XI. Study Abroad Beginnings

Okay…. So where did I leave off at?

Oh yeah, midway through my Junior year! Before we get going though, let me update you on a few things first:

  • So from my last post, I ended up going on a date with that one guy. We didn’t have any plans (which really screws me in the head because I always need to make plans) but he ended up taking me to this lagoon and we went night swimming! It was pretty cold, but my body got adjusted to the temperature… After like 30 minutes lol. We both got hungry after that but he literally drove aimlessly for another 30 minutes, when I was about to just scream and say choose ANYWHERE, but we finally arrived to this Mexican restaurant we both liked, had a nice conversation and meal, and then he dropped me off at home. I haven’t heard from him in a week though, but it’s fine because I’ve been busy with my own things going on in my life.
  • Remember Mr. Jiu Jitsu from post IX? Well I finally went on a date with him this past Sunday! He got back home after being away for five months and the day after he got home he had a tournament he had to compete in. I was actually supposed to go, but decided against it lol but he won the whole tournament which was good for him. I felt bad I actually kept him waiting almost two hours but I finally got there and wanted to eat at this new restaurant but the wait was too long, so we ended up going to another place, which is when he talked and talked the day away. I didn’t realize how much of a talker he was, though we had talked some on the phone. But he just came off as SUPER annoying on the phone. It was a pleasant surprise to actually meet him in person because I enjoyed myself more than I thought I would lol. Anyways we went back to the original restaurant we were going to eat at and went to it’s bakery instead and then we went somewhere else for him to get some dessert and talked some more. But I had to leave because I was with my mom and she was waiting for me and wanted to go so I had to cut our date short. I told him I had to go, attempted to walk really fast away from him, but he asked me, “Where’s my hug? 😦 ” So, I turned around, attempted to give him a hug which is when he went for the kill and kissed me sweetly a few times. I told him thank you for the nice night and I gave him a kiss back. It was really nice… but I still have reservations about him, like him being younger than me and him not having a real, steady job (all he does is compete in Jiu Jitsu tournaments). But it seems like we’re going on another date so I’ll keep assessing him more until I know how I feel about him better.
  • Also referring back to post IX, the Bearded Artist and I have not seen each other since that last time, but we’ve been texting a lot, and he keeps basically sexting me. It’s really weird because I just thought about how he didn’t even want to dance with me when I saw him out the last time with the Samoan Bronco, but now he’s sexting me and telling me he’s been attracted to me and wants to be with me…. Idk. I’ve kind of always had a thing for him, but because he never acted upon it, I didn’t even think about him like that since then. We’ll see if anything more happens from now until the next post….

Okay, now where did I leave off at….?




So I was finally home for the holidays, but it was hard being away from my boyfriend since we had just started dating. But we figured if we could make it work while we were away from each other, then we’d be better off than most couples. But what made it even more difficult was he was going on his birthright mission or something (I forget what the hell it was called lol) but it’s basically where Jewish young adults go to Jerusalem and it’s fully paid by their church and they go to the places where their ancestors were for a few weeks I think. It was hard for us because he couldn’t use his phone that often and we wouldn’t be able to communicate that often, plus he was over 12 hours ahead of me which made it even more difficult to communicate when he was gone.
We had made a plan though, that once he came home from Jerusalem, I would fly in around the same time and day and I would stay with him and his family for a few days until it was time for me to fly to Italy to study abroad.


Well it finally came time for me to go and meet up with my boyfriend and as much as I didn’t want to leave my family and home, I had missed my boyfriend so much and I was so excited to see him after being away for a month and a half (which was longer than the time we had actually physically been together with each other). I remember going through a different terminal to meet him and his family and he was so changed by the things and experiences he had in Jerusalem, it was good for him really. We went to a diner to eat breakfast (and I had never been to a diner before I think) and we ended up resting the rest of the day. It was a really nice week, my boyfriend and his family were helping me to prepare leaving the country, grabbing the last minute things I needed that I couldn’t necessarily get in Italy.


I remember my boyfriend helping me check in and walking me to my gate before my flight, like he did when I went back home. But this time, it felt like a much bigger step that was hard to take because I didn’t know when I was going to see him again. Well, wait. We had actually planned for him to come up around Valentines Day (currently it’s around the end of January 2012) and he would stay for a little less than a week, but after that I was really unsure of how we would make this work between us. Anyways, he was waiting with me at the gate and thought he could at least walk me down the ramp to the plane, but because it was a different airline, they wouldn’t let him come in with me 😦 I gave him the biggest hug possible and we literally made out in the waiting area lol, but we both held on to our plan that we’d see each other in a few weeks.




I remember the flight and just traveling in general was so long. My flight was to Zurich in Switzerland with a twelve-hour layover before flying to Florence. I was so exhausted, but somehow found that the airport had day rooms to rent, kind of like a pit stop area for someone who was stuck in the airport (like me lol). It was nice because I think it was about $25 to rent a room but it also came with access to a shower and an alarm clock to wake me up so I wasn’t late for my flight. I remember freaking out because I had no working phone and I had no WiFi, but I ended up renting WiFi in the airport so I could talk to my boyfriend to let him know I got there safely.


I finally caught my connecting flight to Florence and got there when the sun had already set. I had to grab my suitcase, catch a taxi and go to the Villa on my new campus to check in, and then I’d have to catch another taxi to get to my actual apartment, which was the furthest off-campus housing from campus.


I remember meeting my roommates and kind of clicking with one of my roommates more than the other. There were like ten rooms on my floor of the apartment alone, plus another floor of students who lived above us. There were a bunch of us that wanted to go out and check the club scene, so my roommate and I did go with a few of our apartment suitemates but not really feeling it. So the next weekend, my roommate, this other girl who lived across the hall from us (who eventually became our roommate because she couldn’t stand her roommates lol), and myself end up checking out this bar right around the corner from where we lived. If you were to look at it from the outside, it looks like a dingy, punk rock bar that was infested with local men, definitely not a bar that a tourist would go to. So it intrigued my roommates even more because they were the type of girls that were chill, didn’t like clubbing and pretty down to earth.


I also remember talking to my boyfriend before we left telling him I was going out and he was making sure I was okay. I told him I’d text him when I got back to my apartment, thinking nothing would happen and that I was just going out with my new friends I had made.


Well, we had finally made our way in to the bar and found a table and just looked around and conversed with each other. One of my roommates had noticed this one guy and started talking to him, finding out that he’s actually from California and that he’s been studying art in Florence for a few years. He was with a few of his friends who he introduced to us. Well my roommates were off getting to know those guys, I kept staring at my phone (not like I could actually do anything on it though) but one of the friends we had met had started talking to me, but he seemed pretty drunk. Well I thought things were going okay and we had exchanged numbers to hang out again at the bar. But then he started saying to me he wanted to sleep with me. I was very startled because I had just met this guy and I knew if my boyfriend was there he would’ve beat the crap out of him. So I nicely decided to step out, but that guy ended up following me, continuing to pursue me and our friends followed. From what I recall, he kept trying to apologize, while I was telling my roommates who told his friends what he said to me and they were pretty shocked because they all knew he had a girlfriend, but didn’t get why he was trying to go after me. After I had left, I didn’t think I’d see him again… But the next day I ended up getting a text from him on my temporary phone.


And this is from where I’ll continue the next time,  lol.


Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

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