VIII. Sophomore Year

Before I get into this post, I have to report another update!

  • So last night I ended up going on an impromptu date with this guy who we’ll call the Wrestling Writer (because those are the things he actually does for fun and a living). I met him through Tinder but I found out that we actually have a few mutual friends in common and before we had met in person, we both realized that we both were dancers in the same type of dance (can’t really tell you what type of dance because it’ll give me away, but just know I was very impressed and ecstatic that he and I shared some sort of common interest). Well I was home last night and he was home too (about 30 minutes away from me) and he asked if I felt like just staying in or if I would be down to do something. I said yes, so he picked me up and all we did was drive around the Rock and talk about anything and everything. We went to a few look out points and stopped and walked out of his truck and sat there and just enjoyed the view, continuing to get to know each other. I was really surprised because even though we didn’t really do anything. I thoroughly enjoyed just conversing with him because we had so many intelligent conversations that I probably couldn’t have with very many guys. At the end of the night after we basically drove in a full circle, he dropped me off at home and as I leaned to kiss him on the cheek for a nice night, he stopped me and kissed me on the lips. It was really unexpected, but sweet (I really wasn’t sure how he felt or what he thought of me but I guess it went well lol). Turns out he also works right across the street from me, so who knows, we might get lunch one day, but we’ll see.

Okay, update – check. Let’s continue from the end of my freshman year into my sophomore year…

After all of the events that happened with The Game Changer, I had actually gone home for the summer and ended up seeing The Horny Mormon sporadically throughout that time. I believe we went camping one time and messed around there. Pretty sure I also drove fifty miles away to go to his place just to sleep with him… Oh and there was another time we did it in a movie theater… And I’m also pretty sure we did it in a public park right in the grass. It was pretty crazy… But he was pretty horny so yeah haha. I really wasn’t sure what was happening between us (besides fuck buddies basically) but I didn’t dwell on it too much because I would be going back to school once the summer was over anyways.

Sophomore year is here and I’m faced with a dilemma: my roommate and I could no longer live together because the housing option we chose was no longer available to our school. So what had happened over the summer was our school reassigned us to different rooming situations, but we were no longer going to room together. My roommate got placed in a dingle (a room that’s actually sized to house a single person, but they somehow fit double the capacity in it instead) whereas I got placed in a single room, but it was in the freshman dorm. I wasn’t too concerned about it because I would be rooming by myself and because I had already lived in the freshman dorm the year prior, it wasn’t such a big change for me anyways.

As the year progressed, I was somewhat isolated from my friends because they were all in the upperclassmen dorms, but I had made friends in the freshman dorm and in my hallway, as well in my classes in college. Now in a few of my classes, I noticed that there was this tall, kind of lanky guy, who was really smart and knew basically everything that we were learning in class already. He was really quiet and pretty shy and I think that’s what attracted myself towards him. Well, one day I asked him if he wanted to hang out or do something and I invited him to my room. I think we played cards or something like that, but somehow we ended up kissing which then led to him being on top of me, which he then told me he was a virgin, which I was really surprised about (but not really). Well I told him we should stop right here then because I didn’t want to be THAT girl, but he kept insisting after that he wanted to sleep with me. Long story short I allow it to happen and the next day he asks me to be his girlfriend. (I know this sounds really sudden but we had known each other for about a month before this had happened, so it wasn’t THAT fast).

We end up dating and it goes really well for the first few months, he and I would always have lunch together, go to classes together, it really seemed like a good match at first. It was his birthday right after we had gotten together so I had gotten him a few gifts, which he loved, but he wasn’t much of a party goer so I wouldn’t ever go with him, but with my friends.

We did the typical couple things, like taking a ton of pictures, and I remember him even meeting one of my best friends over Skype from back home. It was really nice. But something started to rub me the wrong way… It was Thanksgiving and he didn’t invite me over with his family for Thanksgiving (because I was far away from home and had no one to celebrate it with), but he told me he was going to another family member’s house and it wasn’t his place to invite someone, which I somewhat understood.

Well Christmas came along, and he ended up giving me a Pandora bracelet with a few charms on it for Christmas. At first I was like, “Great… A charm bracelet,” but when my friends were telling me how expensive it was, I felt so bad because I didn’t want him spending that much money on me. But I was really grateful that he did that for me. After that we ended up going our separate ways for winter break, and we of course skyped and talked whenever we could.

I came back a few days early to see my boyfriend, but that semester served him and I a lot of challenges. Now over the year when I would go to his room to visit him, his roommate would constantly cause a lot of trouble for me and I could NOT stand him (still can’t stand him to this day) because he was just so arrogant and purposely would pick fights with me and get on my nerves. But the funny thing was this jerk of a guy was also from home, and he went to high school to my schools’ rival school. Anyways, whenever he would provoke me, my boyfriend would do nothing to help me, and would also sometimes spend more time with his roommate than he would with me. This all really bothered me because it wasn’t like it was difficult to spend time with me since we went to the same school and lived in the same damn dorm. But the more he hung out with his roommate, the more I could feel us getting distant.

Well we kept fighting progressively and I would try so hard to plan dates for us and make time for us but it takes two to tango, and he wasn’t helping the situation at all either. That semester we had both competed in a competition against each other and at the end of the day after we had both performed, we found out that I won the title and I won a sum of money. He was bummed but happy for me, but when I had asked to do something with him to celebrate he was reluctant and it really bothered me.

A few weeks later, I get a call from the Game Changer (remember him?) that he was in the City and he wanted to see me. With everything going on with my boyfriend, I said of course in a heartbeat and once I got to The Game Changer, I even laid everything down on him about what I was going through.

I had spent the entire weekend with The Game Changer and I even stayed over (I know, I know). The first night we went to dinner with a colleague of his who had lived on the Rock for a number of years so he was like a local from home, which was nice. After that we had gone back to his apartment, watched some movies and went to bed (yup, no sex, I held out because I was taken). The next day, The Game Changer took me on a full blown shopping spree not only because it was my birthday coming up, but to also cheer me up because he knew how shitty I was feeling. We went to H&M (one of my favorite stores) and bought some nice tops and a dress, then to Sephora of course and then we went to this Italian designer bag store and he got me this alligator black and gold bag. We went for a walk in the park in the latter part of the afternoon and that night I had stayed over again. We went to dinner just the two of us to Ruths Chris I believe, and then after he had seduced me. I knew right then that my boyfriend and I were probably going to end things soon, I just didn’t know when.

Then Sunday came and he had a show to sing in (which he gave me three tickets to take my friends and myself to watch him), but before we went to that show, he ended up buying me my first iPhone, an iPhone 4, because my phone had crapped out on me a few weeks before. Bought me the AppleCare and everything (see why I said his name should really be the Sugar Daddy? Haha). After that I met my friends at the performance venue and I wore the dress and heels he had bought for me from H&M. He was amazing of course and the show was good, but he stood out like a sore thumb.

Well he had left to go to his next show (I forget where it was) a few days before my birthday, but I had a great time with him. After I got back to school, one of our biggest campus parties was coming up the day after my birthday but I was planning on not going and hanging out with my two good friends (who I called them my HoHo sisters haha). I remember going to practice on my birthday (the day before that big campus party) because I was a part of a chamber group and we had a concert the following week that my boyfriend and I were both a part of. Well he came to practice and I was so upset because besides what has been going on between us over the whole school year, he also seemed to forget that it was my birthday because he didn’t bring me anything or even say happy birthday. Well, after we were fighting he suggested that we should break up and I was really shocked because it sounded like he was thinking about this for quite some time, but never brought it up to me until this point. So at that moment, on my BIRTHDAY, we had broken up.

The next day was the big campus party which I was too pissed off to go to but I was alright with my girls. After we had a fun day in the City and went to the Cheesecake Factory, we got back to campus and one of the first persons we run into is my now ex-boyfriend. He was so damn drunk, which was weird because he NEVER drank while we were together, but he said he did the wrong thing by breaking up with me and he regretted it but I said it was too late. I left him to fend for himself, in shock of what I had witnessed.

The following week comes and so does the day of the concert, which I had to sing at with my ex-boyfriend playing along side of me. The song I had to sing was really beautiful, my voice teacher had recommended it (go ahead and give it a listen if you want ) and I had hit every note and sang really well. I couldn’t say the same for my ex boyfriend though. He was playing the trumpet solo along side of me and literally fucked up basically every single note, making it sound like his trumpet was going through erectile dysfunction, causing the name we will now call my ex The Erectile Dysfunction. Everyone felt bad for him but couldn’t help but laugh either (I was right there doing the same thing haha).

Here’s a YouTube video of an example of what he sounded like (but actually this person sounds WAY better than he sounded):

Anyways, I continued the remainder of my sophomore year kicking ass and being better than him basically haha, but I was fine without him. I think it just pissed me off how much time I had wasted on him, but no matter.

I’m trying to think of one thing I learned from dating him… besides not dating a virgin haha just kidding. But really, I think what I learned from him was to not eat where I shit (as some saying goes), which means don’t date someone at work, in your school department, or anywhere where you have to be for the majority of your time. Because God forbid something catastrophic happens to you both, but if it does, then what are you left to do but deal with it?

I’ll let that sink in for a few. Until next time…

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

VII. The Entrepreneur

Hey guys!

So I want to thoroughly apologize for not posting that much last week and keeping everyone hanging for a bit. I was dying with a ton of sickness issues (congestion, sinus pressure, fever, sore throat, sweats, having my time of the month, just dying really haha).

I also apologize because I forgot we never gave the last guy a code name! I really just want to call him The Sugar Daddy (because it’s basically what he was lol) but I guess the title of the last post, The Game Changer, will be his name for now. Plus it doesn’t make me feel/look like a hoe haha.

There’s one short update that I need to fill you in on:

  • The Rugged Dredger and I are done. He’s been leaving me in limbo for the past few weeks but it’s because he was talking to some other girl before he had met me and had failed to mention that until last night, when I had to pull some kind of answer out of him. He still didn’t seem sure, like he wanted to still talk to me, but I don’t roll that way at all. Either you want me, or not (even though I’m talking to other guys (I know, double standard but whatever haha)).

And two slightly longer updates to tell you guys about:

  • So, my most recent ex-boyfriend (we’ll call him The Ultimate Fuckboy (because that’s what his name in my phone is)) has, as of late, been texting me, attempting to make small talk with me. This sounds fine by itself, but not if you knew the history behind us (I think I’m gonna have to write a separate post about this one in the future maybe next after this post). Anyways, all you need to know is he’s trying to be on good terms again when it’s past the point already because I’ve been trying to make things work with him for the past  nine months and he never wanted to budge. But now since it’s on his terms, he’s all in.

I can’t stand boys -____-

  • it really must be the season of the ex’s because the ex before my recent ex has also been attempting to hit me up in the oddest ways. He’ll DM me on Instagram and share something random with me (even though he grilled me for sharing stuff with him and got all pissy), and then he’ll use that as the gateway to talk to me about hooking up with me. Only problem is he’s all the way in New jersey and I’m nowhere near there. But it’s funny, he’s REALLY hot, so I think it’s the only thing making me answer his messages. But he has some crazy hope that I’m going to travel to New Jersey and have all this sex with him. It’s probably not gonna happen though.

And now,  I NEED to update you all on what happened this past weekend (10/23-10/25)…

After being sick from Tuesday through Friday, I was actually feeling somewhat better on Saturday, though I still had a stuffy nose and sore throat and I did feel a little disoriented. Anyways, I ended up going to my friend’s boyfriends apartment because he just moved there and had a big pool AND one of my friends flew in to the Rock and we all wanted to get together. It was a really nice day, just lounged in the pool, ate some pizza and after the clouds rolled in, we ended up getting some dessert. I had to leave after that to take my mom to a concert she’s been so excited to see, but then after I met up with them to have dinner and I had gotten completely ready as if I was going out because we had talked about going out when we were at the pool. We went to this gourmet ramen place and it was really yummy, then we went to a gelato place and then a local brewery.

Now prior to this I had DM-ed this guy via Instagram, we’ll call him the Entrepreneur. He’s the co-owner of a big brand here in the Rock and he had this shirt that he just released and I wanted to get it for my friend who flew back home for a few days as a present because it’s his birthday next month and I’m going to miss it. So I asked the Entrepreneur if they still had the shirt in stock and how much it was. He messaged me back and told me the info I needed but I had no idea what size my friend was. Before I could find out, the Entrepreneur gave me his number in our message, telling me, “Here, take my number so you don’t have to DM me anymore lol.” So I texted him and we ended up texting each other until 4 AM, just talking about random things that popped up, getting to know each other more and more.

Back to Saturday, my friends and I are getting ready to leave the brewery and some of them had said they wanted to go out, but changed their minds at the last minute because they were all tired. But I wasn’t of course haha, and I was already ready to go out! Well throughout the whole day on Saturday I was texting the Entrepreneur all day and because of the line of work he does, the company he runs was actually putting on a concert, all you can eat and drink as well as free cover to a club after the concert. I really wanted to go the more and more I saw it being promoted, but it was $100! And at first it didn’t sound like a good deal because it’s a lot of money up front (relatively speaking of course), but the more I thought about it, it was actually worth it.

Well, it was already the night of and I hadn’t bought a ticket but I had asked The Entrepreneur earlier in the day if there was any way he could just give me a free wristband because I really like the bands playing at the concert and I wanted to go to the club after without having to pay cover. He told me no, of course, and I understood because it’s money coming out of his pocket.

Again, my friends and I were about to leave the brewery, and he texts me asking me what I’m going to do now, and I told him I was going to go home (Mind you, this guy was slightly flirting me with a few times via text the night before, but I didn’t really catch on to any of it until after the fact). he kept asking why I was going to go out, but I told him none of my friends wanted to go out, plus my other group of friends who I dance in a group with never texted me to tell me what they were doing after a fundraiser we were hosting (I was supposed to be at that fundraiser but I didn’t go because I wasn’t feeling well a few days before and told them I probably wouldn’t make it).

Side note: The girls that I dance with are the girls I usually always go out with to anywhere, you name it: club, bar, concert, wherever the night takes us. And these girls are the reasons why I had met the Entrepreneur in the first place a few months back. I think he was actually trying to talk to one of my best friends in my dance group, but she wasn’t into him, but I jokingly told her I’d always have her back if he ever tried anything with her lol.

After hearing that I’m going to go home and I’m with no one but myself, The Entrepreneur texts me and tells me to come by to the concert that I really wanted to go to and chill. But I told him no, that I couldn’t go if he was going to get me in for free because I’d feel bad and I wouldn’t want to do that to him. I don’t know if he was already feeling the alcohol, but he kept saying to just come and to not worry about it. I then told him I’d only come if he said he wanted me to come, which he then said, “Yeah come”, but I said, “That didn’t answer my question directly lol.” So he then said, “Yes I want you to come lol.” So with that said, I ended up leaving home, and going to the concert.

He met me at the front door and he was dressed nicer than usual and it looked nice. I haven’t really seen him in a while (well in comparison from April through August where I went out with those friends of mine every weekend if not once, twice or three times lol). He welcomed me in and one of my favorite bands had just got on the stage so I was so stoked. Ended up walking in with him and met another good friend of his (who actually works for him and was trying to talk to my other good friend that I dance with, but nothing happened between him and her) and gave him a big hug. I basically hung out with them the whole night and had to dance by myself but I was fine with it because I was still in shock that the Entrepreneur got me in for free, plus I had all of these free drinks. It was just a really good night.

Well the concert comes to an end and The Cool Coworker (that’s what we’ll call the guy who works for The Entrepreneur) says he has to go home because he has to work in the morning. I asked if was going to go to the club because they usually do, but this time he said no. So we walk outside and the Entrepreneur was going to take The Cool Coworker home and he offered to give me a ride to my car. I got in and we were driving to drop off the Cool Coworker home, but he asks to turn around and go back to the concert venue because he changes his mind and wants to go to the club with another friend of theirs. I ask the Entrepreneur if he was going to go but he said he wasn’t, he was too tired. I really wanted to go, but I would’ve gone by myself so I decided against it. After we dropped the Coworker off, he dropped me off at my car and I went home and then I went to sleep.

Hahaha juuuuuust kidding. You should know me by now.

So, I get home but I text him because he wants to know if I got home okay (I was under antibiotics and I was drinking and I was tired… so he was concerned) and I said yeah I was fine and then I asked, “Are you going to sleep right away?”

He says, “No. I need to cuddle for a bit lol and shower”

“Cuddle with who? Lol”

And then he says, “You.”

But then he tries to cover up saying, “Jk with my body pillows,” But I told him that he never said anything and that I JUST got home. We keep talking and he said it would probably be hard to find parking near where he lives and his nephews were sleeping over so I probably wouldn’t want to be there, but I respond back that I think it depends on him and how he wants to look in front of his nephews. He said he was fine with it and offered to pick me up from home and even take me to where I needed to go the next day so I say okay. He gets me within ten minutes and we get to his place and we start to cuddle and I start to fall asleep.

But then, I can feel him put his hands on my hips and slowly move inward to my pelvis and then even deeper in. Once that happens he can’t stop touching me all over and I keep asking him what he’s doing. I was kind of surprised actually, because my friend (the one he was trying to get with earlier) made it seem like he had no game whatsoever, but it must’ve been the alcohol because it seemed like he knew what he was doing. He kept whispering in my ear and then pulled me closer to him and even made me turn over towards him and then he kissed me. Well it was getting kind of steamy and you know what happens when that happens….

Poor thing though, he couldn’t really last that long (he told me it’s been two years for him (and then I thought about how it’s only been maybe two weeks for me yikes haha)) but after that we went to bed, woke up the next morning and I definitely saw his nephews and they saw me but I think they tried not to make a big deal out of it lol.

But what now? I’m really not sure to be honest, I don’t expect much from him because I know how busy he is with his business, his family and his work. But he said he wants to see me again, go to a movie with me, but I just don’t know when. I’m not really putting any expectations in to this one.

You know I think this is the first post where I’m writing about someone in the present time. I guess change is good, but I do have to continue where I left off on the last post, so I think I’ll start there the next time.

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

VI. The Game Changer

Oh guys! I totally forgot to give some updates on my current “situations” right now.

(Sorry, this post is VERY postponed, I was dying being sick basically all last week, but I’ll explain in the next post)

Let’s break it down:

  • The Linebacker Bouncer and I don’t seem to be on good terms as of right now. I confronted him about something that concerned me and I guess it rubbed him the wrong way and he hasn’t returned my texts at all. I find it funny how all guys I’ve come across run away and ignore the problems in front of them as opposed to confronting them. I’m slightly bummed because he reminded me of a big teddy bear, but oh well. On to the next.
  • I also recently went on another date with this guy we’ll call the History Teacher. I actually met him a year ago and went on a date with him back then, but I didn’t like how things went mainly because he’s VERY awkward, hasn’t ever had a girlfriend (I think, or it seems), kept asking me to hold me or hold my hand or kiss me (when you really should just man up and do it, in my opinion) and even wanted to split the check on our first date when he was the one who asked me out. SO many things wrong but I kept giving him chances, me being the nice person I am. It was alright, nothing special. Oh, but the food was good so I guess that’s a plus haha.
  • I also met up with this other guy named the Mysterious Mexican. What’s so mysterious about him is that I have no idea what he does for a living, but it’s something he can’t flat out tell me what because he works for the government. He also travels 75% of the year and was here for work. I ended up meeting him (we met on Tinder) and the thirst was real with this one. He kept attempting to make out with me and grope me in every way possible, but I just wasn’t really feeling it. He left already, but I have a feeling he’s going to stay in touch with me because he told me he’s coming back here in January for work again. So we’ll see what happens with that…..

I also forgot something that I should’ve added in the last post (I’m really slacking today, but I’m feeling sick, so give me a break lol).

  • When I came home for winter break my freshman year, I actually saw the Creepy Philly Guy once. We had texted sporadically throughout the semester and he hit me up when I was home. I don’t know what convinced me to go (maybe it was me still being the naïve eighteen-year old girl), but I went to his place and met up with him. He got it in with me, but when he went to the bathroom, I saw a text pop up from some girl (I think her name was Holly) and I confronted him about it and asked who she was. He told me nobody, but I’m no fool. Turns out he was with her before he moved to the Rock and they’ve been talking since him and I broke up. Long story short, I left, never talked to him again and found out through my friend that he ended up marrying her (she looks like a white girl whale) and had a daughter with her. I’m just glad it wasn’t me.

I feel like I’m forgetting something else, but if I remember, I’ll keep you posted.

Let’s press forward to the continuation of the story from the last post…

(By the way guys, I would really recommend reading the previous posts to understand who I’m talking about and what’s going on in my stories. Just a suggestion)

After The K-Fed and I had broken up and after The Bronx Roommate and I were no longer on speaking terms, I continued the remainder of my freshman year on good and single terms. I was also excited because Spring Break was approaching and I had plans to visit my aunt and uncle in Florida (giving myself slightly away here but whatever). We had plans to go to Disneyworld, Busch Gardens and other things as well, and since I had no family near my college, it would give me comfort to be with family for the first time in a few months.

Now the summer before I left for college (during the time of the Creepy Philly Guy), this mutual friend of many of my friends at home added me on Facebook, which I semi-freaked out about because he was relatively famous back home and for him to add me, let alone know who I was to add me, made me really excited. I’ve known of him since I was ten years old and always kind of looked up to him for the work he did (he’s a singer (which will also give me away again but oh well)). He was much older than I was, but we knew the same group of people at home and had the same network of people too. Anyways, he took note that I would be going away for college in a city where he would travel often to for work. He messaged me saying that if he ever was in town that he would hit me up and hang out because we both knew that since we both came from the Rock, not very many people could relate and understand the culture shock we go through when being anywhere else but the Rock.

Fast-forward eight months later from that message in the Spring of 2010, he hits me up saying he’s in the city and that we should hang out. I reply and say yes, but every time we tried to meet up something came up, whether it was me having to study for a test or him getting sick.

A month passed by and it was finally time for my Spring Break plans. I was planning on staying on campus until the Monday of Spring Break came, which I then would catch a shuttle to the airport and meet my aunt in the airport (she works for an airline company and would be previously working a flight, so the plan was to meet at the gate). But the power went out on my entire campus, making it nearly difficult to get anything done during the weekend before my flight. So, I messaged that mutual friend and asked if he was free at all during the weekend to hang out and he said he was free on Sunday to hang out. I was excited, but told him that I might have to postpone because I had my flight to catch on Monday and my school was 30-60 minutes away from where he was. To my relief, he said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. Why don’t you come down and have dinner with me and then you can stay the night and catch your flight the next day?”

When he said that I was sold and it sounded like a perfect plan because I wouldn’t have to back track a few times and travel more than I needed to. So the next day, I caught the train down, met him at his temporary apartment and we ordered dinner and just talked about what we were doing in our lives and about friends and things from home. It was really nice to be able to easily relate to someone that was familiar with the same things I was, not to mention I also idolized this guy so it was even cooler getting to know him. He gave me his bed while he slept on the couch for the night and the next day he was even more of a gentleman and walked me to the main circle, got me a taxi and gave me money and then some to catch a cab to the airport and get something to eat.

The week passes by and it’s Friday night and I’m staying up late packing my stuff to return back to the City (that’s what we’re gonna call the place I went to college at) and I had SUCH  a great Spring Break guys. I went to Disneyworld, Busch Gardens in Florida, shopping, movies, a bar with my aunt and uncle and my uncle even took me flying on one of his small planes (he’s a retired pilot). While I was packing, that guy texted me and asked when I was coming back because he had asked before I left to hang out again when I got back to the City. I told him I’d be flying in tomorrow morning (Saturday) and he said to come meet him and we could get breakfast. So, when I flew in the next day, I ended up meeting him for brunch and we just caught up and I told him all about my time with my family.

And that’s the end of the story.

Hahaha just kidding. Just wanted to play around a little bit haha. But you should know by now my stories never really end that way haha.

Anyways, while we were at brunch, I also told him that I had left my iPod at the airport (it’s a long story, but long story short my aunt and I were late catching our flight, so we waited in the waiting area thinking we weren’t going to get on the flight, but at the last minute, they re-opened the gate and I had to hurry and grab all of my things, but I left it there 😦 ). When I told him that, he nonchalantly said, “Oh okay, well let’s go get another one then.” I tried to convince him it really was okay and I would be okay without an iPod but he insisted because he knew the struggle of not having one. But first, we would actually go to Sephora because we had both talked about how we loved that store (he liked the cologne options and I liked the makeup of course) and he also insisted on buying me all of the make up I wanted. He even picked out a palette for me because he liked one of the eye shadow colors in it and I was really grateful, but just didn’t feel right about him buying me anything because I felt like I was imposing, that some boundaries were being crossed and he had just gotten married two months before.

The day progresses and we meet a colleague of his at the main park in the City and it was such a beautiful day. It was the first really sunny day of Spring and it was funny because the rest of the week was actually really gloomy and chilly. We took my friends dogs out for a walk and everyone just immediately looked at them because they were adorable. After that, his colleague goes his separate way and we end up going to a Chinese Dim Sum restaurant where my roommate, her boy thing (The Bronx Roommate’s roommate) and her cousin meet us for dinner. They all enjoyed talking to my friend from home and vice versa and even then he also insists on paying for all of us for dinner. Even my roommate thought it was doing too much, but I told her that’s how he is and that he’s such a great guy, a really good friend.

After dinner we went to the Apple Store and he bought me an iPod and a case like he had said he would earlier, and my friends end up saying they want to leave to catch the train to go back to school. My roommate asked if I was going to come along, and I was going to. But I forgot that I had left my suitcase in my friends apartment and I didn’t want my roommate to wait for me, so I said I would just stay the night again and be back at school in the morning.

As my friend and I were walking back to his apartment, he looked at me and said he was really happy that I chose to stay, and I told him, “Yeah, me too. But I also had to get my stuff.”

Well, we get back up there and I’m exhausted from the eventful day and as I’m about to go to his bed, he then asks if it’s okay for him to join me because the couch wasn’t so comfortable the last time. I, of course, say yes because it’s his place and I didn’t want to deny him of his own bed, but I offered to go on the couch. He insisted that I stay in the bed so I did.

I remember trying to go to bed but I kept tossing and turning. I faced away from facing him and he did the same, but we both couldn’t go to bed. So we turned into each other and started to talk about random things that came up. After we talked there was a long silence so I turned away from him to make things not as awkward. But I could feel him put his hand by my waist and pull me into him to cuddle. My heart was beating really fast and I wasn’t sure what was happening or why it was happening (remember I’m still 18 and naïve lol). I turn into him to ask what he’s doing, but he leaned in and he kissed me. I stopped, pulled back a little but he came in again and we just made out. My heart was pounding even faster because I had this girl crush on him since I was ten years old, but I knew how wrong this was because he was MARRIED! But I was in the position where I couldn’t say no to him for anything, because he did so much for me and I looked up to him for so long that I didn’t want to disappoint him or make things awkward between us. So I allowed him to take over my entire being. He came on top of me, almost dominating my entire self and at that point in time, it was the most amazing sex I had ever had.

We wake up the next morning, realizing that he overslept and he had had to be at work an hour earlier. He rushed out of bed while I was completely naked and he told me to wait for him at the apartment before I left to go back to school. While he was gone, I was trying to examine exactly WHAT had just happened the night before. But all I knew was that things had completely changed between him and I.

After that week had passed I went into the City to see him the following week and stayed there with him to keep him company. A few weeks later he was performing in a show and gave me and my roommate tickets to see him and he was amazing. We went to dinner after, just him and I, at this kind of fancy restaurant, but his wife had actually come into the City for a few weeks, so I couldn’t stay with him. But there was one time where I went to his apartment to “see” (hint you know what I really mean) him while she was in the City but not in the apartment. But her visit was short and she had left a few days before my 19th birthday.

For my birthday, he took me to this other fancy seafood restaurant for dinner and then took me on a horse carriage ride in that same park we had walked in the City a few weeks before. It was all very romantic and nice gestures for him to do for me.

However all things come to an end, and he had to travel to London for his next job a day after my birthday. So I helped him pack his stuff and ship it off in a FedEx Kinkos near his apartment. He gave me some of his emails and passwords to print some information for him which he would need when he got to London. So I helped him and then sent him off in a cab. Little would I know I would continue to see him on and off in the future, but you’ll have to wait for those stories in the future posts I write.

Long story short, after he had been long gone, I was curious and actually took one of his emails and passwords to look at his email and found a lot of…. interesting information. Turns out he already had someone waiting for him in London (probably from a previous job he had done there) and had been cheating on his wife (because they had dated five years prior to them getting married), and I guessed that meant he was playing me too. My heart was of course broken, but I wasn’t quite sure how to bring it up to him or even if I should bring it up to him. I skyped him a few times, but let it go because it was almost like he hooked me under a spell/I was crazy about him. But I knew everything he did with me was wrong, but I also knew that I wasn’t the only one that he was doing those wrong things with.

I really wouldn’t know how much he and his actions would affect me, but I’m pretty sure knowing how he used me, played me and entranced me is why I do what I do; because if he could do it to me, maybe I could do it with whomever I please.

I know that doesn’t sound like a great reason, nor am I making what he did to me a justification of what I do. But, I think it goes deeper than what you see on the surface, probably psychologically and emotionally. I’m not too sure. This could be analyzed for days probably but I don’t want to dwell on it too much.

By the way, the picture I put up is a picture from that night where I went to his place instead of going back to school. We were all hanging out at this center and I took this picture because it looked so pretty and everything in that moment seemed really amazing, But now I look at it and wonder how different things would’ve been if I hadn’t gone up to his apartment with him and if I hadn’t allowed him to consume my thoughts and emotions.


Now as much as I want to spill everything else that has happened between him and I right now, this post is getting a bit lengthy, and I also have SO much to spill about this past weekend 10/23-10/25, so I’ll keep you waiting for the next post.

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

V. Freshman Year

Approximate Date and Time: Monday, October 19, 2015 10:30 AM (well now it’s Tuesday because I just didn’t have the energy to finish writing lol)

Approximate Location: The Rock, My Work Site

Currently Doing: Being bored out of my mind / Nothing

Monday’s are seriously a joke and we should just skip these days and add them to the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, sorry I didn’t post all weekend, but those are the only days that I actually have to myself to enjoy and for me, it usually feels like I have crammed a week’s worth of events into two and a half days lol.

This weekend was pretty eventful… Got to see one of my best friends who’s pregnant and catch up and spend time with each other. It was really nice, having dinner and dessert and going shopping. The next day I went to the mall with my mom, got some new jeans and went to my friend’s baby’s first birthday party. After that I ended up going to the bar that the Linebacker Bouncer works at with my two friends and ended my night seeing the Juicehead Sous Chef and just talking outside of his place, sitting on the bed of his truck.

Okay so maybe it wasn’t eventful in the way you were thinking it was going to be but it was literally eventful lol.

Let’s start off from where I left off in the last entry….

The day before I left for college, the Volcom Photographer had texted me telling me I left something at his house I think, I’m not quite sure. I didn’t have time to go down there because I had so much to do, but we continued texting to the point that I unveiled what had happened between the Creepy Philly Guy and I. He told me he had a feeling something bad was going to happen when he saw a picture of him on my MySpace, but he didn’t say anything and felt bad about it. We had made amends between each other because our true feelings for each other had come out and we had told each other that we would continue to talk to each other long distance.

We would Skype with each other all time, fall asleep with each other on the phone and the computer too, it made me happy and helped me to get by with going through such a different change of scene.

Things were going seemingly well the first few months I was in college until October came. I forget what happened but the Photographer and I were fighting again about his best friend and I’m pretty sure I said some really mean stuff and called her names because I was still stuck on how much he had hurt me in the past by choosing her over me… Pretty sure that’s what it was lol.

And because of my mouth, things ended between him and I, and a month later he ended up dating this other girl from our high school in his class (and he had even told me he had liked her during the summer when we were off but didn’t want to pursue her because she had a boyfriend at the time).

I think this was the point in time where my dating life started to shift, though it started off pretty subtle.

So you know what that means. Time to start another list!

  • The DR – So I met this guy at my college for one of the big parties we have on campus during Halloween, but the funny thing was he didn’t even go to my school! His friends cousins did, and this guy was much older than myself. I wanna say like at least 7 or 8 years older than me…? Well I was in one of the hallways at the dorms with my friends waiting to leave, taking pictures of us, and he and his friends walk through that same hallway trying to get pictures with me and my friends. The DR ends up coming to me, trying to get my name and talk to me but I just graciously walk away and go off to the party. I end up seeing him there and he asks me to dance with him and I’m pretty sure I oblige him and we start dancing and he was pretty nice. Only thing was he could BARELY speak English. Yikes! Long story short, we end up going into his car and do the do, we exchange numbers, and this guy continued to hit me up and text incomplete English sentences to me all the way until my Junior year of college. (The only reason why he stopped texting me was probably because I studied abroad mid-way of my Junior year and my phone was disconnected, but he found me on Instagram and continues to follow me til this day.)
  • The Jewish Walmart Man – This guy was a trip… I go to Walmart one night to buy a tv because I was bored on campus and I go to the Electronics department and this guy comes up to me to help me choose a tv. I wanted one with a DVD player in it already and he was telling me which ones are good for whatever reason they are. I cash out and he ends up asking me for my number and I told him I barely knew him, though he was pretty cute… Half Puerto Rican and half Jewish. He claimed he wouldn’t give me my tv unless I gave him my number, so I did and went on my way. He hit me up after he was done working and he ended up taking me on a date a few days later. He came back to my dorm with me, we slept together and then I think we lost touch after that point.
  • The Spanish-Speaking Korean – I ended up meeting this guy at another big campus party after the party I met the DR guy from. I was pretty drunk when I met him, but he danced with me and I ended up hanging out with him and his friends after the party was done. I ended up staying with him and sleeping with him, went back to my room after and we never talked to each other again. He was trying to work things out with his girlfriend back home (I forget what country he was from, but he was full Korean but grew up in some Southern American country so he spoke Spanish fluently.) A few years later he ended up dating one of my friends and I think he’s still with her, but I know she doesn’t know what happened between him and I.
  • The Bronx Roommate – This guy was a trip… He was my roommate’s boything’s roommate and we naturally ended up talking because it would just be the two of us while our roommates were together. Didn’t want to make things awkward. Somehow we exchanged numbers, but I totally regretted it because shortly after he would attempt to come to my room and try to stay with me. But I was like, “Dude, you have your own room. Why don’t you sleep there…?” Anyways, there was one night where I was just like fine and allowed him to come over, but then he attempted to sleep with me, which is when I kicked him out. He kept trying to and, like the Creepy Philly Guy, guilt tripped me into letting him come over again. So he did, and after him continuing to whine and guilt trip me, we slept together but it made me feel uncomfortable because it reminded me of my ex so I just avoided him and never really talked to him again. I’d see him around campus though, but I had no time for that.
  • The Kindergarten Buddy – Okay first off, NO this guy is NOT in kindergarten lol but I’ve known this guy since kindergarten and he actually became one of my little brother’s friends in high school because he would look out for him on the football team (they played football together). I think that’s how we started talking because I appreciated what he did for my brother so we talked on Facebook and eventually when I came home during my first winter break, we met up (because we didn’t live that far from each other at all) and I ended up going to his house and well… yeah you already know haha. He said he wasn’t ready for a relationship, which I understood because I was going back to school, but he was full of shit because a few months after I had left, he ended up dating this girl from his high school (who down the road would end up cheating on him). I know, karma can really suck. Or play in my favor. Haha.
  • The K-Fed – Haha, this guy gets his nickname from my ex boyfriend the Orch Dork (him and I were still close friends at this point in time) because he thought he looked exactly like K-Fed, Brittney Spears’ ex-husband. This guy I met through my friends friend at her hotel birthday party right before I left to go home for winter break. We ended up talking to each other through Skype for a couple weeks and agreed to meet up when I got back. Well we did, and we liked each other so he asked me out officially. He went to the public college right next to my school, but he was from Brooklyn. We did some fun stuff… Went to a concert at his college, spent Valentines Day together… It lasted a good two or three weeks I think until he said he wasn’t over his ex, which of course I was distraught but had no choice but to move on.
  • The Horny Mormon – Now THIS guy I actually met through the Volcom Photographer. This guy was actually dating a family friend of the Photographer’s family and we had met at my ex’s mom’s birthday party. But we both broke up with each other’s significant others and somehow ended up talking to each other also before I returned home for break. He wanted to take me out so I think we went to a movie and after that ended up making out in his moms car, which is when I could see the massive boner he had and was just like WOW lol. It made me realize Mormons aren’t perfect and have needs too lol. He had told me he always thought I was pretty from the first time we met and I was intrigued. So, we ended up seeing each other throughout the winter break and I’m pretty sure during that time we had even slept with each other in his ex’s apartment (Shhh don’t tell she doesn’t even know til this day lol (and this isn’t even the craziest thing we’ve done together either, but those stories are to come in the future lol)). I think we even went camping together and slept in the back of his truck and did it over and over again… Can’t quite remember it was a long time ago. But after those events, I’m pretty sure he ended up getting a girlfriend, but would still try to talk to me through out college. He was and still is really needy, always needed to be with a girl and have attention that way and because I wasn’t there full time, he kinda just had his fun but went on with his life and that really hurt. But little did I know I would see much more of him in the future.

Disclaimer: These guys are not in chronological order lol I believe it was The DR, The Jewish Walmart Man, The Spanish Speaking Korean, then The Kindergarten Buddy, The Horny Mormon, then K-Fed, then The Bronx Roommate and then the Horny Mormon would show up in the future again.

But after the Bronx Roommate, there would be another male figure that would enter my life, and I really think he’s the reason why my view on men and why my actions with men have changed completely. I think he is really my beginning to my crazy stories and experiences, but I’ll have to save it for the next time.

Keep it classy never trashy ladies,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

IV. The Creepy Philly Guy

Since I’ve finally got through my high school years, it’s time to finally press forward to the REAL beginning I guess you could call it. But again, we’re still not quite there yet.

It was the summer of 2009 and the Volcom Photographer and I were off for good it seemed and I was alright with that because a few months later I would be leaving the Rock for college and I didn’t think long distance would work anyways. Now back in my early high school years, I had met this girl during one of the summers and we became super close during the time I met her and we kept in touch especially through Facebook. Well come to find out her boyfriend (or maybe fiancée at that time I don’t quite remember) was in the Marines and ended up getting stationed near me. I told her if she needed me to check up on him to make sure he was okay I totally would, and she said yes please do. So him, his roommate and I went out to breakfast one morning and it was nice to meet him because his girlfriend was such a good friend of mine and I hadn’t seen her in years since that time. Well, his roommate and I started talking, we switched numbers and I eventually slept with him a few days later. But I got a bad vibe from him and we just stopped talking eventually. But before that happened, he wanted a ride into town and I was going that way so I agreed to take him, but there were a few other friends that wanted a ride too. They were both roommates and one of them was the Creepy Philly Guy. I was actually more attracted to his roommate than I was to him, but once we reached town, Creepy Philly Guy kept trying to be smooth and ask me for my number and I kept shutting him down. I had to go and so did they, so we went our separate ways.

Ten minutes later, I get a text from him -_____-

My friend’s boyfriends roommate gave him my number without my permission and I felt screwed but I kept talking to him because it was entertaining and keeping my mind off of the Volcom Photographer. He kept saying that I was the type of girl he always wanted and he wants to take me out, but I told him I was leaving for college in two months and I wouldn’t stay back for him or any man. He then said, “I’d rather spend any time with you than no time at all.” Touché, Creepy Philly Guy lol. So with that in mind (as well as Volcom Photographer Guy probably stalking my moves), I agreed to date him.

Word of advice ladies, do not date ANY one for vengeance or just because you’re doing nothing. One of the biggest lessons I learned in this one and you’ll see why.

Everything seemingly went well, as well as an eighteen year old high school graduate could imagine I guess. We went to the mall, dinner dates, he even took me to this big festival happening on the base here and Black Eyed Peas was headlining. It was all pretty good and of course we had a lot of sex, not really because I wanted to, but because he did. He was twenty-one and I was eighteen.

I remember when and where things immediately changed though. It was about a month or a little less than a month before I left for college and he wanted to spend time with just me. So what he did was he rented a camping ground that had a cottage on the base he worked at. The only thing was he didn’t have a car, I couldn’t use my car past a certain hour and this camping ground was across the flight line, away from the main housing area. We ended up getting a cab and drove across and stayed in the cottage for most of the night. He, of course, wanted to have intercourse, so I consented. After he finished, he wanted to go again, but me being so young I said I didn’t want to because I was so scared of getting pregnant that I wouldn’t allow him to do it more than once every time I saw it. He got really mad, furious, enraged. It was dark and we were completely alone. He kept giving me a guilt trip for him to try to continue but I kept telling him no, trying to get him off of me. He finally had his way… but stopped because I kept crying. For some reason, he stopped midway, put all of his body weight on me and then eventually rolled over to his side of the bed.

I hurriedly grabbed my phone and tried to think of someone I knew who lived nearby to get me and who also had military access because I had friends that lived in different parts of the Rock. I got a hold of one of my friends and he said he would be right there. I was so scared…. I didn’t know what to do and I prayed to God that he wouldn’t wake up from his sleep. I quietly grabbed my things, put them in my bag and waited outside for my friend. Though it seemed like hours, he finally arrived in 10/15 minutes and I safely got out of that place and went to another friend’s house in the next town over.

After I fell asleep, my ex boyfriend (if you didn’t gather from the previous events described) had called me at 3 in the morning and kept leaving psychotic and bipolar voice mails, saying I had stolen his wallet and he threatened to call the cops on me. But then there were other calls where he would be groveling for me to come back to him. I had no choice but to call my mom and spill to her what happened.

I don’t know what I’d do without my mom honestly…. But the next morning she had taken my phone and called him and talked to him and told him that I wouldn’t have dared stolen his wallet because I wasn’t raised that way and that she knew what he did to me and if anything my mom would call the cops on HIM for what he did. After that I wouldn’t hear from him again…. Or so I thought. But that’ll come some time in the next entry… Maybe even the one after that.

After this whole episode, I had dated this guy in the Navy (who was SUPER gorgeous by the way) who knew my best cousins boyfriend at the time. It was fun, didn’t do anything crazy, but he took me out once before I left for college.

And this, my friends, is where this story ends.

What was the lesson learned? Actually there were multiple… Don’t date someone just because you’re bored or for vengeance, always keep a good amount of good friends who always have your back, and your mom can almost always be your saving grace lol.

Anyways, its time for me to go home and start my weekend! Have a good one y’all.

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock


After I had just pressed ‘Publish’ on the last entry the other night, it totally slipped my mind to elaborate on that whole cheating episode.

Now, I’m not saying I condone cheating in ANY way. But it’s one of those things that I feel once you’re in it (and you don’t even know you’re in it) it’s almost too late to get out of it somehow. Or maybe I’m just making that up to justify my wrong doings. All I knew was, I had invested so much time into the Volcom Photographer, I still loved him, but he wasn’t giving me what I wanted or needed.

Now remember me explaining to you that there were other happenings in high school but I never said what? Well I kind of forgot about this guy who we will call The FWB. Because that’s exactly what he was to me.

He came along in between the Orch Dork and the Volcom Photographer. I met him during high school, we kind of always knew of each other, but never started talking I think until he hit me up on AIM (I know, totally bringing up the blast from the past again). At first, I thought he was talking to me because he was interested in me, but I soon found out that he really wanted nothing else but someone to be with when he wanted. I was still a virgin, but for some reason the whole sort-of relationship sounded appealing because this is just after the Orch Dork and I broke up. It was also convenient that he was only a 5-minute drive/ 15 minute walk away from where I lived.

I think the first time I actually went to his house was during the finals of the first semester. We had gotten dropped off by a friend because him and I were both done with finals before his parents were done with work. I remember sneaking in, going into his room and a lot of “intimate” things happening….. But he didn’t get too far. I wouldn’t let him.

I believe either the day before or after my 17th birthday was when the next “milestone” between him and I occurred. There was a spot that was right in the middle for the both of us distance wise. We had designated that spot, despite it being on one of the main roads, because there were multiple pillars that almost looked like ruins that were overgrown with bushes and flower shrubs. Within those pillars was a small walkway with some of the pillars still standing upright. Well on a night around my 17th birthday, we had decided to meet up there and I allowed him to finger me. I don’t know why I let him do that, but I remember walking back home after we were done feeling a lot of pain and just thinking “Oh God, what did I do?”

He and I would see each other occasionally at school and out, but he would always act awkward around me, not knowing how to just act normal even though he knew things between us weren’t normal at all. I wouldn’t talk to him for some time, only until that night I cheated on my boyfriend at the time with him.

I had called him up a night after a practice that I had and asked him if he could come out and see me. He agreed, so I ended up picking him up from home (yes, I finally had my license by this time), went in my car around the corner somewhere, and we ended up doing the do. It was funny though, I remembered that I was thinking that wasn’t that bad at all what they made it seem to be, but I figured out it was because he had already fingered me. After the Volcom Photographer and I were done, he would continue to hit me up throughout college and we would continue having this relationship between us for years. I wanna say it only stopped maybe about two years ago… Maybe three? I can’t quite remember.

Oh! Let me interject for a few.

So I know I’ve been on a writing sugar high since I started this blog, but I didn’t have time to post anything yesterday not only because of work and other errands I had to do, but I also got to see the Rugged Dredger last night (Please refer to ‘Intro to LadyLust’ if you’re unsure who I’m referring to). It was a pretty chill night, I had to get my Halloween costume and I also had to go to a meeting before I saw him. I went to his house, watched the Notorious BIG movie and another movie called the Sitter with Jonah Hill. I had never watched those movies, they were both pretty good. But in the midst of watching the Sitter, the Dredger just kept touching and groping my boobs and wouldn’t stop… This of course led from one thing to another and long story short, it was an amazing night and I ended up with this huge hickie on the back part of my neck haha. But I also found out a few days ago he went on a date with another friend of his and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. I definitely don’t like knowing if a guy is dating other people while dating, let alone sleeping, with me (though most times ALL guys are dating multiple people at the same time unless you’re monogamous). But for him to be open and honest about it really puts it in my hands, whether or not I want to continue seeing him knowing what’s going on. But to be fair, I guess I too am dating/talking to my fair share of guys, and he even suspects that I am (but I haven’t come out and told him. Oops (not) haha)).

I was going to continue writing about the guy I had said I was going to write about this time from the previous post, but he’s going to have to have his own entry because I didn’t think this one would take so long to be honest.

Have a Happy Friday guys!
Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

II. High School Beginnings

Now, after reading the first entries I’ve written prior to this one, I’m pretty sure I make myself sound like the sluttiest female that has graced the Earth. And I’m here to tell you that I’m no Virgin Mary, but I’m also not a bad person and I’m definitely not a slut. I definitely don’t carry myself in that way and the only ones that I’ve told these stories that I have and will write to are only friends that I trust. On top of this, I’ve also kept a continuous list of guys that I’ve dated, slept with, had one-night stands with, you name it, because it helps me to know that I am accountable for my actions and I just don’t go wild and crazy. Who knows? I would suggest keeping a list for yourself if you’ve dated more guys than fingers you can count them on haha.

Anyways… let’s move forward lol

I didn’t start off young and just felt like dating all these different guys. Actually, when I first started dating, I’d have to say I had the typical young and naïve female view on dating. Talk to a guy for hours, end up falling for each other, make things official, stay with him forever, everything’s perfect….

Those thoughts were short-lived.

My first boyfriend I ever had was pretty dorky and was in the Orchestra in my high school, I guess we’ll just call him The Orch Dork lol. And I was very lucky to have a guy like him because he did some of the most romantic things for me, things that supposedly “grown men” still haven’t been able to do for me. Like the day he made it official… I remember him giving food to someone to deliver to me because he would always stick out his hand from the window of his bus he was on every morning, hand me some food, and hold my hand until the bus left to go to the building he had his classes at. He then left a dozen roses at my glee class waiting for me with a note telling me to meet him at his orchestra class (which was my lunch period) and when I did he told me he would see me after school at our chapel (I had some sort of class there in the afternoon). And when he met me he sat down in a pew next to me and asked if I would do him the honor of being his girlfriend. He had me in an instant.

He supported me in all of my performances I had, constantly made time for me in and out of school and wrote some of the sweetest love letters I’ve ever gotten. But by the time he graduated (he was two years older than myself), the college life had gotten to him and made him forget that he still had a girlfriend. I remember crying to my mom about him because he was my first love, but my mom said “If he’s not giving you what he once gave to you before, then you need to end it.” And these are words that no teenager, even no adult, wants to hear, but it’s the darn truth. And these words are something that I continuously have to remind myself of because I feel as women, we sometimes, if not all times, forget our worth, our true value. So, I ended it through a voicemail because surprise-surprise, he didn’t answer the phone.

it was really hard having to be without him for the remainder of the semester, but when the spring semester came, I suddenly felt okay again and just focused on myself, my goals, my schoolwork and the extracurricular activities I had going on. I was finally happy with just me, and I feel like it takes people, especially women, a long time to get to that state of mind.

But good things almost always come to an end.

I met another guy, we’ll call him the Volcom Photographer, randomly through MySpace or AIM (YUP, that’s how faaaar back this story takes place) but we also went to high school together. We started out just talking as friends, getting to know each other and I guess the more he got to know me, the more he fell for me. I really only saw him as a friend, and I also liked where I was in my life at that point (being happy with myself), but the moment I found out he had a thing for me, I took a step back and thought about him in a different light.

(Ladies, if this has EVER happened to you, my advice for these situations is to be flattered, say thank you and just keep walking. Don’t let someone cause a shift in your life, even if he seems amazing or “the one”. Just don’t do it, and you’ll see why in a few.)

So being the nice girl that I was, we continued to talk more and more and then eventually I fell for him. We ended up dating a month later and a month after that things were great. I even met his parents/whole family before we were even official.

But then something weird happened…. He grew distant and had some sort of issues with dating me and broke things off. I was distraught but I knew I couldn’t force him to be with me so I kept on. And for my entire senior year of high school, him and I were on and off, which ruined any and every experience possible. Don’t get me wrong, when it was good, it was good. But when it was bad, it was baaaaaad. Like he had a best friend who was girl, which there’s nothing wrong with, but it’s wrong when you ditch your girlfriend to hang out with your best friend who’s a girl. He’d also ALWAYS avoid talking about the issues we were going through or just refuse to talk to me period for days at a time. He had a really hard time spilling his feelings, typical boy stuff that I should’ve known better about. During the mix of that, I had even cheated on him, something that I had never thought I would do to anyone, but it was that bad. We were off again, but maybe a month later got back on again because he took me to his prom (he was a year younger than me) and my dress, hair, make up looked amazing. But when we had gotten to the venue, something had ticked in him and he didn’t want to do anything with me. No dessert. No games. No dancing. No pictures. Nothing. I ended up calling my mom to pick me up while I was crying my makeup away and later on did I only find out that the reason why he was acting like an immature pig was because of My Best Friend (please refer back to the Intro to LadyLust post). He had posted something on MySpace in my comments saying that I was going to look amazing while Volcom Photographer was going to look like Shrek. And he somehow found this comment (because I had hidden all of my comments from my page (but I also left out that Volcom Photographer was also a pro at HTML codes and web design and could basically make any web page look cool)) and held that against me, making what should’ve been an amazing night, a terrible one.

(At that point in time I had no idea about horoscopes, and it’s not like I believe in them right now, but it’s interesting seeing how things play out based on your horoscope. For example, I’m a Taurus, Volcom Photographer boy was a Gemini. Gemini’s with anyone are usually most times an absolute disaster. So looking back at it now it really doesn’t surprise me.)

Long story short, we were on and off for a year and a half, and that continued until the beginning of my college years. I don’t know if you did the math, but that’s two guys in four years of high school. Does that sound slutty to you? Not to me! (There were other pursuers, and they may or may not come up in the future posts of this blog, but you’ll just have to wait and see about that one)

Although there were other happenings throughout high school, those were the two that stuck out the most, but this is only the beginning, remember? As for the lessons learned, I think both times I learned to remember my worth, my value as a young woman and to never settle for less. But you know, some lessons take time to learn… Maybe even a few more times than it should.

After I had graduated high school and the Volcom Photographer and I were off again, a new figure came into my life for a short time, but he made a heavy impact on my life, one that I wouldn’t forget.

But alas, my fingers are sore from typing, so I think I’ll save that story for the next time. Until we meet again….

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock

I-ii. Intro to LadyLust Continued

So I just finished my last entry, took a lunch break, and I feel rejuvenated enough to write more (that’s a pretty quick comeback, I know). So let me continue off of what was previously written:

The guys that I mentioned in the first entry are the ones that I somewhat talk to on a regular basis, but there’s also another set of guys that seem to pop up randomly out of nowhere too. So here it goes:

1: The Crossfit Realtor – So this guy I met in May of 2014 and though I haven’t talked to him in the recent past, he has a tendency to just pop up out of nowhere. I forget how I met him, but what I do know he’s basically the typical definition of a fuckboy. Takes me out on ONE mediocre date, and expects me to sleep with him immediately. Calls me ALL different types of pet names (which if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I HATE when guys call you pet names where there’s no meaning behind being called them) and constantly feels entitled to sleeping with me because I go to HIS place and make TIME for HIS incompetent ass.

2: The Serenading YouTuber – This guy I met in April of 2014, he was visiting for a friends wedding and we connected through a mutual friend on Instagram, exchanged numbers and met up at the mall here. Our visit with each other was very brief, but we ended up texting back and forth until he left to go back home. We’ve been in touch with each other since that time, but our conversations haven’t been as just friends, nor have they been kept G-rated either… (I will note that this was all instigated through him, not me, because I really just saw him as a cool friend but either way, I’m down haha). If you look at him, he isn’t my typical type, but if you hear his voice, I’m sure you’d be sold as I was.

3: The Tongan Surfer – Now this guy and myself have known each other since the summer of 2011. I think he found me on Facebook and because we had mutual friends I accepted the request. We had started talking when I was still home from college, exchanged numbers and eventually met up. We went to a local IHOP, ate some pancakes, and we were both very attracted to each other, but I was leaving to go back to school when summer was over and he was staying home. So naturally, we hooked up, stayed in touch while I was gone and basically met up and hooked up in some of the craziest places I’ve ever done it…. Like one time I believe we were in this secluded construction site, another time it was on the deck of a pier that jetted out into the water.. okay maybe not substantially crazy, but I don’t know very many people who do it in public so whatever haha.

4: The Samoan Bronco – The night I met this guy was pretty eventful… I had gone to a concert to see a favorite singer of mine, then to a karaoke party for a friend who had moved away but came home for a few days, then I went to another friends apartment and drank more there, then ended up at this bar five minutes away from my friends apartment. This bar is on the opposite side of the Rock I live at and geared towards a different type of people than I usually hang out with, but my close friend suggested it and we went in so that was it. I ended up running into a guy that I had just stopped talking to (and got all hurt because I unfollowed him on Instagram, even though I can follow and unfollow who I please), but to make amends I was going to ask him to dance. He was being a wuss, and his co worker was trying to get him to dance with me too. But to no avail, I went back and sat down, no big deal. That co worker that was trying to get him to dance with me ended up looking at me from across the room so I stared right back at him (I don’t back down on challenges by the way lol). He eventually came over, started talking to me, but the bar was about to close so my friend and I left and he followed me to my car, telling me I couldn’t leave til I gave him my number. I immediately said no, but he gave me his number (smart man) and he told me to call him so he knew I got home okay (yeah right haha). The next day he picked me up, we went out for brunch and a movie and it went pretty well…. until a few days later where he kept trying to get in my pants. And well… you know….. I’ll just leave that one there too haha.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking WHY SO many guys?!

I guess a bit of myself gets bored pretty easily, or maybe it’s because not one guy has what I’m looking for, but put them all together with bits and pieces of them and it all works for me? Well, I’d like to think that from each boy (because none of them are men and when I call one of them a man you WILL know that he’s an actual man) a lesson is learned from every single one, whether or not the course was good or bad. And it’s funny; I’ve noticed that with EVERY guy I’ve dated or been with, I’ve learned a different lesson than the guy previous to him, or any guy in my past period. So I guess what the objective of the stories I tell from here on out is that there’s a lesson to be learned in every one and trying to apply that lesson learned to the relationships in the present and future.

Easier said than done though.

So what I’ve written so far is what is happening in my present time. However, all things have a source, a beginning, and I think that’s where I’m going to start in regards to my “male tales” in the next entry – from the beginning.

Keep it classy never trashy

XOXO, LadyLust from the Rock

I. Intro to LadyLust

Okay. So I’m sure you’re wondering who is LadyLust from the Rock and why would you name yourself LadyLust? I’ve never actually written a blog before… I’ve kept a diary before, if that counts? But I figure I have a lot of stories to tell. Whether or not they’re worth telling or entertaining is up to you to decide, but I think they all are lol. Most of my stories I have to tell are about the male race and the experiences I’ve had with them in my life.

But what makes my story so different from any other bitch on the Rock? Nothing that I’m necessarily proud of, but I guess I’ve juggled multiple men in my life for so long that it becomes second nature, and it’s definitely not something that most or ANY of my friends do. (Now the reason why I do what I do will come up some other time in more detail hopefully.)

I’m sure you’re also wondering WHY I’m starting to write the recollections of my past as well what is currently happening in my life now… I’ve been told countless times that girls only wish they could do the things that I’ve done, or that those same girls are all living vicariously through my past and present. I’ve also been told I should have a reality show, a sitcom, you name it, because of all of the stories I have. So here I am, about to unfold my history and encounters, my stories with you about the opposite sex, the male species.

But before I begin with that, let me tell you a little about myself:

I’m a female in my mid-twenties, who recently graduated from college, attempting to apply for grad school and living at home on the Rock (the Rock I live on will be unnamed for now, so you can decide for yourself what Rock I’m on). I live a pretty alright kind of life, love my family, my friends definitely, and I love spending time and going out with them, creating some pretty chaotic memories and experiences which is where most of my recollections have taken place, as well as throughout my travels.

So let’s get started with my present:

Currently, I think I’ve already lost track of what and how many guys are on my plate right now, but let’s start off by giving them names and brief descriptions:

1: The Rugged Dredger – (named after the activities he does and what line of work he does) I met him on one of my drunken stupors at a concert a few weeks ago. I don’t quite remember how things are the way they are now, but he gave me his number somehow, I drove to his house after a friends party, had pretty amazing sex (though it could just be the alcohol recollecting that one for me) and stayed the night. Woke up the next morning, and he made me a substantial breakfast AND I met his parents that morning. Kind of much for less than 24 hours, right? But actually, I figured out that I had met him before a few months back when I went to this concert hall/club and we actually danced with each other… Which is why I told him he looked so familiar, and he too said I looked familiar.

2: The Linebacker Bouncer – (again, named after the activities he does and the line of work he does too. Actually I’m not even sure what position he plays in football (if you didn’t get that position is in football, please go and educate yourself on that lol)) Met this one on Tinder (yes I go on Tinder, but only for short spurts of time because anything longer than a few days gets freaking annoying), and found out that we have mutual connections on MANY levels. Like I know his family and my friend knows his friends and so on… Took me on a nice first date and we’ve been talking ever since. He’s the gentle giant type of guy, and most times a gentleman.

3: The Juicehead Sous Chef – (I hope you’re getting my choice of names by now) I met him this past weekend at this up and coming club. Went out for one of my best friends birthdays, and this guy started talking to one of my friends, which immediately I starred him down with a vengeance (oh yeah, I’m pretty drunk at this point because friends kept buying me alcohol) because she was taken. But she told me he’s cool, he’s a friend so I backed off. I looked at him, thought he was pretty cute, and my friend ended up sending him my number, grabbing my phone and added him on Instagram, none of which I knew happened that night. He dm’s me, we find each other mutually attractive and we’ve been talking ever since as well.

4: My London Man – Okay, so this guy I kind of go back a few with. This guy, like his name implies, is from London and he lives in London, and if you’ve figured it out by now, I do NOT live in London. But the way we started talking was through Twitter (I know you’re probably like ‘How do you meet someone through Twitter?!’ and believe me, it’s never happened before, but I guess there’s a first for everything). I hashtagged something about KIK because I didn’t get the point of it and he tweeted back to me saying what the point of KIK was. Well he was smooth and tried to ask me for my kik, which I didn’t give to him at first….. but eventually I caved in and said why the hell not? Well this is back in Spring 2014 and it is now the Fall of 2015 and we’ve still been talking. We occasionally FaceTime to catch up with each other and I was actually supposed to fly to London in a few weeks, but he’s getting surgery so those plans will have to be postponed for now.

5: Sergeant Packers – Now this guy, I met almost a year ago at a different club from the others I’ve referenced already (I think you’re probably starting to see what I do with most of my time haha) and it was actually sweet how we met (well besides me being drunk off my ass again). He asked to dance with me while I was with my friends, and while that was happening, another guy was trying to swing a punch at my friend (because she said no to dancing with him) and this guy stepped in, held the guy back and got that guy kicked out. I don’t know if it was the whole damsel-in-distress mode happening, but I thanked him and gave him a big kiss (which I normally don’t ever do – Ladies, make sure you let the guy make the first move ALWAYS. It should be written in the Bible of Girl Code if there was ever such a thing haha). Come to find out this guy was only going to be here for one day more, so he took me out to breakfast the next day and I ended up at his hotel room because it was in the same building, and we had amazing sex… Oops (not). Unfortunately I never got to see him before he left, but we’ve kept in contact ever since then and he’s trying to come back and visit, or buy me a ticket to visit him. He’s pretty cute, but quirky, and he keeps bringing up how if he was with me I’d be taken and he’d put a ring on my finger…. Most girls usually want to hear that, but I’m not sure about this one because if you can tell from his name, he’s a sergeant in the army, and he’s been through a lot so you yeah… I’m just gonna leave it at that.

(I’m sure you’re wondering are we done yet?? And the answer is NO haha. there’s actually quite a few more, but we’ll just keep it at the guys I talk to on the regular)

6: My Best Friend – this guy I consider my best guy friend since 2008, but the funny thing about him is that I’ve never met him. We started talking through my ex boyfriend and my best friend is actually my ex boyfriends best friend (I know, crazy, but not my fault lol). The other crazy thing is he’s never had a phone but he’s had my number so he’s always just called out of the blue when he felt like it and I got used to our relationship being that way. We would also email a lot as well, and now with technology the way it is, I can actually text him through this texting app. But now he finally has a phone (because of his ex girlfriend getting him one) so I can call and talk to him when I want now. it’s kind of hard to define where we are as friends because he’s always loved me and wanted to be with me, but acts like most men in that he’s always said that but never actually made the effort to see me or stay in one place for longer than a few months so I can see him. Timing’s just never been on our side, but there’s always been a connection with us I guess. He knows me so well and we both care about each other immensely.

I’m pretty tired just from writing that intro so I think I’ll leave the other guys (the ones that pop up out of nowhere sometimes) for the next time.

Keep it classy never trashy,

XOXO LadyLust from the Rock