XII. The Danish Sculptor

Happy Turkey Week everyone!


Okay well it’s not that much of a happy week yet lol. Its pouring rain outside, I’m stuck at work and all I can really think of is the weekend and the holidays approaching. But anyways…


First thing of business: this past weekends happenings!

  • So not much really happened when it came to men. Kept talking to a few of the old guys I’ve mentioned and a few new guys as well, just texting. One guy that I met on Tinder actually wanted to meet up (he’s from New Zealand!) but he got back to me too late so I left him alone.

    However, I did end up meeting up with the Bearded Artist (refer to posts I- ii and IX) instead of that other guy and it was a pleasant surprise to see him and be with him. Because he was busy volunteering all day, we didn’t meet each other until 10:30 at night. We had decided to meet up at a park we had met at before and just sit and talk for a little while before he had to pick up his cousin at work. He had really only an hour to spend with me, but one hour turned in to four hours haha. We were just talking and catching up with each other, talking about our weekends because we were texting back and forth the whole week but we never got to see each other. But I could slowly sense him coming closer and closer to me, plus he gently grabbed my hand to put on his beard while he put his hand on my legs, feeling my leg and going up and down. He then grabbed my hand to put in his and he held my hand, but then he pulled me towards him while we were laughing and joking back and forth with each other. I tried not to make eye contact with him, but then he held my chin and turned my gaze towards him and then he kissed me. That was the start of it all lol, we ended up making out for three hours straight, but he wanted to be closer to me (because we were in his car lol) so he suggested to go to the back of the car. Once we got back there we kept making out which is when he reach up my shorts and started to finger me. Well once that happened, one thing lead to the next and there you find me shorts-less and him eating me out like no tomorrow down THERE for like an hour. It was amazing. His cousin kept calling him but he kept ignoring him to be with me. Oops! (Not lol). After we completely fogged up the entire car, he finally realized he had to go (it was 2 AM) and walked me to my car, which is when he continued to make out with me, and even fingered me again. But besides all of THAT stuff, we had decided that we’d see each other again and that we’d do some things together for the holidays, like ice skating and seeing the city lights.
    I’m still quite surprised that all of that happened still because I’ve known him since February 2015 and he’s always treated me as a friend. Little did I know until that night he told me he’s always been attracted to me, but he hasn’t done anything to try until now. He had even told me when he introduced me to his friends back in February, a lot of them wanted to get with me or asked him about me and took interest to me. But even back then he didn’t do anything, but I guess everything takes place at a certain time for a reason…. So we’ll see where that goes.


Okay. Let’s continue with the story that I left off at in the last post.




Like I had said, I woke up the next morning and got a text from the guy who had rudely said he wanted to sleep with me after I had only known him for two hours. He was really drunk the night before and I was really turned off and repulsed by how he acted. But I was surprised when he texted me because he sounded (via text) pretty normal and very apologetic for how he had acted. I wasn’t completely convinced, but I could tell he was genuine. He kept asking to take me out for coffee or something to talk in a normal setting to prove to me that he was a gentleman, and not a douche like how he had acted. However, I was still with my boyfriend and my roommates were very resistant towards the idea of me going near that guy again.


I’m not gonna lie, he was pretty attractive when I had met him, and I found it interesting that he told me he was studying to become a trained sculptor, which is something you don’t hear too much in our day and age. But I loved my boyfriend so much that I kept my distance with this guy, who we’ll call the Danish Sculptor, but still texted him as a friend when he texted me because he was so interesting to me.


Well I believe a week had passed by since that ordeal and I believe I saw him back at that same bar which is where we talked normally, but I was still hesitant with him. Prior to this second meeting, I had told my boyfriend what happened because I felt like he had the need to know, and he was furious that that had happened. I reassured him that nothing would happen and that I loved him and that I would keep my distance from this guy.


Word of advice: Never tell a guy the whole truth or ALL of the details, but just the ‘need to know’ stuff. You’ll see why in a few.


After having this in mind, the Danish Sculptor had asked again to go out for coffee or tea, but I refused again. He seemed let down and determined to prove me wrong, but accepted my declination.


Now the weekend was over and I believe it was a Tuesday and for school, all of the students were required to go to this theater in Florence to watch a documentary-like movie for school which was related to the culture and happenings in Italy somehow. There were multiple movies you could choose from but my roommates and I chose to go this one movie about Africans attempting to illegally immigrate to Italy for a better life. I believe the movie started at 7 pm on Tuesday night and of course, the Danish Sculptor and I were texting and I told him what I was doing for school and he had told me to come and meet him for coffee after the movie because he lived a block away from the theater. I told him it made no sense to get coffee with me because we’d be up all night because of the caffeine. He then suggested dinner, but I told him I had eaten already. And THEN, he suggested to get tea (which I love tea) but he told me he had tea in his apartment. I told my roommates what he was texting, and they were worried for me to go by myself, but after texting him since we had met, I had changed my perspective of him and wasn’t worried that he’d be a serial killer or something. But again, I was still taken, I had my boyfriend back home, but I didn’t see the harm in having some tea with this guy either because he had a girlfriend and I felt like he wouldn’t do anything either. After contemplating what to do throughout the movie, I had decided after it had let out that I would meet up with the Sculptor.


I remember coming out of the theater and my roommates walking with me to meet him, and he was literally right down the road from the theater waiting for me on the corner of the street. My roommates reminded me to text them if I needed them and I reassured them I’d be fine.


He really did live right around the corner from where I was and we went up these narrow stairs to his apartment. I really liked it, it was a nice size and it was cool because there were these small set of stairs that went up to his bedroom area.


We sat on his couch and he had already had some water boiling before we had gotten in. I remember looking at his tea accessories I guess you could call them, and he had this small tea net thing that enclosed the tea leaves for you and it was small enough to put in your tea cup. Anyways, we sat down on the couch together and drank our tea and decided to play a card game, I believe it was Go-Fish! But he taught it to me in Danish because he was from Denmark and I was down to learn something new. After we were done playing that, we had talked to each other about ourselves, where we were from, why we did what we did (for him it was sculpting, for me it was music) and he even taught me some Danish words and I taught him some words in my own native language which he appreciated.


Time had flown and it was already approaching midnight and my roommates were worried about me but I told them I was fine and that I’d be staying over there because it was so late and he said he didn’t want me walking by myself there late, though he offered to walk with me. I told him it was cold and I didn’t want to inconvenience him. But because I didn’t have school until 1 pm the next day, I agreed to stay. I think I had his bed and he slept on the couch. I really had a nice night with him, getting to know him and realizing how cool and good of a guy he was.



Well I woke up the next day and the Sculptor had to go to his art classes and I went back to my apartment to get ready for school. I had kind of totally forgotten my boyfriend and didn’t realize he had texted me until I got back to my apartment because of the WiFi. He was worried that he didn’t hear from me the night before and I apologized saying that I was out and then came back and knocked out (which was sort of a lie but I knew he’d question why I went out with the Sculptor after I had told him what had happened the first night I had met the guy). So I had decided to tell him something truthful, but not the complete truth.

My boyfriend and I had continued to fight because he was suspicious of me just because of that ONE night but I reassured him nothing was going to happen, plus he was supposed to come up to Florence for Valentines Day and I was so excited. But he had shortly after told me that he had gotten into a small accident, which was going to cost him so much money because the way his family dealt with accidents was paying  for the damages to be fixed out of pocked instead of doing it through insurance because of the premiums I think. So because my boyfriend had tapped his neighbors car, it cost him $1000 which meant he had no money to come up for Valentines Day. I was so depressed the rest of the day and so let down, I didn’t know what to do, especially because my boyfriends’ mind was made up and all odds were pointing to him not coming. So I ended up texting the Sculptor and venting to him about what happened. I asked him how he even did long distance with his girlfriend and he tried to console me in any way he could. I asked if I could come over again to talk and he politely agreed.


And I think this is where I’m gonna stop, didn’t realize how long this was getting lol.


And if I don’t get a chance to say it before the day comes, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock


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