X. Junior Year

So, I don’t know if I already told you, but I DESPISE Mondays (Well now it’s Thursday, but it feels like a Monday because of the holiday. You know what I mean lol). The weekend did not feel long enough… Anyways…

Quick updates before I continue my “male-tale” history:

  • I went on a date on Friday night! Went to this yummy Japanese restaurant and talked about all kinds of things. I’m not really sure what to code-name him, I guess we can call him the DILF because he’s a dad of three and he’s pretty cute haha. It was a sweet date, we went to Starbucks after and it was really chill. He’s over ten years older than me, so I think that’s why it was pretty low-key being with him.
  • I’m going on a date tonight with another guy. Pretty sure the plan was to go night swimming and then get some food after. I’ll keep you posted on that one later lol.

Oh! I also forgot that I had forgotten someone out of my story from my post Sophomore Year:

  • The summer before Sophomore Year had began, I had actually reconnected with a guy that was somewhat of a love interest to me in high school. We had met my Sophomore year in high school through mutual friends and we would sit on the same lunch table as those mutual friends every day because we all had the same lunch period the first semester. He and I would always bicker at each other during lunch because he would always give me a hard time, but I would banter back with him too. He was a friend, but a friend that I would get easily annoyed with lol.Well, second semester came and our lunch periods changed, but I’ll never forget running into him on the bus one day and he shyly asked me to accompany him to his Junior prom (he was a year older than me). I said yes in an instant, but I had just started dating The Orch Dork (refer to High School Beginnings post) and I told him that I would have to ask my boyfriend first. I was sure it wouldn’t be a problem though. I saw the look in his eyes once I told him I was dating someone, and it didn’t dawn on me until then that he had feelings for me, but he had never made them known to me in any way shape or form. Anyways, we go to his prom (it was my first prom) and we had such a great time, our pictures looked great and it was nice to be around friends. I know he wanted to kiss me at the end of the night but he couldn’t and he didn’t.Fast forward three years, we had reconnected somehow, I wanna say through FaceBook and we had exchanged numbers and ended up texting. I had just gotten home for the summer and he asked to take me out to lunch so we could catch up. He took me to Macaroni Grill and it was kind of dimly lit and somewhat romantic…But I’ll never forget when I saw him that day because he looked the same like he did in high school, but it’s like he grew out of his baby fat and just turned in to this husky, rustic, REALLY sexy looking man. I didn’t realize how cute he was until that day! So naturally I was stoked to see him. After lunch, we had planned to meet up again and go to a movie.That night I went to see a movie with him and we had leaned into each other making things much more intimate than we had ever been… I wasn’t ready to leave yet, so I had suggested we go and hang out somewhere and he knew of a park near by.

    We drove there and walked around the park and ended up in a dimly lit area by a fence in the park. I forget exactly what I said and what he said, but we had flirted with each other to the point where he had backed me into the fence, kept staring me in my eyes seductively and got so close to me that I could feel how hard he was, I’m assuming because of me lol.
    After that had happened I wanted more, but he wouldn’t give it up that easily and I wouldn’t back down either, but I guess that rubbed him the wrong way and we never spoke again since that time.

  • I also forgot to mention about another guy I met before the Game Changer and I had started fooling around. I’m not sure if you remember the story, but there was a point in time when I had stayed with him and he had dropped me off the next morning in a taxi and gave me money to catch my flight to start my Spring Break. Well when I was catching that cab, the Taxi Driver (that’s his name lol) started talking to me, asking about The Game Changer and what he was to me. At that time, I had said that he was a friend like a big brother, and the Taxi Driver had the balls to say, “That’s what I thought, because you’re too beautiful to be anything more to him” or something along the lines of that. Well after we had arrived to the airport, he gave me his number so that he could take me out when I got back from my vacation. I took the number, texted him and there was one time where he drove to my school to see me and took me out. We made out and that was basically it. He was an Arabic guy and he was pretty cute lol.

Okay, done! Now let’s continue where I left off after my Sophomore Year….

After that interesting year of being in school, I had finally gotten home and I had continued to see The Horny Mormon again I believe, but things were cut short because he was SO damn thirsty and ended up being in a relationship with some girl I think. But this is also the time I had met the Tongan Surfer and things began to ensue with him too (refer to post I – ii to refresh on the backstory of him).

Again, the summer had flown by and it was time to go back to school and I had scored Faculty/Staff housing for the first semester! I wasn’t too worried about the housing for second semester because I had planned to study abroad, but plans weren’t set yet because the application hadn’t opened up at that time. When it did come out, I applied immediately because I had all of the materials ready so it was super fast for me to apply.

Now being an idiot that I was and not learning from my past, I had allowed the Erectile Dysfunction to see me again, though things weren’t official. He would see me while I was practicing or even come to my apartment and…well, yeah lol. But I knew that I wouldn’t ever stop allowing him to see me unless I went away. I forget what happened, but I remember things ended mid-semester and it sucked but it needed to happen because I deserved more than what he could give me.

After we had stopped seeing each other, a few weeks later I found out that I had gotten accepted in to my study abroad program that I had applied for! I was SO excited and I remember even going hard and celebrating that night at this really big club in the city, not only for my getting into my program but it was also a few of my friends 21st birthdays and they were celebrating by renting a party bus. I had so much fun and got SO damn drunk.

I digress lol. Anyways after that instance, a month later one of my best friends told me about OkCupid, an online dating site/app that she had downloaded and had a date set up. All of that was still new to me and I was really hesitant in making one not only because a dating site wasn’t my style, but I was going to be out of the country for months at a time and it didn’t make sense to make one! But my friend insisted I make one for fun so I did. Well, I had ended up talking to this one guy who we’ll call the African Meathead. He was a black guy (which I’ve never really dated besides the Bronx Roommate if that counts) and I normally don’t date black men NOT because I’m racist (I actually am part African-America even though you really couldn’t tell if you saw me because I’m white as can be) but most of them I’ve found don’t know how to treat women with respect and carry themselves in a manner that I’d rather not be associated…. In other words some of them can be ratchet and a little too much for me. But this guy was very different….. He was actually born in Michigan but partially raised in the Ivory Coast in Africa and he actually went to college with a friend of mines from home! Super small world… He had majored in Biology I think, but was currently working for Teach for America or some program like that. On his spare time he would work out and run a LOT, which is why I called him a Meathead because he was SUPER buff lol. He even had dreads but he kept them clean and he dressed really properly, which is what attracted me to him I think, besides his intelligence.

On our first date he had taken me to dinner I believe, Olive Garden and I actually had some wine at dinner without getting carded (I wasn’t 21 yet). We had a nice time and then after he had taken me to the train station and we went our separate ways. On our second date, I believe he went walking and shopping with me and he even waited with me until my bus came and he gave me a big kiss. The third time we had decided that I would come to his place and stay with him…. I kind of knew what was gonna go down, but I had NO idea what I’d be in store for.

I remember laying in bed with him and he got on top of me while we were making out… Well he decided to take his pants off though he warned me it would be BIG but I was like, “Sure.. uh huh, okay”. So it came off and he WAS NOT kidding. It was SO damn huge guys…. I can’t even believe to this day that I took that like a champ….. Because all I can remember is laying there and literally crying because it was that damn big. That whole “Once you go black you don’t go back saying” is BULL because after that one time, I ran the f*ck back the other direction. Anyways…

Sorry that was all TMI (too much information) hahaha.

Moving forward….

So after that guy, I talked to a few guys but nothing came of it. Not until December when I started talking to this guy who was about an hour and a half away from me. I really liked his swag I guess you could call it, even though he wasn’t much of a looker. He was also Jewish, worked for an airline company and LOVED cars and planes. We had decided that we would meet half way between him and I in the City for our first date, and it was a big deal for him because he NEVER came to the City because he hated the traffic and the tons of people. We ended up meeting and he took me to see the big Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center (Okay, giving myself away a little but in this post you need to know the details because it was honestly one of the best first dates I had ever been on) that was fully lit up with people ice skating in front of it, it was really romantic actually…. After that we had gone to the tallest building in the City, the Empire State Building (giving myself away again) because I told him I had never been and he said it was one of the places I HAD to go. It was another really romantic gesture and I feel like he knew he got me with that one lol. After that, we went around the corner to get dinner, I think at this Korean/Japanese restaurant. After that he had taken me to the Grand Central train station and kissed me goodnight. From that point on we had talked and FaceTimed every day and the next time I saw him, he came to my school and my apartment, took me out to dinner and stayed with me, even though he lived really far away from me. I wanna say we ended up sleeping together with each other that night and the next morning he asked me to be his girlfriend.

There were a few instances where we had seen each other after that, I think I even caught the train all the way there to see him because he wasn’t feeling well, though he had planned to drive and get me to stay with him and meet his family. It was really funny because his mom was the stereotypical mom/woman of that area (she could be compared to Theresa from the show Long Island Medium) but she was so much fun to be around and she LOVED to shop. His sister was similar to his mom and his dad was pretty sarcastic and looked very stern, but once they knew that I was from the Rock and not a local of their area, they were all really nice and curious about my lifestyle. My boyfriend had even said that he could tell his dad liked me because he actually talked around me, something that never really happened with any of his past girlfriends, so it made me feel really good about myself. His dad had even offered to drive me to the train station on the way into work the next morning after I had stayed the night with my boyfriend and his family.

My boyfriend was really good to me. He always looked after me, always took care of me by feeding me lol and he even drove miles away to see me and help me pack and move all of my stuff up in storage once the semester had ended because the next semester I would be studying abroad in Italy!

Well after I had pondered on all of that, I got a phone call at 7 in the morning from my Best Friend (refer to my first post ever), which was weird because I hadn’t heard from him in months plus it was abnormally early in the morning for him to call me. Well, he too had asked me why I was up so early and I don’t know why I said it, but I told him I was catching the train back to school from my boyfriends house. Right after he heard the B word, he said he had to go and hung up on me. Turns out he didn’t talk to me for all those months supposedly because he was trying to surprise me when I got home because he had flown home for Christmas just to see me. I had broken his heart and I, of course, felt shitty. But I couldn’t do anything because I literally JUST got into this relationship with this guy and we had plans that once I came back after break, I’d stay with him and his family until it was time for me to fly to Italy.

I was really bummed because I had been waiting four years to meet my Best Friend and there have always been feelings between him and I…. But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be then. And it seemed like he hated my guts.

Well it was time for me to go home and because my boyfriend worked with an airline, he was able to come in and sit with me and wait with me until my plane arrived for boarding. I remember taking this picture with him and posting it online and he had said one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever said…

“I just don’t want to leave you…”
-You aren’t. You’re just going on the other side of the country”
“I mean I don’t want to be apart from you…”
-We’re not apart, we’re together. Distance is the only thing thats separating us.”

And hearing that made me feel like our relationship had no bounds and that no matter where we were, we could always make it work, even if I was going to go to a different country to study abroad. I mean, he worked for the airlines so even flying wouldn’t be an issue, right?

Well…. We’ll see.

Until the next time…

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

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