drunk as can be since I was 21 yet and didn’t drink too much back in the states to begin with).


The Sculptor still wasn’t at the bar and I was already drunk, but taking that shot of Absinthe threw me overboard. All I can remember is my throat completely burning and I drank my cider to cool my throat down. Right after I had that shot, the Sculptor walked in with his friends (I wanna say it was only 11pm) but he could tell I wasn’t doing too good because he said I was nodding off of the bar stool. After he saw that and the state I was in, he took matters in to his own hands and basically carried me outside, grabbed a taxi and went to his apartment to take care of me.




I woke up the next day not remember anything that happened, but realized I was in the Sculptors bed completely naked (seriously, like NOTHING on) and looked to the side of his bed and just saw puke ALL over his floor and also on some of my clothes :/ He came back upstairs and saw the puke and I kept apologizing, but was also guilty of having no idea what had happened the night before. He told me what happened (how I was nodding off and took me to his apartment and carried me up because he basically lived on the top of his building) and started cleaning up my puke. I told him to stop and that I’d clean it up but he insisted. I took a shower while he made me something to eat and I just couldn’t stop thanking him for that. The mood was completely shifted though after he had told me something that would change things: his girlfriend would be arriving the next day and would be living here with him permanently, which meant we couldn’t see each other here again.


I was pretty bummed while I was sitting on his kitchen counter watching him wash dishes. But he came over to me, stood in between my legs and leaned in to me as we made out right there. I felt like it was almost like a reassuring “we’ll still see each other”/last hurrah type of making out session, but it was amazing. He had put on Bon Iver’s new album in the background as he slowly took my underwear off and started to f*ck me and it was amazing, again lol. But it bothered me to know that on one of the nights I had stayed, he told me he loved his girlfriend but wasn’t in love with her anymore, probably because she had let herself go a LOT, like physically I guess. He also said he hadn’t had sex with her in YEARS and I kept wondering why wouldn’t he just end things with her already if he’s no longer attracted to her?


After that happened, I remember basically doing a walk of shame through Florence, wearing my coat and shirt, his track pants that my ass was too big for but no bra and underwear, with these BCBG boots with a heel haha because I had thrown up on those items of clothing I was lacking.


I remember us only talking while he was at school or out because he was afraid of his girlfriend seeing any communication between us. There were a few times we’d see each other at the bar we’d both frequent, but then slowly after time he wouldn’t go to that bar because he knew I’d be there.


There was one time right before Spring Break that he ended up coming to my apartment and stayed with me for the night, lied to his girlfriend where he was, and then we hurriedly left my apartment so I could catch my train to Rome for my break plans. There was even a time he invited me to drink with he and his art friends in a certain town square, but nothing could happen because they all knew his girlfriend, but it was nice to be with him.


The last account I have with him though was around the beginning of April. I was trying to see him whenever I could but he told me he was doing a lot of sculpting for school at his workspace studio in a different part from where I lived. I ended up walking that night to his studio and he showed me his artwork he had completed and work that he was still trying to finish. The picture featured in the first part of this post is from that night I got to see his work, it amazed me that someone was that talented to make anything like that.


After that point in time I didn’t really talk to him or really ever see him again, though we were friends on Facebook until he unfriended me because of his girlfriend. But this account in two parts isn’t the end of my “male-tales” while I studied abroad.


And alas this is where I’m going to end for now.


Again everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! It is my favorite holiday and a time where I truly reflect on all of the things I am blessed with and am grateful for, like this blog which is an outlet of all of my stories.


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock




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